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  • Alva Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto

    (33,026 listeners)

    ambient, experimental, minimal, glitch

    Alva Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto (released on Raster-Noton as Alva Noto + Ryuichi Sakamoto) is a collaboration project of the German minimal artist Carsten Nicolai (also, co-owner of the Raster-Noton.de label) and Japanese musician Ryuichi Sakamoto. The have made 4 releases at the date: Vrioon, Insen, Revep ep & Insen Live DVD (which features video from some of their live performances).

  • Ben Klock

    (57,193 listeners)

    techno, minimal, minimal techno, electronic

    Berlin born DJ, producer and label owner Ben Klock is without a doubt one of the most significant characters in techno’s recent history. A resident at Berghain since its opening in 2004, he has been able to leave his mark on the club’s unique sound, in turn the special space influenced Klock’s approach as a DJ and producer as well.

  • Francesco Tristano

    (37,210 listeners)

    piano, electronic, minimal, ambient

    Destroying in order to create… Creating in order to destroy… 14th February 2005, a pianist played some Contemporary Classical and Baroque music in a Paris Venue, and eventually concluded with a hypnotic cover of "Strings of Life". This concert stands for InFiné's Founding Act.

  • Gold Panda

    (345,348 listeners)

    electronic, chillwave, psychedelic, dubstep

    Hailing from Chelmsford in Essex, but now located to Berlin, Germany, Gold Panda started writing beats and collaborating a few years ago, beginning a journey that ultimately saw him nominated in the BBC's Sound of 2010 list and won the Guardian newspapers prestigious First Album Award 2010 for his debut album Lucky Shiner.

  • Hype Williams

    (47,662 listeners)

    lo-fi, experimental, psychedelic, electronic

    Hype Williams, comprised of Dean Blunt and Inga Copeland, is named after the film maker responsible for Belly. Starring rappers Nas and DMX, it was a hyper-stylised, Nihilist mess and this London duo borrow its finer traits, its strut and loathing. From beneath a medicated haze they lace twanging Americana with seams of swaggering dread. They are Bobby Peru made music.

  • James Holden

    (118,099 listeners)

    minimal, electronic, progressive house, techno

    James Holden is far from your average DJ-producer. The wunderkind James Holden has finally come of age, and has delivered up the debut album to prove it: and at 28…

  • Julio Bashmore

    (105,869 listeners)

    house, electronic, uk funky, experimental

    Mathew Walker from Bristol,UK may have appeared to burst on to the scene in late 2009, but the lead up to the Julio Bashmore EP for Claude VonStroke's highly influential Dirtybird label was essentially a lifetime in the making.

  • Marcel Dettmann

    (40,963 listeners)

    techno, minimal techno, minimal, berghain

    Resident DJ at Berghain in Berlin. Nothing but the Club as a musical and cultural lifeworld forms and defines the life of Marcel Dettmann, who was born in the GDR in 1977 and raised with east-german youth culture.

  • Midland

    (20,983 listeners)

    deep house, house, electronic, tech house

    London-based producer Midland aka Harry Agius first gained attention through his well received collaborations with Pearson Sound aka Ramadanman, released on Will Saul's Aus Music imprint. Midland has also raised attention with his solo efforts for London's Phonica and More Music, all sitting comfortably between dreamy deep house, soulful techno and UK bass-influenced sounds.

  • Nathan Fake

    (226,694 listeners)

    minimal, electronic, techno, electronica

    Nathan Fake is an electronic musician from Norfolk, UK. Nathan exploded onto the scene with ‘Outhouse’ on James Holden’s Border Community label, which has now earned classic status, still receiving regular club and radio plays. His rocktronica follow up “The Sky was Pink” (graced with a remix by Nathan’s main fan 1#, James Holden).

  • No Regular Play

    (15,709 listeners)

    deep house, house, electronic, experimental

    Greg Paulus and Nick DeBruyn AKA No Regular Play met as 8 year olds growing up in St. Paul, Minnesota.

  • Oneohtrix Point Never

    (158,326 listeners)

    ambient, drone, experimental, electronic

    Oneohtrix Point Never is the recording name of Brooklyn-based experimental musician Daniel Lopatin. Lopatin's music has been described as "gentle eddies of sound", and "like a cracked mirror refracting the sounds of the past". Lopatin is a first-generation American, the son of Jewish immigrants from the former Soviet Union.

  • Scuba

    (197,792 listeners)

    dubstep, electronic, minimal, dub

    1) Scuba (Paul Rose) is the founder of the influential and consistently high quality Hotflush Recordings. From playing a part in the formative years of the sound on the pirate airwaves in London, to working dancefloors across the globe, to a swathe of excellent releases on Hotflush and the high profile Soul Jazz imprint, Scuba brings his own unique musicality to the dubstep sound.

  • Soul Clap

    (37,470 listeners)

    house, electronic, tech house, techno

    Before today there was yesterday and after tomorrow is the future. Elyte and Cnyce’s paths were crossed for all time when a Sun Ra light beam sent from Saturn collided with the P-Funk Mothership and sent them tumbling to earth. Now, Soul Clap time travels on a musical spaceship of dopeness to make girls shake their butts and dudes say “oooooh”.

  • Tiger & Woods

    (13,414 listeners)

    disco, electronic, nu disco, house

    Shrouded in mystery! No one knows where it’s coming from, no one knows where it’s going to. Well, that’s all about to change.

  • Tobi Neumann

    (2,056 listeners)

    minimal techno, minimal, techno, german

    Multitalent Tobi Neumann lives in Berlin. He'd already made himself a name as producer of commercial jingles and movie soundtracks when he got infected with electronic music at the '95 Love Parade. Soon he'd become resident DJ at Munich's Ultraschall II where he hosted the legendary Flokati House Club since 1998.

  • VesselUp-and-coming artist (from the Last.fm Hype Chart)

    (23,567 listeners)

    idm, ambient, electronic, downtempo

    At least ten artists work under the name "Vessel": 1) Bristol, UK. 22 year old electronic artist Sebastian Gainsborough.

  • Wolf + Lamb

    (16,145 listeners)

    minimal, house, wolf lamb music, deep house

    For nearly a decade, Wolf + Lamb has prided itself on procuring and presenting some of the finest gourmet music from around the world. Using nothing but two turntables and a steadfast determination to make people move, the duo have been lighting up dance-floors in New York and around the globe.