The Great Escape 2014

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Thursday 8 May 2014 Saturday 10 May 2014

Various Venues

United Kingdom
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  • _alittlelost_

    Fight Like Apes are appearing at The Alternative Escape on Friday as a special guest, Pav Tav from 7 til 7.40.

    6 May 2014 Reply
  • mennoowh

    I don't think Fight Like Apes will perform, even though they are listed here they don't appear on the TGE website and their own website doesn't list TGE as a gig.

    6 May 2014 Reply
  • ugoii

    Looking for tickets for 10thMAY, someone? inbox please!

    5 May 2014 Reply
  • TheMongKey


    2 May 2014 Reply
  • lapupilabizarra

    1 weekend ticket for sale, £50 (open for negotiation) message if interested!!! -living in london and ill be in brighton since thursday fest-

    30 Apr 2014 Reply
  • _alittlelost_

    Does anyone have a Thursday Day ticket for sale, by any chance?

    29 Apr 2014 Reply
  • FraHelvete

    I'm confused - Does Ásgeir actually play? He's listed here bu doesn't appear on the The Great Escape homepage. Nor is the festival listed on his official website.

    28 Apr 2014 Reply
  • theboredone

    I just want to make a correction, it appears the are still tickets for The Wild Beasts but Kelis has sold out. Example looks like he's never gonna sell out but that's because Example is a bit pony XD

    24 Apr 2014 Reply
  • theboredone

    @metal_flae: Yeah Alternative Escape is awesome for anyone who cant get the time to justify a wristband purchase. The line up at Pavilion Taven on Friday is particularly strong for example :) Trust is playing Prince Albert which will be a strictly wristband only show and you can't sneak in... as the queue funnels into the venue and the is a bouncer outside of the hallway door and a member of staff directly outside the venue door (to stop people from sneaking in from the stairs that lead to the beergarden/outdoor lavs)

    20 Apr 2014 Reply
  • metal_flake

    lollybobble, theboredone - thank you for all information. I live in B&H for less than a year so I'm also not too much into the Great Escape yet (but I surely will be ;)). Of course I look forward to discover new bands but work and other boring things won't let me get the wristband and fully take part. The Alternative Escape sounds like a good idea in the worst case. But anyway, I will probably be trying to knock the door before the TRUST show.

    20 Apr 2014 Reply
  • theboredone

    @metal_flake I believe you can gain entry to some of the concorde 2 headliner shows as well by paying at the door though I might be getting mixed up. Alongside 'The Great Escape' the is the 'The Alternative Escape' which may share a few artists which is free for everyone with or without a wrist band (the will be a program on the Great Escape website which you can print off). As for the Dome Shows I believe the Kelis and Wild Beasts show are sold out (both top ups and tickets) well I think Kelis MIGHT have some tickets left but no top ups but Wild Beasts is completely sold out. Seeing as these 2 bands are only playing those shows this is worth taking into consideration if you're intending to see those with your wristband purchase because you cant get in with a top up/ticket because Dome shows are hugely popular. Its worth it though as you'll discover a lot of new bands whilst you wait for the ones you want to see and will probably have a blast.

    19 Apr 2014 Reply
  • lollybobble

    You need a wristband to gain entry to all venues so short answer is no. It was possible to purchase individual tickets for the Dome shows only but I'm not sure if those are sold out? Single day tickets were available but those sold out. Think it's just the 2 day and 3 day tickets now but try checking the website. It has an FAQ. I won't confuse things by mentioning the alternative great escape....

    19 Apr 2014 Reply
  • metal_flake

    I wonder what if I'd like to see only a few bands. Shall I buy the ticket for the whole thing? Does anybody know if there is any hope to be able to see some particular gigs and pay only for them?

    18 Apr 2014 Reply
  • MsFranx66

    Thank-you guys!

    13 Apr 2014 Reply
  • theboredone

    I've added a link in the description to link you to playlists for every stage on every day [excluding The Dome shows] (would've just left it in the shoutbox by doesn't allow it) so if you want an aid to planning your day click on it :) UP THERE ^^^ below the line up

    10 Apr 2014 Reply
  • tezzle

    if anyone has a ticket, preferably a delegate ticket, to sell let me knoooow

    9 Apr 2014 Reply
  • _alittlelost_

    They might play on both days. The full time table will be released this week though so then you'll definitely know :)

    7 Apr 2014 Reply
  • MsFranx66

    I am confused. Is Royal Blood playing at The Great Escape on May 8th or 9th? I've seen both dates on different sites. If anybody knows the answer, please message me. Thanks!

    5 Apr 2014 Reply
  • Pavel_p4elz

    5 Apr 2014 Reply
  • _alittlelost_

    New announcement next week.

    21 Feb 2014 Reply
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