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  • Buurman

    (2,866 listeners)

    nederlandstalig, belgian, pop, belgium

    10 oktober 2008. Het werd een datum met meer betekenis dan u aanvankelijk dacht: De release-datum van 'ROCKY komt altijd terug', uitgebracht bij Universal Music. De debuutcd van BUURMAN. Of debuutcd’s beter, want 'ROCKY' is een dubbelaar geworden, waarvan plaat 2 bestaat uit instrumentals, sfeer en filmmuziek.

  • Diablo Boulevard

    (369 listeners)

    hard rock, southern rock, belgian, metal

    In one of the age's most uncertain hours, with streets on fire, random murders and the Nightwalker gaining in strength with every step he takes, a spark of dark light was raging through the old and downtrodden paths of the once glorious city of Antwerp.

  • Discobar Galaxie

    (3,175 listeners)

    dance, belgium, belgian, electronic

    Discobar Galaxie is a Belgian DJ-collective, started in the early nineties. Instead of specialising themselves in a certain segment in music, Galaxie chose to spin records of almost any kind.

  • Geppetto & The Whales

    (5,445 listeners)

    belgian, indie rock, belgium, folk

    The very first full album by Geppetto & the Whales came out early 2014. This beautifully crafted debut, from this Belgian indie band, sounds mature and young at the same time. It blends beautiful little melodies with overwhelming soundscapes. The first result is the single 1814 a dark but beautiful love song based on a truly fascinating war story.

  • Kapitein Winokio

    (564 listeners)

    belgian, kinderliedjes, kindermuziek, all

  • Murdock

    (1,992 listeners)

    punk, drum and bass, hardcore, 90s hardcore

    There are many artists under this name. 1) murdock is a chaotic hardcore band from staten island NY, still active and in existence since 1995. 2) Murdock is a Metal Band From Ireland

  • Rusty Spoon

    (54 listeners)

    under 2000 listeners, dj, ninja tune, rjd2

  • Zornik

    (35,646 listeners)

    rock, belgium, belgian, alternative

    Zornik is a Belgian rock band, from Zonhoven, which gained a fair amount of mainstream attention. It was formed in 1999 by Koen Buyse (singer and guitarist), Marijn Horemans (drums) and Kristof Vanduren (bass).