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  • Max Creek

    (571 listeners)

    rockabilly, revolution hall, ct music, under 2000 listeners

    Max Creek is a jam band that started in the seventies and is still going strong. They play style probably most similar to the Grateful Dead, however they have many other influences and just an overall great sound.

  • Shakedown

    (142,106 listeners)

    house, electronic, dance, funky house

    The Swedish-Swiss dance act made up of Mandrax and Seb K, best known for the hit "At Night". By the time they started Shakedown in 1999, Mandrax and Seb K.

  • Bernie Worrell

    (20,717 listeners)

    funk, p-funk, soul, rock

    Bernie Worrell (born April 19, 1944) is an American Keyboardist and composer. He is originally from Long Branch, New Jersey but grew up in Plainfield, New Jersey. He is known primarily for his keyboard and production work with Parliament and Funkadelic. By the time he was three years old, Worrell could play the piano. He wrote a concerto at age eight.

  • Seed

    (16,989 listeners)

    alternative rock, brutal death metal, rock, ragga

    There is more than one artist with this name: 1) seed is a progressive funk/reggae/rock band from northeast ct. Members include Travis Pihlman, Derek Joly, Mike Aubin, and Chris West. With a few great songs on here such as Ruby, Slice of Bread, Half Step Further, and Have much love

  • The Kings

    (8,709 listeners)

    rock, new wave, canadian, pop

    The Kings were formed in Vancouver, British Columbia and Oakville, Ontario, Canada. Original members were David Diamond, lead vocals, bass guitar and songwriter, Sonny Keyes, vocals, keyboards and songwriter, Max Styles, drums, and Mister Zero, guitar and songwriter.

  • Yarn

    (6,583 listeners)

    country, americana, alt-country, psychill

    There are 2 artists for Yarn: 1. Brooklyn might seem an odd place of origin for a country band. The perennial home of cold concrete, hipsters and industrial ruins has been most famous for its indie rock scene over the past decade.

  • Insignia

    (2,611 listeners)

    trance, progressive trance, rock, heavy metal

    1) A future garage/drum&bass producer from Belfast, Northern Ireland. 2) Insignia was a San Antonio, Tx. based metal band from 2001-2004.

  • Dopapod

    (3,421 listeners)

    funk, rock, jam, jazz

    Dopapod exists at the crossroads of full throttle intensity, deep pocket groove, intricate technicality, and limitless experimentation.

  • Cabinet

    (2,273 listeners)

    bluegrass, banjo, jam band, fiddle

    Wherever, whenever and with whomever you talk local music, the band name Cabinet seems to come up. With a tasty blend of banjo, mandolin, fiddle, upright bass and acoustic guitar, the Scranton Pennsylvania group has caught the ears of bluegrass admirers, jam band lovers and even fans in the indie/all-ages scene.

  • Consider the Source

    (2,199 listeners)

    progressive rock, instrumental, ethnic metal jam, jam band

    NYC trio Consider the Source defy easy description. If intergalactic beings of pure energy, after initiation into an order of whirling dervishes, built some kind of pan-dimensional booty-shaking engine, powered by psychedelics and abstract math, it'd probably just sound like a CTS tribute band.

  • Domino Theory

    (1,280 listeners)

    hardcore, indie, alternative, under 2000 listeners

  • Yellow Dubmarine

    (1,320 listeners)

    dub, reggae


  • Otis Grove

    (1,018 listeners)

    under 2000 listeners, asciiecho, rock, jazz

    Otis Grove began as a collective experiment in crossing the traditional jazz sound, with funk and Hip-Hop rhythms. It was the beginning of a sound based in groove, free in improvisation, yet rooted in songwriting, and soulful melodies.

  • Desolation Angels

    (1,008 listeners)

    nwobhm, heavy metal, british, power metal

    There are two bands recording and releasing music as "Desolation Angels." 1 is a metal band from London, started in the 1980s and recently revived 2 is an Americana band from Detroit, Michigan, founded in the early 2000s

  • Lovewhip

    (902 listeners)

    ska, veronica mars, electronic, dance

    "Lovewhip's goal is to seize control of your core (and all associated body parts) and work it until they're certain that you are able to work it on your own. How does Lovewhip work it? It's an entire concoction of a highly mobile bassline, a drumbeat that sounds like a lust-heightened pulserate and an electrifying vocal performance from Erin Harpe.

  • Jeff Bujak

    (641 listeners)

    electronic, piano, under 2000 listeners, progressive

    Man and machine; a combination that can create flawlessly composed musical pieces and tell musical stories that explore life and define the soul.

  • rebel alliance

    (491 listeners)

    hardcore, jungle, rave, breaks

    There are at least 2 groups: 1. American hip-hop collective from Boston, Massachusetts, consisting of MC's Mr. Lif, Beyonder, Virtuoso, Tony Infamous and Truth Elemental, DJ Fakts One, as well as crews such as Architects Of Intellect, Force 5 and 7L & Esoteric (known as God Complex back then).

  • Big Something

    (491 listeners)

    under 2000 listeners, rock, love, dub

    The Anonymous Band from Burlington, NC has turned into… a BIG Something. A new name and new direction for this 6 piece rock ensemble was only natural after some significant lineup changes and the recording of their newest album with critically acclaimed producer John Custer. Lets just call this eleven song saga their BIG debut.


    (642 listeners)

    funk, under 2000 listeners

    "Funk music is an age old tradition. It has taken on many forms over the years. The aim of Turkuaz is to do what we can to keep this tradition alive and growing. So turn your speakers up loud, and get as freaky as you want to be. To dance is a protection, funk is your connection, so don't forget that shit!"

  • Big Daddy Love

    (285 listeners)

    bluegrass, newgrass, americana, 2010 ola belle reed festival

    BIG DADDY LOVE brings a natural blend of grass, roots, and rock to the emerging North Carolina music scene.

  • Superfrog

    (128 listeners)

    amiga500 sound

  • Orange Television

    (106 listeners)

    psychedelic rock, progressive rock, progressive southern rock, under 2000 listeners

    Orange Television is a psychedelic rock band from Western Massachusetts. Upon entering the Amherst/Northampton, MA scene three years ago, the band has consistently added to their loyal fanbase from New York up to Southern Vermont. Setting this band apart is their unique song crafting that immediately draws the listener into a world of intricate musical storytelling and catchy riffs and melodies.

  • People With Instruments

    (97 listeners)

    umphrey, progressive, progressive rock, prog rock

    A band based in Eastern Massachusetts formed out of many different yet compatible musical backgrounds, People With Instruments knew they needed to combine the great qualities of the music they love into a single tasty treat for your listening palette.

  • Heavy Pets

    (87 listeners)

    south florida

  • Capital Zen

    (94 listeners)

    Forged in the PCB-laden waters of the Hudson River, Capital Zen’s minds and music have mutated beyond genre classification. They keep their audience on the edges of their feet time and time again with explosively danceable, yet edgy and addictive grooves – not to mention a keen sense of surprise!

  • Playing Dead

    (88 listeners)

    rock, alternative, punk rock, under 2000 listeners

    Playing Dead is and indie/punk/alternative band from Long Island, New York. Started in 2004, PD had a revolving door of members till the current line-up solidified in the summer of 2009.

  • Rhythm Inc

    (58 listeners)

  • Fundimensionals

    (60 listeners)

    progressive rock, jazz fusion, psychedelic rock, psychedelic

    Fundimensionals' unique sound lies in their mastery of blending traditional jam band styles, (rock, funk, bluegrass, jazz and latin) with non-traditional elements, (electronica and progressive).

  • Fungus Amungus

    (37 listeners)

    funk, jam band

    The soulful sounds of Fungus Amungus have been spreading like wildfire throughout the jam/funk scene in the northeast. These seven funky brothers hail from Providence, RI, where they have been dropping the funk since the summer of 2002.

  • Remember September

    (30 listeners)

    Jay Schod – At age 26, Jay is quickly becoming one of the most respected singer-songwriters in the area. His heart-felt lyrics and unorthodox melodies have become the trademark of the Remember September sound. In addition, his smooth yet soulful vocals have been compared to a modern Van Morrison and Brad Arnold of 3 Doors Down.

  • Relative Souls

    (30 listeners)

  • Cosmic Dust Bunnies

    (31 listeners)


    The Cosmic Dust Bunnies are a very unique electronic/jam style band that layer in influences from Reggae, Blues, Funk, Rock, Pop, and everything in-between. The band hits the stage with a fury and an ultimate goal of getting everybody up and moving. With a desire to never let a show drag, the songs often flow from one to another sometimes encompassing entire sets.

  • Rev Tor Band

    (19 listeners)

  • Dirigo

    (16 listeners)

    Strangefolk veterans Erik Glockler and Luke Patchen Montgomery have teamed up with Maine's resident guitar hero Stevie Jones, Drum-Goddess Ginger Cote and Russ Lawton of Strangefolk and Trey Anastasio Band fame. The result is Dirigo, a folk/alt-country/jam band that harmonizes shreds and journeys effortlessly from audacious to formidable.

  • Sun Parade

    (15 listeners)

  • Mark's Brothers

    (9 listeners)

  • Viral Sound

    (12 listeners)

  • William Thompson Funk Experiment

    (11 listeners)

    Who is William Thompson? Is he human? Is he a businessman? or is he a confidence man? But no... really. William Thompson Funk Experiment is a Massachusetts based psychedelic-alternative-futurefunk band. Featuring William Thompson playing various roles including: mad scientist, Cactus Jack, the unsuspecting Johnny, Dr Doctor, and some sort of businessman.

  • Tawdry

    (4 listeners)

  • Mama Love

    (4 listeners)

  • All of the Animals

    (4 listeners)

  • Sun Jones

    (5 listeners)

  • Moses & The Electric Company

    (6 listeners)

  • Ryan Montbleu Band

    (3 listeners)

  • rising tribe

    (4 listeners)

    rock, punk, ska, reggae

    Rising Tribe is a Boston-based original band that plays Island Alternative a funky mix of Reggae, Pop, Rock, Dancehall, & Ska. This unique brand of mainstream Pop – Reggae has gained them fans of all ages in New England & beyond. You can catch us on tour in 2012 at festivals, clubs, and concerts in support of our New album “Live Up!”

  • Kind Buds

    (2 listeners)


    (2 listeners)

  • Jabooda

    (0 listeners)

  • Ready Set Flo

    (0 listeners)

  • Our Own World

    (0 listeners)