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  • Ale Möller Band

    (2,201 listeners)

    folk, swedish, world fusion, world

  • Alice in Videoland

    (140,778 listeners)

    electronic, electroclash, synthpop, swedish

    With cocky female vocals, slamming drums, stomping electronic basslines and a strap-on keyboard, Malmö, Sweden's Alice in Videoland has gained a reputation for a live show that rocks your socks off! Their unique blend of EBM, Punk, Synthpop and 80's Rock generated quite a fuss on Swedish clubs and festivals throughout 2003...

  • Amy LaVere

    (22,900 listeners)

    alt-country, female vocalists, indie, americana

    Amy LaVere is an American singer, songwriter, upright bass player and actress. Based in Memphis, TN, LaVere's music is usually classified as Americana, combining a blend of classic country, gypsy jazz, and southern soul. She has released three albums on Memphis label Archer Records, and has multiple acting credits in major motion pictures.

  • Andi Almqvist

    (3,733 listeners)

    swedish, singer-songwriter, blues, under 2000 listeners

    Andi Almqvist is a multi talented Swedish musician and artist. He was born in Vienna and due to his father's work lived in many different places in his childhood, like the US, the Soviet Union and several eastern- and western European countries.

  • Andra generationen

    (5,613 listeners)

    swedish, balkan, folk, swedish balkan

    In the fifties and sixties a group of Macedonians travelled to Sweden to work in the boat-industry. The second generation (andra generationen), their kids, preferred making music for a living.

  • Ane Brun

    (393,729 listeners)

    singer-songwriter, female vocalists, norwegian, acoustic

    Ane Brun (IPA ænə brun), real name Ane Brunvoll (born 10 March 1976), is a Norwegian singer/songwriter, born and raised in Molde, Norway. She lives in Stockholm, Sweden.

  • Arash

    (173,548 listeners)

    pop, dance, arabic, persian

    Arash Labaf (born 1977 in Tehran, Iran) is an Iranian singer of Azerbaijani descent, dancer, entertainer and producer residing in Malmö, Sweden. He was named after a Persian mythological hero.

  • Atmosphere

    (678,768 listeners)

    hip-hop, underground hip-hop, rap, hip hop

    There are, at least, four artists known as Atmosphere: 1) An American alternative rap band. 2) A Polish rock band. 3) An Italian disco group. 4) A Vietnamese metal band.

  • Audrey

    (71,013 listeners)

    post-rock, swedish, indie, female vocalists

    There are multiple artists with the name Audrey. 1. Swedish pop four-piece. 2. Five-piece rock band from Muskegon, Michigan.

  • Billie the Vision & the Dancers

    (142,638 listeners)

    swedish, indie pop, indie, pop

    At first impression the indie pop ensemble, Billie the Vision & the Dancers might seem as yet another pop band with no apparent worries.

  • Black Jack

    (10,622 listeners)

    dansband, visual kei, j-rock, swedish

    There are currently 9 known artists/groups with this name. 1: Turkmen rock band (Turkmenistan), playing both group's own creations as well as native and foreign popular music stuff (covers). 2: Japanese indie rock band.

  • Bodies Without Organs

    (57,198 listeners)

    swedish, pop, synthpop, dance

    Bodies Without Organs are a Swedish electro-pop group featuring Alexander Bard, Martin Rolinski and Marina Schiptjenko. The group are more commonly known under the abbreviated name 'BWO'. As of 2009, BWO have released 4 studio albums: Prototype, Halcyon Days, Fabricator and their most recent album 'Big Science'.

  • Brother Ali

    (237,109 listeners)

    hip-hop, underground hip-hop, rap, rhymesayers

    Originally born into hip-hop through break dancing, Brother Ali has been one with the mic since he first heard Miilkbone on record.

  • Bröderna Lindgren

    (2,922 listeners)

    kids, barn, indie, swedish

  • Caesars

    (580,463 listeners)

    indie, rock, swedish, indie rock

    Caesars are a Swedish alternative rock band. In their native Sweden the band was originally known as Caesar's Palace. Elsewhere they go by the name Caesars.

  • Che Sudaka

    (84,185 listeners)

    ska, spanish, mestizo, patchanka

    Che Sudaka combines Argentinian and Colombian musicians which were known in Barcelona's Old Town, meeting point for buskers from all over the world and source of inspiration for a fusion of various styles.

  • Clutch

    (305,499 listeners)

    stoner rock, hard rock, rock, stoner

    Clutch is name of at least two bands: A Germantown, MD, USA rock band: Rock band which formed in the early-90s. Members include: Dan Maines (bass), Tim Sult (guitar), Jean-Paul Gaster (drums) and Neil Fallon (vocals, guitar, harmonica). Their recording début was EP Pitchfork (Oct 1991).

  • December Darling

    (3 listeners)

    malmofestivalen 2008, seen live

  • Dropkick Murphys

    (951,181 listeners)

    punk, punk rock, folk punk, irish

    Dropkick Murphys are a punk rock band formed in Quincy, Massachusetts, United States in 1996. First playing together in the basement of a friend's barbershop, the band made a name for itself because of its relentless touring and for its annual St. Patrick's Day weekend shows in Boston.

  • eMiL Jensen

    (32,738 listeners)

    singer-songwriter, swedish, poetry, pop

    Emil Jensen is a Swedish singer-songwriter/poet. He sings in a broad southern accent of Swedish (skånska), accompanied by mostly accoustic instruments such as guitar and piano on his two earlier records, and a greater variety of electronic tunes on his latest record ("Orka då", 2006).

  • Etienne de Crécy

    (156,615 listeners)

    house, electronic, french, electro

    Etienne de Crécy (also known as Superdiscount, Minos Pour Main Basse, and Mooloodjee) is a French DJ and producer who composes House music.

  • Eurotrash

    (786 listeners)

    electronic, dance, disco, eurodance

  • Familjen

    (181,010 listeners)

    swedish, electronic, synthpop, electronica

    Familjen ("The Family") is the name used for the solo electronic music projects of Johan T Karlsson. Hailing from Hässleholm, now living in Stockholm, Sweden.

  • First Aid Kit

    (513,503 listeners)

    folk, swedish, indie, female vocalists

    There are three bands called First Aid Kit: 1. Swedish indie/folk duo consisting of sisters Klara and Johanna Söderberg from Stockholm. The siblings began composing songs in 2007, taking their name at random from an English dictionary.

  • Flogging Molly

    (787,933 listeners)

    irish, punk, folk, punk rock

    Flogging Molly is a seven-piece Irish American celtic punk band that formed in Los Angeles, in 1997 and is currently signed to SideOneDummy Records.

  • Forest & Crispian

    (1,922 listeners)

    swedish, roskilde 2007, roskilde 07, rock

    Forest & Crispian is a swedish band from Malmö with the bandmembers: Adam Hjertström – drums, vocals Tomas Borgström – guitar, vocals Karl-Johan Hjertström – bass-keyboard, vocals They signed with Capitol in Denmark in 2006 and played at Roskilde Festival, SPOT Festival and as support for Oh No Ono, Broken Beats and Turboweekend.

  • Ida Redig

    (14,875 listeners)

    swedish, singer-songwriter, indie, acoustic

    Musically, Ida Redig joins a noble tradition of Swedish singer-songwriters, but in doing so she manages to find her own, unique expression.

  • Junior Boys

    (440,065 listeners)

    electronic, electropop, electronica, indie

    A Hamilton, Ontario-based electronic pop group, Junior Boys began as a duo with its duties split between Jeremy Greenspan and Johnny Dark.

  • Kaizers Orchestra

    (138,980 listeners)

    norwegian, rock, alternative rock, alternative

    Kaizers Orchestra is a Norwegian alternative rock group. Owing to their energetic live concerts and critically praised recordings, they are among the most popular and acclaimed musical acts in their homeland…

  • Kaka

    (6,392 listeners)

    pop, indie, swedish, melody club

    Kaka is the newest up-and-coming dancehall star in Denmark. Kaka is about to conquer Denmark with his charismatic flow, his positive energy, his contagious smile and playful approach to life. For several years he has been a part of Youngblood Sound and latest he has joined forces with Donkey Sound.

  • Kite

    (24,984 listeners)

    swedish, synthpop, electronica, pop

    There are at least 4 different artists named Kite: 1) A Swedish synthpop band formed in 2008. 2) A Norwegian hard rock band. 3) A rock band from Barbados. 4) An American rock band formed in 1994. 5) A Korean rock band. ********************************************************

  • Lasse Stefanz

    (15,437 listeners)

    dansband, swedish, svenska dansband, lasse stefans


  • Little Marbles

    (11,551 listeners)

    swedish, indie pop, pop, puts a smile on my face

    Little Marbles is an indie pop-band formed in Norrköping, Sweden. They have now moved to Stockholm. The bands front members are Julia Adams (born 12 October 1990) and Linn Tabudlong (born 17 November 1990).

  • Looptroop Rockers

    (71,076 listeners)

    hip-hop, swedish, rap, hip hop

    Looptroop Rockers are a Swedish rap/hip-hop group from Västerås, Sweden and have their own record company DvsG (David vs. Goliath). The band consist of three members: producer/DJ Embee and the lyricists/ Promoe & Supreme. Since CosM.I.C left the group they call themselves Looptroop Rockers, instead of Looptroop as they did before.

  • Maia Hirasawa

    (89,266 listeners)

    swedish, female vocalists, singer-songwriter, indie

    Maia Hirasawa (born May 5, 1980, in Sollentuna, Sweden) is a Swedish-Japanese singer-songwriter. She works both as a solo artist and as a part of the band Hello Saferide.

  • Mark Olson

    (11,563 listeners)

    americana, alt-country, singer-songwriter, folk

    Mark Olson is one of the founding members of acclaimed alternative country bands The Jayhawks and The Original Harmony Ridge Creek Dippers and a respected singer/songwriter in his own right.

  • Mike Patton

    (141,910 listeners)

    experimental, avant-garde, mike patton, alternative

    Michael Allan Patton (born January 27, 1968, in Eureka, California) is an American singer, songwriter, composer, multi-instrumentalist, and video game voice actor, best known as the lead singer of the rock band Faith No More from 1988 to 1998, which recently reunited in 2009 and will be touring Europe this summer.

  • Millencolin

    (592,569 listeners)

    punk rock, punk, skate punk, swedish

    Millencolin is a punk rock band that was formed in October of 1992 by Erik Ohlsson, Mathias Färm and Nikola Sarcevic in Örebro, Sweden. Fredrik Larzon (Fredrik Olof Larsson) joined the band in early 1993 which cemented the lineup. Millencolin as a word derives from the skateboard-trick melancholy (also known as "sad air") because of their passion for skateboarding.

  • Miss Li

    (145,897 listeners)

    swedish, female vocalists, jazz, indie

    Miss Li (born Linda Carlsson, July 6, 1982 in Borlänge, Sweden) is a female singer/songwriter currently based in Stockholm, Sweden.

  • Moderat Likvidation

    (4,420 listeners)

    punk, d-beat, raw punk, hardcore

    It all started... ...sometime back in 1980 in the suburbs of Malmö in south of Sweden. In a small dusty room four guys are doing their best to play their instruments. Per on guitar and Fjalle screaming vocals...they call their band Moderat Likvidation

  • Moneybrother

    (157,382 listeners)

    swedish, indie, rock, pop

    Anders Wendin 'Moneybrother' (Born 16 March, 1975 in Ludvika, Sweden) is a singer that combines several music genres in his songs, including rock, soul and pop. Anders started his solo- project 'Moneybrother' after leaving his former punk-rock group Monster. He wanted to play the kind of music he himself liked to listen to, like rock, soul, punk, reggae and pop.

  • Moto boy

    (56,651 listeners)

    swedish, indie, indie pop, alternative

    Think boy choir, David Lynch, Jeff Buckley. Moto Boy, whose real name is Oskar Humlebo, is a guy who performs with only his black heavy-metal guitar and fantastic voice, dressed in high heels and make-up. Moto Boy’s first single, blue motorbike, became official May 21st 2007, and his first CD was released in January 2008 by the record company Songs I Wish I Had Written.

  • Opeth

    (747,354 listeners)

    progressive metal, progressive death metal, death metal, metal

    Opeth is a progressive metal band from Sweden that is influenced by many diverse musical styles ranging from jazz, 1970s progressive rock, death metal, and blues.

  • Perikles

    (9,214 listeners)

    swedish, dansband, schlager, perikles

  • Peter Morén

    (20,195 listeners)

    swedish, singer-songwriter, indie, indie pop

    Peter Morén is a swedish singer. He has been a member of Peter Bjorn and John since 1999. He's released his first solo album The Last Tycoon in april 2008.

  • Pugh Rogefeldt

    (36,270 listeners)

    swedish, rock, progg, singer-songwriter

    Rogefeldt made his breakthrough in the late 1960s with albums such as Ja, dä ä dä and Pughish. Unlike most other Swedish pop musicians who wanted to achieve international success, he sang in Swedish.

  • Royal Republic

    (81,278 listeners)

    rock, swedish, hard rock, garage rock

    Royal Republic is a Swedish rock band formed in Malmö in late 2007. The band consists of guitarist/lead singer Adam Grahn, guitarist Hannes Irengård, bass guitarist Jonas Almén and drummer Per Andreasson.

  • Slagsmålsklubben

    (178,660 listeners)

    electronic, bitpop, swedish, synthpop

    Slagsmålsklubben (often abbreviated as SMK) is an electro/pop group from Norrköping, Sweden. The name Slagsmålsklubben is the literal Swedish translation of "The Fight Club", referring to the popular novel and movie. They have released four full length albums so far. Along with their side projects, they have been featured on Björk's compilation CD Army of Me: Remixes and Covers.

  • SoKo

    (311,134 listeners)

    indie, french, female vocalists, singer-songwriter

    SoKo (b. Stéphanie Sokolinski, in Bordeaux, France), is a half-French / half-Polish singer & actress (called SoKo as far back as she can remember). She has appeared in several French films & got a start as a singer, after she asked a director to sing, on screen.

  • Svenska AkademienUp-and-coming artist (from the Last.fm Hype Chart)

    (44,119 listeners)

    reggae, swedish, hip-hop, political

    Swedish reggae/hip-hop band from the southern city Landskrona. The band is famous for their strong live acts and for singing/rapping in the Scanian dialect of southern Sweden. Members: * Kenneth Björklund - drums