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  • Black Marias

    (10 listeners)

    east coast oi fest 2008

    Street punk oisters from peterborough uk.

  • Cracked Actors

    (164 listeners)

    ska, ska punk, jazz, indie

    The cracked actors are a ska band from the west midlands, uk. Locally famous with a loyal fanbase, they serve upbeat ska, and laid back reggae at venues all across the uk. They are influenced by; Bob Marley, David Bowie, Trojan and Two Tone Ska, Reggae, Punk, Beethoven and Rizzla.

  • Defcon Zero

    (587 listeners)

    street punk, punk, punk rock, hardcore punk

    London based band featuring Ben, Spider, Hannah, Seamus O'Hooligan and Leo Stitch Formed in 2006 and released debut EP "Rats" on Never Healed Records a year later. Thrashy hardcore punk with foul mouthed, drunken, nihilistic, socially aware lyrics. Anti-nazi, anti-state, anti-f--king everything, pissed up and speeding.

  • Drongos For Europe

    (1,036 listeners)

    street punk, punk rock, uk82, punk-rock

    Drongos for Europe are a Birmingham based hardcore punk band. They formed in 1979 playing the first gig in November '79 at St. Marks Church in Great Barr Birmingham.

  • Flat Stanley

    (770 listeners)

    rock, pop, ska punk vermont, under 2000 listeners

    Hailing from Tampa Bay, Florida (U.S.A.) Flat Stanley formed in 1999 & immediately carved their indisputably unique sonic identity. Comprised of former members of The Pink Lincolns (Jailhouse! Records) along with other regional staples,

  • GBH

    (104,036 listeners)

    punk, hardcore punk, street punk, punk rock

    Charged G.B.H. Charged GBH originally formed under the name 'GBH' (named after the British legal phrase 'Grievous Bodily Harm), unknown to the band at the time, another band with the name GBH already existed. In light of this the band added 'Charged' at the beginning of their name, and thus 'Charged GBH' was born.


    (59 listeners)

    punk rock, rock, punk, female fronted

  • Malarkey

    (454 listeners)

    under 2000 listeners, psytrance

    Malarkey is a young Band, foundet Okt. 2006, from Berlin, Germany. "When the fire goes out" is just a pre-demo, the first Demo-EP / Album will arrive in Summer '07.

  • Obnoxious UK

    (1 listener)

  • Piss on Authority

    (77 listeners)

    anarcho-punk, hardcore punk, anarcho punk, pure punk rock

    Hailing from Birmingham and forming in 1995,the original P.O.A line up consisted of Mart (guitar) Pix (drums) and Jon (bass) with second guitar duties going to Craig aka "Wig" younger brother of Mart in '96.

  • Scarred Society

    (44 listeners)

    punk, hardcore, hardcore punk, uk

    Formed in the Summer 2009 Scarred Society are a hardcore punk band based in Birmingham. Bass player Andy and vocalist Paul discussed the formation of a new band a few months prior and soon after Tommy joined to take up duties on guitar. With the addition of Paul G on drums. We deal with many political and social issues and hope to add a bit of originality to the Punk Scene.

  • Scutty Neighbours

    (8 listeners)

    5 piece mess rockers from Bakewell, Derbyshire. Founded in 2006 by a bunch of degenerates outside the now defunct Wine House, this rollercoaster of scuzz and bilge has grown from classic rock to punk rock, punk rock to metal, and metal to thrash. It's now all three.

  • Sick on the Bus

    (2,061 listeners)

    punk, street punk, british, punk rock

    Sick on the Bus formed in late 1990 from the then disbanded Varukers with Biff on guitar, Brian on bass, Kev on drums and Doug on vocals.

  • The Knobbers

    (2 listeners)

  • The Nags

    (110 listeners)

    streetpunk, skate punk, under 2000 listeners

    1) Street Punk band from Leicester, UK www.myspace.com/thenagsofficial 2) Punk band from Cologne, Germany 2002-2006

  • The Nerks

    (25 listeners)

  • The system kills

    (1 listener)

  • Vincent and the Onepotts

    (10 listeners)

    seen live