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  • Altruism

    (1,210 listeners)

    psychedelic, psychedelic trance, goa, psytrance

    Altruism is a Progressive Hardcore/Metal band hailing from Cork, Ireland. Formed in early 2008, the members are Colm, Gabe, Stef, Vinnie and Eric.

  • Andras FoxUp-and-coming artist (from the Last.fm Hype Chart)

    (5,076 listeners)

    downtempo, trippy, electronic, discover

    Utilizing the sounds of soul and jazz, loose basslines and programming that is opposed to pushing tempos faster, Fox likes to add a raw, rough human element to dance music.

  • Baths

    (296,639 listeners)

    electronic, glitch-hop, ambient, lo-fi

    Baths is the stage name of American electronic musician Will Wiesenfeld (born 1989). He was born in Tarzana and was raised in Woodland Hills. He currently resides in Chatsworth, California.

  • Ben Evans

    (238 listeners)

    australian, under 2000 listeners, mellow, singer-songwriter

  • BLT

    (5,628 listeners)

    psytrance, psychedelic trance, psychedelic, trance

    There are two artists who perform under the moniker BLT: 1) BLT are a hip hop/rap duo from Ipswich. They are the greatest band in existence 2) BLT is the now less frequently used guise of Yuli Fershtat (now primarily known as Perfect Stranger), a progressive psytrance producer from Israel. Born 1970, he is a musician and a graduate in Acupuncture and Herbal Therapy.

  • Bodycode

    (10,830 listeners)

    electronic, experimental, techno, minimal techno

    Alan Abrahams AKA Portable AKA Bodycode has been in motion his whole life—growing up in South Africa, coming of age in London, decamping to Berlin and finally settling in Lisbon—and his deeply syncopated brand of electronic dance music has evolved with every step of the journey.

  • Boris BrejchaUp-and-coming artist (from the Last.fm Hype Chart)

    (86,237 listeners)

    minimal, minimal techno, techno, electronic

    Born in 1981, Boris Brejcha was involved in music since early childhood. His education included drums and keyboard lessons. This was a perfect foundation for the next step - producing and performing electronic dance music.

  • Captain HookUp-and-coming artist (from the Last.fm Hype Chart)

    (7,350 listeners)

    progressive psytrance, psytrance, psy-prog, progressive trance

    Progressive psytrance-act formed in 2010 by Reshef from Quantize and Sheff with lots of upcoming releases. http://www.myspace.com/reshefhook

  • Child

    (2,725 listeners)

    psychedelic rock, heavy psych, blues rock, breaks

    There are several artists named Child. 1) Great fuzzed out, organ heavy, psych lp from '69. similar to vanilla fudge at times.

  • Chromatone

    (4,086 listeners)

    psytrance, dark psy trance, all, psy trance

    Chromatone is Lawrence Hoffman, a San Francisco native who has been producing electronic music for over a decade.

  • Client Liason

    (48 listeners)

  • Darius

    (103,728 listeners)

    pop, electronic, psychedelic, british

    There are more artists named Darius: (1) French house artist from France. (2) Soft-pop singer from Scotland. (3) Neo-progressive rock band from Germany. (4) A psychedelic artist from the U.S. (5) A pseudonym used by Renard. (1)

  • Dion Sharp

    (0 listeners)

  • DXM

    (801 listeners)

    ambient, best for dxm, experimental, israeli cure mixed with death in june

    DXM (Deus Ex Machina) Founded in 1984 by four young Israeli members: Yariv Alter, Ronen Hoffman, Doron Solomons and shmulik Berkovich.

  • Ed Fisher

    (1 listener)

  • Emok

    (2,603 listeners)

    progressive trance, psytrance, iboga records, psychedelic trance

    Free download of emok's new music- www.theskinthatyourewearingisallthatyoucarry.com/ Emok are a hard-hitting, precedent breaking three piece whose members all originally hail from Israel, currently residing in Brooklyn.

  • ESS

    (532 listeners)

    indie, electronica, electro, modern jazz

    EM ESTÚDIO AGORA! {Recording New Album}

  • Floating Points

    (80,735 listeners)

    dubstep, electronic, deep house, chillout

    Citing names as varied as Theo Parrish, Dorothy Ashby and Stravinsky as major influences on his work, it is not hard to see that Floating Points (Samuel T.

  • Francis Inferno Orchestra

    (3,796 listeners)

    disco, deep house, nu disco, indie

    http://soundcloud.com/fio http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/The-Francis-Inferno-Orchestra/372796970411


    (0 listeners)

  • James Holden

    (119,990 listeners)

    minimal, electronic, progressive house, techno

    James Holden is far from your average DJ-producer. The wunderkind James Holden has finally come of age, and has delivered up the debut album to prove it: and at 28…

  • Jamie Stevens

    (2,716 listeners)

    minimal, australian, chillout, ambient

    Founding member and 1/3 of Australian outfit Infusion, Jamie Stevens has been writing music and performing live since the early 90's. A humble beginning defined by cheap second-hand synthesizers, Infusion (Jamie Stevens, Manuel Sharrad and Frank Xavier) emerged as one of the "world's top production teams" (M8 Magazine) and have toured the world several times with their lauded live act.

  • Khainz

    (5,834 listeners)

    progressive trance, progressive psytrance, electro, techno

    Khainz well-known for his cutting edge, innovative production skills Behind this project, stands Simon Schwendener from Switzerland.

  • Kollektive Turmstrasse

    (1,578 listeners)

    minimal techno, progressive house

  • Kyson

    (23,574 listeners)

    ambient, electronic, downtempo, all

    "Distance between friends, family and loved-ones; images viewed through the lens of an old camera; the sound of a bargain bin record bought in some far-flung corner of our ever-shrinking globe. These are Kyson's inspirations, his motivation, and the filter through which his music should be heard.

  • Lowman

    (86 listeners)

  • Motive

    (3,370 listeners)

    90s metalcore, hardcore, drum n bass, sxsw 2013

    There are more than one artists with the name Motive. 1. Motive are a pop Rock band from Wales, UK, created off the back of Ulteria Motive (2010 - ) 2. Motive was a metal band from MASTIC, New York, United States (1995-1999)

  • Muska

    (5,666 listeners)

    finnish, love records, classic rock, iskelma

    Marija "Muska" Babitzin (28th June 1952, Helsinki) is a Finnish singer. She is the daughter of a musical Russian emigrant family, and her brothers are Kirka and Sammy Babitzin.

  • Neelix

    (53,278 listeners)

    psytrance, progressive psytrance, progressive trance, goa

    Hamburg based artist Henrik Twardzik, better known as Neelix started to produce music in the early 1998. After DJing for some years he finally decided to create his own sound. His first track he recorded was "Neelix - The Fourth", released on a NOVA TEKK compilation called Maverixx in 2002, which was followed by numerous releases on different labels from all around the globe.


    (4 listeners)

  • OOF DJs

    (0 listeners)

  • Pak Man

    (17 listeners)

  • Patrice Scott

    (7,058 listeners)

    detroit, deep house, techno, deep techno

    Patrice Scott is no stranger to the dance scene. He has been spinning records since the 80's. Influenced by pioneers such as Derrick May, Kevin Saunderson, Ken Collier, Al Ester, Ron Hardy, Frankie Knuckles and many others. The influences & progression over the years helped P.

  • Perfect Stranger

    (24,314 listeners)

    progressive trance, progressive psytrance, psytrance, progressive

    There are 3 artists/bands thats been using the name Perfect Stranger: psy trance producer Yuli Fershtat, country music group from Texas, US, and metal band from Sweden.

  • Portable

    (14,425 listeners)

    minimal, electronic, idm, techno

    There are four artists that go by the name Portable: 1.) Alan Abrahams AKA Portable AKA Bodycode has been in motion his whole life—growing up in South Africa, coming of age in London, decamping to Berlin and finally settling in Lisbon—and his deeply syncopated brand of electronic dance music has evolved with every step of the journey.

  • Prefuse 73

    (409,911 listeners)

    electronic, hip-hop, idm, trip-hop

    Prefuse 73 is a pseudonym of Barcelona, Spain, hip-hop / electronic producer / artist Guillermo Scott Herren (aka Delarosa and Asora, Piano Overlord and Ahmad Szabo). He also performs with Eva Puyuelo Muns, in a duo known as Savath & Savalas. Herren debuted with EP Estrocaro (Oct 2000, Warp – aka Estrocaro EP) and his latest album is Estrocaro (16 Apr 2011, Beat / Jp – Warp / RoTW).

  • Ryan Davis

    (19,775 listeners)

    minimal, electronic, neotrance, techno

    Soundscapes which carry their listeners through a journey full of emotions, dreams and desires shape Ryan Davis’s sound. 
For him music should not only fill the dance floors but also the hearts of people. 
In 2006 he released his first single “Transformer” with which he managed to make himself a name in the music scene.

  • Rythmik

    (2 listeners)

  • Sensient

    (14,744 listeners)

    psytrance, progressive trance, progressive psytrance, psychedelic

    Real Name: Tim Larner Profile: Sensient is Tim Larner from Melbourne, Australia. He has been concentrating on music since he was 12 years old. Having played drums in various funk/fusion bands, he has always had the music in him. However, it wasn't until he discovered psytrance at the age of 19 that he found his musical calling.

  • Sheff

    (1,540 listeners)

    psychedelic, psychedelic trance, progressive psytrance, israeli

    Sheff is Reshef Harari from Quantize. www.myspace.com/sheff1

  • Simon Murphy

    (91 listeners)

    There are at least three artists on last.fm called Simon Murphy - number 1 has a pink photo and has tracks called Changes and Acid Sky;

  • Sleep D

    (1,809 listeners)

  • Sonic Spiecies

    (1 listener)

  • SQL

    (8,057 listeners)

    minimal, progressive trance, house, techno

    The Dutch producer and DJ Pim van Horssen started producing and playing at the age 
of 16 and by time he was 19 he had already played in parties and clubs all over the world. He had several joined projects in styles ranging from electrohouse to triphop. In early 2008 he started his solo project: SQL

  • SQL & Child

    (174 listeners)

    electronic, techno, minimal techno, tech house

  • Steve Ward

    (1,026 listeners)

    power pop, need to rate, rock, under-rated

  • Subaske

    (4 listeners)

  • Sun Control Species

    (19,626 listeners)

    progressive trance, psytrance, progressive psytrance, psychedelic

    Sun Control Species is Andrew Davidson (aka Drooid and Wombat), a progressive psytrance artist from Melbourne, Australia.

  • Sun In Aquarius

    (1,284 listeners)

    australian, under 2000 listeners, psychedelic electronica, downtempo

    Sun in Aquarius is a solo project of Jake Rose, 22 years old, origionally From Eastern Victoria,Australia.He is currently living and studying sound engineering in Byron bay. This is purely a experimental project with no rules and genre restrictions, Jake gets a real kick out of collaborating with musicians collaborations are always cooking.

  • Synkro

    (79,458 listeners)

    dubstep, future garage, uk garage, electronic

    There are two artists with this name: (1) Synkro (also spelled S.Y.N.K.R.O) is the dubstep/two-step producer and DJ Joe McBride, based in Manchester, UK.