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  • 4Lyn

    (88,252 listeners)

    crossover, nu metal, alternative, german

    4LYN is a nu metal/crossover band from Hamburg, Germany. 4LYN began their career as Headtrip in 1995 as high schoolers.

  • Empty Trash

    (26,033 listeners)

    german, rock, alternative, grunge

    Empty Trash is a grunge rock band from Berlin, Germany. They are fronted with the talented lead singer and guitarist "Charlie Crawford" (Max Buskohl) and backed by lead guitarist Stefan, guitarist Tim, bassist Julius and drummer Per. Their music is comparable to Rise Against and Nirvana, but has a very unique touch to it.

  • Fury In The Slaughterhouse

    (89,438 listeners)

    rock, german, alternative rock, alternative

    Fury in the Slaughterhouse were formed in Hannover, Germany, in 1987 by brothers Kai Uwe Wingenfelder (vocals) and Thorsten Wingenfelder (guitar, vocals).