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  • Aafke Romeijn

    (1,390 listeners)

    singer-songwriter, all, photographed, female vocalists

    Aafke Romeijn was a singer in Mister Blue Sky for six years before she decided she had enough songs to make a solo project. She selfreleased her debut album Stella Must Die! in the autumn of 2011.

  • Apneu

    (1,521 listeners)

    all, pop, netherlands, garage

    Apneu are a lo-fi garage-pop band from the Amsterdam scene, containing (ex-)members from Eva Braun, Katadreuffe and Boutros Bubba.

  • Atlantic Attraction

    (198 listeners)

    netherlands, seen live

  • Birdt

    (483 listeners)

    singer-songwriter, netherlands, folk, dutch

    bardt/bird=birdt www.birdt.nl Biography Birdt (est. 2008) is the songwriting efforts of Bardt van der Dennen, who after artschool starts making beautiful melancholic folk/singersong songs.

  • Bodypolitics

    (404 listeners)

    seen live

    GIUSEPPE VALENZA | vocals, guitars, fx THANOS FOTIADIS | bass, guitars, keys ART PINTO | drums WIMTIE PEKELHAAS | bass The band started during the summer of 2010 and it's based in Utrecht (The Netherlands). MELODIC | NOISE | ELECTRONIC BEATS | HYPNOTIC | PSYCHEDELIC | EXPERIMENTAL | EDGE | EMOTIONAL | MELANCHOLY

  • Coppersky

    (196 listeners)

    seen live

    COPPERSKY’s muziek draait om pulseren. “Een cross-over tussen Kings of Leon en Vampire Weekend, maar dán met een pilletje speed” volgens producer Pim van de Werken. De 4-koppige formatie pulseert flink als het gaat om De Grote Dingen Des Levens… 3 broers trekken de kar en 1 goede vriend stuwt daar nog eens flink achteraan, in hun reis door de schemering onder de koperen hemel.

  • Dotan

    (56,627 listeners)

    singer-songwriter, dutch, indie, pop

    Dotan is geboren op 26 oktober 1986 in Jeruzalem maar groeide op in Amsterdam. In de winter van 2009 schreef hij een e-mail naar de wereldberoemde producers Martin Terefe en Sacha Skarbek, met de vraag of ze hem kunnen helpen met zijn muziekcarrière.

  • Guy Corneille

    (32 listeners)

    dutch, netherlands, under 2000 listeners, seen live

  • Hamertje Tik

    (1,662 listeners)

    mad-hop, electronic, under 2000 listeners, seen live

    ‘Hamertje Tik’ is de artiestennaam van drummer en producer Joris Feiertag (1988). Joris drumt onder andere bij bands als Anny (ex-Leaf), singer-songwriter Yori Swart en valt regelmatig in bij Kraak & Smaak. Tijdens zijn studie aan de popafdeling van het Conservatorium van Amsterdam begon hij met het produceren van elektronische muziek, wat resulteerde in zijn debuutalbum Memories.


    (1 listener)

  • Kid Totem

    (116 listeners)

    all, under 2000 listeners

    Kid Totem is the conglomeration of acoustic kid Vincent de Bel (The Ticket That Exploded, Pop Zavs FFF) and electro-kid Rick van der Ree (ElectRick)... With the help of stray kid Danny van Dommelen they took a while recording their debut EP somewhere halfway 2011.

  • Kids With Guns

    (948 listeners)

    pop, electropop, electronic, synthpop

    Like in the early days in the Wild West, cowboys would make their opponent dance with a shower of bullets. Kids With Guns aren’t lethal, but will put you in the line of fire.

  • leeways

    (94 listeners)

    reggae, rock, ska, funk

    Leeways: Energieke reggae met diverse roots. Nederland heeft een traditie met energieke bands zoals Beef, Gotcha! en Urban Dance Squad. Inmiddels klopt de Arnhemse band Leeways aan de deur om het stokje over te nemen. Twee maten en ze hebben je bij de kloten: Leeways staat ieder optreden te trappelen om de overvloedig aanwezige energie over te brengen op het publiek.

  • let's go eskimo

    (40 listeners)

    sltb2013, popronde 2011, sltb, lets go eskimo

    Let's Go Eskimo was formed in November 2008 and is still going strong. With their new demo out, reviews on the radio and gigs, it's going quite well! With their raw punk, rock and blues theyre here to make it happen!

  • Madi

    (1,020 listeners)

    under 2000 listeners, rock, pop, electropop

    Madi Hermens began as a Singer / Songwriter, playing self-written songs with her solo piano. After winning Kunstbende Limburg 2009, the idea of ​​starting a band was soon born. The subdued piano songs turned into solid pop songs with a raw edge. Band members came and went and there was a romp with the band name.

  • Nouveau Vélo

    (443 listeners)

    all, dutch, indie, alternative

    Nouveau Vélo plays healing pop. They hail from the town of Helmond, The Netherlands. They released three EPs thusfar -- Courgette (2010), the Moestuin EP (2011) and Daze (2013) -- as well as one full-length, the self-titled Nouveau Vélo of (2014).

  • NY Fan

    (528 listeners)

    synthpop, check out, under 2000 listeners

    www.ny-fan.com After writing and performing songs as singer songwriter, Fanny Bartels started recording her own tracks and beats. Flipping her first name around, she understood it was time to go out and explore the world of performing electronic music. NY Fan was born.

  • OneManWolfPack

    (81 listeners)


  • Sandy Dane

    (2,502 listeners)

    female vocalists, acoustic, singer-songwriter, rock

    Sandy Dane is a singer/songwriter from the Netherlands. For unknown talent MySpace can be a good way to start a musical career. Also for Sandy Dane.

  • The Brave

    (2,130 listeners)

    melodic rock, aor, hard rock, under 2000 listeners

    There is more than one artist with this name: 1) The Brave (USA) Hailing from Lancaster, CA, The Brave released two albums on Pakaderm Records - 1992’s Battle Cries and Trust in 1994. Produced by John and Dino Elefante, they had a melodic hard rock sound that echoed the likes of fellow Pakaderm bands, Guardian and Mastedon, as well as mainstream groups like def Leppard.

  • The Cool Quest

    (806 listeners)

    all, jazz, funk, hiphop

  • The Jacks

    (5,873 listeners)

    melodic rock, aor, doo wop, psychedelic

    There are a lot of bands called The Jacks: 1. The Jacks (also known as the Cadets) were an American doo wop group from the 50/60s

  • The Pignose Willy's

    (843 listeners)

    blues, garage rock, garage, dutch

    Up your ass craaaazy' boogie blues burners, with Storming Rhythms and Hoodoo shouting jungle noise vocals! That's the low down beautifully paced and finely constructed swooning trash sound of The Pignose Willy's.

  • THE RED17

    (249 listeners)


  • The T.S. Eliot Appreciation Society

    (521 listeners)

    folk, acoustic, utrecht, country

    The T.S. Eliot Appreciation Society was formed in 2011 by Tom Gerritsen, after busking for several years throughout Canada and the United States. After the release of a live-EP, TTSEAS played a string of well-received shows throughout Holland. February 2012 saw the release of a new eponymous EP recorded on a tape recorder at New Ground Studio in Utrecht.

  • Wannabeastar

    (337 listeners)