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  • Bench

    (473 listeners)

    Bench is at least three groups: 1) Reeling from the toxic fumes emanating from their Brooklyn studio, Anxious Bench became Bench shortly before the turn of the century. On the rare occasion when Bench invaded a professional studio, the brain damaging results were released on the legendary Noiseville label, home also of Skullflower, The Action Swingers, Bootbeast and Unholy Swill.

  • Karsumpu

    (1,353 listeners)

    mundart, lomoli, under 2000 listeners, german

    Karsumpu is a Swiss German singing band from Berne, Switzerland. Their songs contain weird stories and incomprehensible philosophic thoughts. Nevertheless they generate a unique sound using violin and blues harp. Karsumpu are:

  • Richtaste

    (737 listeners)

    rock, under 2000 listeners, hard rock, indierock

    Roger Vez (bass) Stefan Fankhauser (lead vox/rhythm guitar) Reto Gasser (keys) Raphael Nussbaum (lead-guitar) Marc Gasser (drums/backing vox)

  • Two Left Feet

    (134 listeners)