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  • 0ID

    (283 listeners)

    idm, ambient, experimental, experimental electronica

  • Astrowind

    (3,195 listeners)

    ambient, drone, electronic, latvian

    Expert sound designer and controllerist has been featured as a key figure of the Latvian electronic music scene for producing some of the most essential experimental electronic, ambient music of the past years. Formerly known as Bongo in the middle of 90's in times of famous Riga dance-punk Yaputhma Sound System.

  • Bad Loop

    (12,655 listeners)

    electronic, ambient, idm, chillout

    Bad Loop, also known as Petteri Karjalainen, was born in St. Petersburg, Russia in 1979 but soon afterward he moved to Finland. While studying in Music Institute of Vantaa in 1991, he started experimenting with midi and tracker software with Jari Saukkonen, with whom he produced music until his departure to South Africa in 1995.

  • Biogen

    (2,964 listeners)

    icelandic, electronic, all, electronica

    A defining influence on the Icelandic electronic music scene since the early 90's. First as a member of hardcore breakbeat outfit Ajax and later as Biogen and Babel.

  • Carbon Based Lifeforms

    (300,844 listeners)

    ambient, chillout, electronic, downtempo

    Carbon Based Lifeforms (also known as CBL) is an electronic music duo made up of Johannes Hedberg and Daniel Segerstad (born Ringström), both born in 1976 and based in Göteborg, Sweden.

  • i/dex

    (1,536 listeners)

    ambient, glitch, idm, electronic

    Vitaly is a natural born musician, searching for sounds from early childhood. First - guitar, keyboards and drums, then - cutting tape loops, synthesizing his own sounds and collecting field recordings. I/DEX is one of Vitali`s project.

  • ingarin's

    (5 listeners)

  • Inzs

    (37 listeners)

  • Lackluster

    (59,142 listeners)

    idm, electronic, ambient, electronica

    Born Esa Juhani Ruoho, October 26, 1978, in Helsinki, Finland, started producing music at the age of 15 - back in 1994.

  • Neuronaut

    (150 listeners)

    ambient, psychedelic, idm, glitch

  • planet boelex

    (13,805 listeners)

    idm, ambient, electronic, electronica

    www.boelex.org Planet Boelex is an electronic music project originating from Finland, formed in 2004. Consisting of just one member, Ossi, a self-taught computer musician, who learned to craft his own music in the mid-90's. The first release, "Sinking in the Soup" EP was released in 2005 on the Monotonik netlabel, under the Creative Commons license.

  • Recue

    (8,334 listeners)

    ambient, idm, experimental, electronica

    Recue is the musical outlet of Riku Annala, a producer/musician hailing from Helsinki, Finland. Musically Recue is exploring left field of electronic music, regardless of genres. The music is often referred to as having heavy influences of dub, ambient, bass focused downtempo and even techno but according to himself it’s better to leave it for the listener to place the tag.

  • rekalix

    (130 listeners)

    ambient, experimental, idm, glitch

    Rekalix is Andrew Lintern, ambient electronica composer/producer from Southampton, UK, and has been creating ambient music, and performing it live since the age of 18. His creations fuse atmospheric soundscapes with delicately manipulated sounds, to create minimal, melodic sculptures of ambience on a backdrop of relaxed rhythm.

  • Ruxpin

    (36,053 listeners)

    idm, ambient, electronic, downtempo

    1. Born in 1981, Jonas Thor Gudmundsson, better known as Ruxpin first started producing music at the age of 14.

  • Selffish

    (8,463 listeners)

    ambient, electronic, minimal, house

    Andrew Eigus was born in Riga in 1973. Selffish materialised in 2002. The name Selffish denotes a paradigm shift in Andrew's life.


    (5 listeners)

  • Xerxes

    (33,582 listeners)

    ambient, chillout, hardcore, electronic

    Xerxes is a name of at least three acts: 1) A pseudonym of Norwegian producer Klaus Lunde. 2) A hardcore punk band from Louisville, Kentucky. 3) A prog metal band from Switzerland.

  • Yagya

    (65,672 listeners)

    ambient, minimal, ambient techno, electronic

    There are 2 artists with the name: 1.Icelandic producer Yagya (Aðalsteinn Guðmundsson) has been creating atmospheres through melody and sounds for more than a decade. A definitive member of the Thule Musik collective, Yagya also is known for his work as half of Sanasol and also the famed Plastic.