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  • & Much Much More !

    (0 listeners)

  • Bang Crosby

    (34 listeners)

  • Block Dodger

    (414 listeners)


  • Broken Note

    (57,080 listeners)

    dubstep, breakcore, drum and bass, darkstep

    Broken Note consists of Tommy and Eddie (aka Kidnappa of 16Bit), based in London, England. One from a punk background, one from hip-hop came together for a love of relentless bass music after wrecking their eardrums at London squat parties. Broken Note makes filthy drum and bass and dubstep.

  • Dead Silence

    (1,273 listeners)

    black metal, punk, hardcore, melodic death metal

    There are 3 bands with the name Dead Silence: 1. Raw Black Ambient Metal from Russia. Formed in 2003. Discography Void Full-length, 2003 Rare.Black.Evil Demo, 2006 Grymlore Full-length, 2008 Mastermind of the band is the Fever, performing guitars, vocals, fx, synths, lyrics, some bass. On the RARE.BLACK.EVIL and Grymlore there was also bassist Overlord and drummer Ill'dare.

  • DJ Producer

    (998 listeners)

    all, hardcore, gabba

  • Ed Cox

    (4,094 listeners)

    clowncore, breakcore, speedcore, hardcore

    LIFE4LAND’s co founder Ed Cox’s ‘CLOWNCORE’ has had international recognition due to his unique performances. Fusing traditional music with ska, jungle and breakcore, Ed Cox wraps the lot in his live performances whilst playing the accordion.

  • GASH

    (2,518 listeners)

    krautrock, progressive rock, punk rock, punk

    1. Boston d-beat raw punk with one demo tape out so far http://www.mediafire.com/?8cm8rhixjr1zun9

  • Hadean

    (445 listeners)

    post-metal, under 2000 listeners, lion slicer, true metal

    Hadean (pronounced: [ˈheɪdiən], the first geologic eon in Earth's history.) Hadean is currently a one-man project with the main objective of attempting to recreate musical ideas and to improve the following skills during the creation process: Vocals, guitar play, songwriting and home recording.

  • Jakub23

    (578 listeners)

    electronic, experimental, drum and bass, neurofunk

    Jakub23 (Real Name Jacob Micklewright) started producing music on his early 2006, Born and raised in Oxford, United Kingdom.

  • Jerome Hill

    (933 listeners)

    electronic, techno, wonky techno, uglyfunk

    Jerome got his turntables in 1990 after being inspired by the pirate radio sounds of London. He began buying hip hop, house, breakbeat and early european techno .

  • King Porter Stomp

    (2,355 listeners)

    dub, reggae, hip-hop, ska

    King Porter Stomp are an 8 piece juggernaut of funky ska based hip hop. With big brass, heavy bass and intense lyrics, they combine all manner of musical genres to bring an intense energy packed style all of their own.

  • Lenkemz

    (693 listeners)

    grime, dubcore, footwork

  • Orangafruüp

    (23 listeners)

    seen live

    Hailing from the dark quarters of South-East London, this Lewisham-based collective of musicians are emerging as one of the UK's most original live electronic bands.

  • Phi-Life Cypher

    (23,423 listeners)

    hip hop, hip-hop, uk hip hop, uk hip-hop

    Phi-Life Cypher is a Luton-based rap group. Arguably one of England's most talented hip hop acts, having cemented their reputation from underground hip hop clubs, today embracing their recent popularity. Phi-Life's achievements include appearing live on the Brit Awards, touring and appearing on B-side tracks with Gorillaz and DJ Vadim and being voted Best Live Act at Kings College, Cambridge.

  • Pás de Problème

    (50 listeners)

    klezmer, balcan, pazada, gypsy

    Pás de Problème is the party Pás de Problème is the dancefloor Pás de Problème is Chaos, a dancing Chaos.

  • Simtek

    (96 listeners)

  • Stivs

    (1,266 listeners)

    raggacore, breakcore, jungle, electronic

    Stivs was found in 1985 abandoned on the steps of a SCOPE charity shop in the peoples republic of Cambridge.

  • The 55th Flotilla

    (188 listeners)

    all, under 2000 listeners, techno, dubstep

    The 55th flotilla is the brainchild of brothers Jake and Toby Cole running the whole show from within their Minesweeper.

  • The Glitzy Baghags

    (21 listeners)

    folk, gipsy, glastonbury 2007, glastonbury2008

    incorrect artist name for Glitzy Baghags source: homepage, myspace, facebook page, and from communication with the artist who write: Hi, We are "Glitzy Baghags".

  • Vandal

    (9,731 listeners)

    rac, breakbeat, house, raggatek

    There are 5 Vandals! 1) Vandal is an underground Scottish hip-hop artist. Born Chris Steven in 1993, he started his career in late 2011 amidst local hype. He has collaborated with Red Hook Noodles on production and has released samplings on his SoundCloud ahead of his first full mixtape; 'only the dead have seen the end of war' scheduled for release in Winter of 2012.