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Oct 5


Featuring Hux flux, Mr. What? and 16 more artists at Open Air


Saturday 5 October 2013Sunday 6 October 2013


Open Air

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Concepto – Concept
Zelebra Festival By Play Label Octubre 5/6
Vivimos en un mundo donde no apreciamos cada momento, lugar o cosas que nos rodean, estamos en constante movimiento que se nos olvida poner atención a los pequeños detalles que están dentro de nuestro entorno, es tiempo de hacer un cambio y dar pauta a una celebración, es tiempo de apreciar quienes somos, que estamos haciendo, que observamos, que objetos y quienes son las personas que nos rodean, cada instante cada segundo que vivimos es motivo de celebrar, te invitamos a celebrar la vida, a celebrar que vivimos que somos humanos que cada persona es un mundo y cada uno podemos ser un cambio, estamos viviendo tiempos difíciles pero jamás imposibles ven y únete a nuestra celebración demostrándolo con un ritual llamado danza.

We live in a world where we do not appreciate every moment, place or things around us, we are in constant motion that we forget to pay attention to the little details that are in our environment, it is time to make a change and give direction to a celebration it is time to appreciate who we are, we are doing, we observe that objects and people who are around us, every moment every second we live is a reason to celebrate, we invite you to celebrate life, to celebrate that we live we are human that every person is different and each can be a change, we are living in difficult times but never impossible come and join our celebration by demonstrating through a ritual called dance.

Hi tech – Psy trance – Progressive trance


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