North Sea Jazz

North Sea Jazz Ahoy
Friday 11 July 2008
Past event
Friday 11 July 2008 Monday 14 July 2008


Ahoyweg 10
3084 BA Rotterdam
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Tel: 010 293 33 00

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Did you know that the North Sea Jazz Festival is the biggest jazz festival in the world? Just about every genre is represented there – from traditional New Orleans jazz, swing, bop and free jazz, to fusion, avant-garde jazz and electronic jazz. And it doesn’t stop at jazz; blues, gospel, funk, soul, hip hop, R&B, world beat and Latin enthusiasts have a great time as well. In short, the North Sea Jazz Festival is a multi-faceted event that attracts between 60,000 and 70,000 visitors each year, from countries all over the world.
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  • psinke1974

    too damn busy this year. I love the festival but they MUST do something about the number of attendees! Neverteless, I had great fun.

    15 Oct 2008 Reply
  • clammertmsa

    George Benson in the giant Nile hall. Get the binoculars out or watch the screens. Got my ears hammered with some main stream pop/jazz. Couldn’t stand it for more than ten minutes. Escaped to Roy Hargrove Quintet. Fantastic trumpet player, nice band, great pianist. Roelofs Goldberg Penman Harland, (what a mouthful) was quite nice in an antique wood and glass setup outside the main building. Horatio Hernandez & Italuba (the joining of Italy and Cuba) was supposed to be latin jazz, but it was pure jazz fusion. Just my thing, great sound. This was the last scheduled program, but they stayed on for a Jam session with Roy Hargrove, Randal Corsten and a bunch of other great guys, whose names I’ve forgotten. I'll be there next year if they reduce the popular main stream jazz. This just draws big crowds, not necessarily all jazz lovers. I'm not complaining, there was plenty for me to choose from that Saturday

    1 Aug 2008 Reply
  • clammertmsa

    Michel Camilo shone and sparkled. He was so excited by the big crowd. Nice guy! He bounced around so hard on his piano stool that the front legs broke off. He just played on balancing on the edge! Excellent show. David Sanchez Group was very good. He (tenor sax) had a guitarist who looked like a fourteen year old. Great guy, very talented: Lage Lund, 27 actually. The crowd was too big to get into the Charlie Haden performance: a real shame, I would have loved to hear him. Randal Corsen was my second choice for that time slot. He really impressed me. He’s a white guy from the Dutch Antilles. Boy, can he play the piano!

    1 Aug 2008 Reply
  • clammertmsa

    This was my first time at North Sea Jazz, but surely not the last! I loved it! Saturday 12-07-08 one of the performances I heard: Pat Metheny Trio….FANTASTIC, but then I’m a big fan since 1988. First time I heard him live. Great performance: some new tracks from his latest album “Day Trip”. The last session was exceptional. This guy is one of the greatest guitarists alive today.

    1 Aug 2008 Reply
  • thomas10

    Paul Simon bezorgde kippenvel en de schoonheid werkte op de traanspiertjes! Alicia Keys nam je mee in de zoete droomfabriek van een verwend tienermeisje. Laat haar nooit meer zien op NSJ! Jill Scott was fantastisch!

    14 Jul 2008 Reply
  • vanMenn

    What a fantastic festival! Was it me or was the sound at the Mark Ronson & the version players gig very poor..?!

    14 Jul 2008 Reply
  • Maxiimuss

    Weet ik niet, maar Pat Metheny was bloooooody brilliant!

    13 Jul 2008 Reply
  • Vinsje

    Waarom heeft dit zo weinig shouts :(

    12 Jul 2008 Reply
  • NJlo


    7 Jul 2008 Reply
  • zephirnl

    to get into the groove I tagged all artists linked here plus some not in this lineup but on the nsj site. Listen to (or view) it here:

    4 Jul 2008 Reply
  • Carolaah

    hmm ik neem me nu al jaren voor een keer heen te gaan, maar ik vind het vrij prijzig ;_; als ik ook nog vervoer/slaapplekken moet regelen en ik voor de standaardprijs niet eens de 'grootste' namen kan zien want daar komt nog eens een extra bedrag over heen ¬¬.. not amused.. Verder wel geniale line-ups en gewoon mooi opgezet

    26 Jun 2008 Reply
  • bramkok

    Ahoy :(

    14 Jun 2008 Reply
  • wakirimasen

    if all goes well, de zondag voor Sidsel Endresen+Jan Bang, (Gnarls Barkley en/of G. Bijma+Jasper van t Hof) en Erika Stucky.

    2 Jun 2008 Reply
  • patatzakman

    Aargh Is the Mars Volta eindelijk weer in NL, kan ik niet!:@ grmbl...

    26 May 2008 Reply
  • Hodja

    Yeah, Mars Volta!

    21 May 2008 Reply
  • zephirnl

    Adele heeft afgezegd!

    16 May 2008 Reply
  • Srananbloke

    hmm...ben wel nieuwsgierig naar de jazzy side of life van The Mars Volta :) Verder goede line-up, ben er sowieso zaterdag

    11 May 2008 Reply
  • NoNickNameYet

    oooh...... shit...... ik zit 11 juli op de fiets in IJsland..... :( ..... zucht

    10 May 2008 Reply
  • CruelAfflux

    Omar is wel jazzy :) Mars Volta kan best een jazzy set spelen

    8 May 2008 Reply
  • polichinelle

    The Mars Volta! :D

    8 May 2008 Reply
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