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  • 365 Dni

    (170 listeners)

    hardcore punk, hardcore, under 2000 listeners, punk

  • Brigadniy Podriad

    (0 listeners)

  • Brosided

    (87 listeners)

    hardcore punk, hardcore, seen live

    Our band was founded in March, 2007. At the beginning there were 3 members, and then after couple of months we decided to invite a guy named Dima, to support Vytis at vocal, and another guy named Arnoldas, who replaced our first bassist. Now, we stay old-school with a little bit salt of rock'n'roll and hardcore notes.

  • Bu-By

    (317 listeners)

    lithuanian, punk, math rock, under 2000 listeners

    We are trio band called Bu-By (also: bottle of beerzghaloh, butelis byrzgalo, bu, etc) from Alytus, Lithuania. We started our career in 1997-98, but due to member changes till 2006 it was more like a lazy project than a band. That's why we say that the band's career started only in 2006.

  • Critical Hit

    (642 listeners)

    seen live

  • Faust Again

    (11,320 listeners)

    metalcore, hardcore, deathcore, polish

    Faust Again is a metal hardcore band from Poznan (Poland). Current line-up: Adrian "Ady" Klementowski - bass Aleksander "Olas" Data - guitar Wojtek "Dyzio" Warnke - guitar Marcin "X" Palecki - drums Marcin "Pysh" Pyszora - vox Biography:

  • Funny Rot

    (1,252 listeners)

    punk rock, lithuanian, punk, lithuanian punk rock

    Kam rengtis juodai, kriokti į mikrofoną, klausytis kvailų ideologijų? Tai nuobodu! Spjauk į viską ir gyvenk linksmai! Kaip galvoja, taip ir dainuoja FUNNY ROT…

  • Lack

    (10,143 listeners)

    post-hardcore, screamo, indie, hardcore

    Copenhagen, Denmark (1998 – 2008) In fact, we all know the feeling of getting a kick in the gut, a slap on the side of your head, being knocked out of your everyday-doze by total surprise. It’s a weird and nauseating experience, and only afterwards you realize how important it is.

  • Lenino Prospektas

    (682 listeners)

    punk, lithuanian, punk rock, under 2000 listeners

    ... galima teigti, kad grupės istorija prasidėjo 2003 metais, atgrojus pirmą koncertą, dar tuometiniam Šiaulių skvote "BENDRADARBIAI".Jis vyko kartu su grupe Sloppy livin'. Poto viskas ir pasibaigė...

  • Mister X

    (9,473 listeners)

    oi, street punk, sharp, skinhead

    there are more than one artist with the same name : Mister X 1) a streetpunk band from Grodno, Belarus, http://mx-band.bandcamp.com/ 2) is a pop singer from Armenia, 3) a VJ and lately DJ from Romania,

  • My Machete

    (44 listeners)

    under 2000 listeners, garage rock, my machete

    My Machete is a band from Stockholm, Sweden. We play energetic rock'n'roll with a touch of punk. But then again, that's what they think they're playing! It's far better that you listen for your self. We certainly hope you'll like it!

  • My Ocean

    (2,428 listeners)

    belarusian, post-hardcore, emocore, alternative

    FACEBOOK | ВКОНТАКТЕ | TWITTER | YOUTUBE | SOUNDCLOUD My Ocean are a Belarusian four-piece rock band from Minsk. Formed in fall 2005, the band has released 3 EP's, 2 maxi-singles and 3 music videos.

  • My Rockets Up

    (620 listeners)

    indie, alternative, indie rock, russian

    MyRocketsUp is an indie rock band from Moscow, Russia. The band has 3 LPs, s..t, “Nuclear Weapon Mushroom Potato Chips”, “Humanaut” and one EP “Nightmaremars” so far. They’ve already been signed by Smashed records in Australia and in Holland. MyRocketsUp played as a support act for bands like Sonic Youth, Mud Honey, Hood, Tequilajazzz.

  • Naktinė Pufaika

    (2,519 listeners)

    lithuanian, funk, rock, alternative

    Naktinė Pufaika @ Ore Grotuvas Naktinė Pufaika @ Frype www.myspace.com/naktinepufaika

  • Netvarkoi!

    (627 listeners)

    punk, oi, lithuanian, street punk

  • Nine Eleven

    (8,349 listeners)

    hardcore, melodic hardcore, hardcore punk, modern hardcore

    11/11/2004, Nine Eleven (Tours / Le Mans, Riot States Killers / No Time To Lose) was born from the ashes of common passions and from the love shared by its members for the Spermbirds, Nirvana, Bane, black metal, ambiant moroseness and the foretold next 40 years of collective blooming in the loneliness of daily work…

  • NMR

    (1,608 listeners)

    hardcore, hardcore punk, estonian, ny hardcore

    Energetic, fast, in your face hardcore with a positive message from Tallinn, Estonia with crazy live shows.

  • Offbeat Heroes

    (1,241 listeners)

    skacore, crack rock steady, punk, riot ska

    Offbeat Heroes, straight from the heart of the midlands UK, are bringing you their own style of politically charged punk/ska/dub/hardcore.

  • Officer Down

    (4,086 listeners)

    crack rock steady, hardcore, punk, ska

    There are four artists with this name. 1) Officer Down is a hardcore punk (with ska-punk leanings) band from Evesham, UK. 2) Officer Down - Canada 3) Officer Down - Croatia (ska punk) 4) Officer Down - Finland (hardcore punk/power violence) 5) Officer Down - Late 90's Canadian Hardcore band

  • P.O.BOX

    (11,541 listeners)

    ska punk, ska, ska-punk, creative commons

    P.O.BOX was formed in 2001 in Nancy, France. Since then the band have been on intensive touring through Europe (France, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, England, Scotland, Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Hungary, Slovenia, Italy, Sweden, Bulgaria...) increasing their reputation of having an "explosive stage performance". Over 300 shows have been done by the band since its beginning.

  • The Blank Heads

    (9 listeners)

  • The Lucky Gang

    (283 listeners)

    under 2000 listeners, alternative rock, rock, latvian

    THE LUCKY GANG is new musician band that was originally formed on the basis of the „Backyard”. THE LUCKY GANG is Martins Sulte (guitar, vocal), Martins Sipenko (bass). THE LUCKY GANG is playing in pop-punk/college rock style. For the long time guys are in connection with music, improving their playing skills and knowledge.

  • Versus You

    (1,446 listeners)

    punk rock, pop punk, punk, luxembourg

    Versus You! is a three-piece punk-what-so-ever-rock band from Luxembourg, heavily influenced by drinks and smokes. The band was formed by Eric (vocals, guitar) and Giordano (bass) and after months of looking for a drummer, pit joined the band.