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  • Adam F

    (191,271 listeners)

    drum and bass, drum n bass, jungle, electronic

    DJ Adam F (Born in Liverpool, England) is a jungle/drum and bass producer and DJ. His father pop singer Bernard William Jewry, known as Alvin Stardust.

  • Deejay MF

    (0 listeners)

  • DJ Hype

    (111,374 listeners)

    drum and bass, jungle, drum n bass, dnb

    http://www.myspace.com/hypehypehype 1. Essentially Hype is to drum and bass as Afrika Bambaata was to the development of hip-hop. He first became involved in music through the legendary Shut Up and Dance sound system, like many before him his interest growing from physically building the speakers that made up the rig to DJ'ing, spinning reggae, house and hip hop throughout the eighties.

  • Friction

    (63,731 listeners)

    drum and bass, punk, emo, japanese punk

    There are multiple artists by the name of Friction: 1.) Friction is an influential no wave band from Japan, originally formed under the name Circle Triangle Square in 1971 as an avant-garde music group, by bassist Reck, saxophonist Chico Hige, and drummer Sakuro Watanabe in Tokyo, Japan.

  • Lockee

    (2 listeners)

  • LTJ Bukem

    (192,151 listeners)

    drum and bass, electronic, chillout, drum n bass

    In the mid eighties, at the age of seventeen, Bukem discovered the joys of clubbing. The teenager regularly checked out the local soul clubs and legendary rare groove all dayers. During this time he also ran a jazz funk band. DJing however, was his main thing and by 1987 he gained something of a reputation for his sets.

  • MC Conrad

    (11,286 listeners)

    drum and bass, atmospheric drum and bass, good looking music, drum n bass

    MC Conrad Profile Few people can lay claim to being the definitive voice of their profession. It just so happens that MC Conrad is one of those few. From the early rave days and his partnership with LTJ Bukem, through Speed to Logical Progression II, MC Conrad has come to be a defining element in the drum 'n bass scene - a seal of approval and mark of quality.

  • Mc Matt

    (44 listeners)

    Swiss Rapper

  • MC Verse

    (332 listeners)

    drum and bass, jungle, electronic, dnb

  • Skibadee

    (14,968 listeners)

    drum and bass, hip-hop, uk hip hop, hip hop

    Drum & Bass MC on the scene from 1994, getting his break through on Drum & Bass radio station Kool FM. He has performed alongside DJ's such as Goldie, Shy FX & Roni Size.

  • Toni B

    (33 listeners)