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  • Cosmic Shenggy

    (17 listeners)

    chinese, noise, electronic, avant-garde

  • don@u.com

    (11 listeners)

    experimental, ambient, acoustic, noise

    Príležitostné zoskupenie don@u.com vzniklo v roku 2004 fúziou častí bratislavského súboru VAPORI del CUORE a rakúskeho tria TRAPIST.

  • Fuckhead

    (1,058 listeners)

    industrial, under 2000 listeners, experimental, aktionismus

    Rude performance art, sonic violence, nudities, dirt, digital madness and fun! ladies and gentlemen, androids and drones, please welcome Fuckhead! FUCKHEAD - official hp FUCKHEAD - myspace

  • Guy van Belle

    (3 listeners)

  • Institut fuer Feinmotorik

    (888 listeners)

    11, experimental, minimal, electronic

    Institut für Feinmotorik (IFF) is an artists group working in different formats and media. Although, one main activity is accoustic-art / music. Amongst others, IFF is located in Bad Saeckingen and Freiburg i.Br. (both black forest/germany), zuerich (switzerland), cologne (germany).

  • Institut für Feinmotorik

    (461 listeners)

    noise, staubgold, experimental, electronic

    Institut für Feinmotorik has been founded in 1997 for a club-event in Basel, Switzerland. IFF is an artists group working in different formats and media – photography, video, music, drawing, computer-programming, printed matters etc. The group got "some reputation" for their acoustic work with a reductionist set-up: 8 turntables without records, 4 DJ mixers + end-mixer, served by 1-5 persons.


    (107 listeners)

    disco, metal, heavy, folk

    http://www.myspace.com/kylthesistem666 Kyl The Sistems history started before 7 years in 1991, when they realized that all music around the world is really, really bad so they bought very expensive proffessional equipment and made some top number one potential songs to save music.

  • Marco Eneidi

    (276 listeners)

    free jazz, jazz, free improvisation, avant-garde jazz

    Alto saxophonist Marco Eneidi is one of contemporary creative musics unsung heroes. He studied with Jimmy Lyons and Sonny Simmons and has played and recorded with illustrious musicians including Bill Dixon, Cecil Taylor, William Parker and Glenn Spearman.

  • Monotekktoni

    (5,618 listeners)

    electronic, experimental, german, electronica

    Also known as Tonia Reeh. She is an experimental musician from Berlin and makes "hard listening", contrary to easy listening. Deep synthetizers and a fragile female voice.

  • Philipp Quehenberger

    (685 listeners)

    electronic, experimental, spotify, psychedelic

    In der Wiener Szene gilt der eigenwillige Musiker Philipp Quehenberger mit seinen rohen, ekstatischen Liveperformances schon lange als Legende- bloß mit einem "richtigen " Release wollte es bis jetzt noch nicht so klappen. Dem wird nun endgültig Abhilfe geschaffen, denn Peter Rehberg´s Label "Editions Mego" veröffentlicht Anfang April Quehenbergers ersten Longplayer "Phantom in Paradise".

  • Shenggy

    (532 listeners)

    chinese, noise, spotify, experimental

  • Shenggy (Beijing Noise Lady)

    (22 listeners)