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  • Bagad Karaez

    (2 listeners)

  • Brigitte

    (53,917 listeners)

    french, chanson française, female vocalists, hip hop

    Brigitte is a French indie folk musical duo formed in 2008 by Sylvie Hoarau (the brunette) and Aurélie Saada (the blonde). Their 2011 debut full-length album Et vous, tu m'aimes?, went platinum in France. It is sold through both French and the U.S. iTunes Store.

  • C2C

    (250,706 listeners)

    turntablism, hip-hop, french, electronic

    C2C was born in 1998 from the meeting of 4 French Dj's: Greem, Atom, Pfel and 20Syl. Members of an emerging movement called scratch music (or turntablism), this crew keeps working on finding original sounds and knows how to benefit from its technical control to put forward some musical quality which makes its identity.

  • Handcrafted Soul

    (238 listeners)

  • Kiril Dzajkovski

    (8,033 listeners)

    electronic, drum and bass, chillout, downtempo

    Kiril Džajkovski (Macedonian: Кирил Џајковски), often credited as simply Kiril, is an internationally acclaimed Macedonian electronic musician and music composer.

  • Ké Onda

    (1 listener)

  • MC2

    (2,875 listeners)

    rapcore, psychedelic, ndw, frenchcore

    There are multiple artists with this name MC²: (1) Rapcore/Hip-Hop band from France. (2) 60's Pop band. See M.C.² (3) German new wave band from the 1980's

  • Patko

    (190 listeners)

    soul, acoustic, reggae

  • Raggasonic

    (29,270 listeners)

    reggae, ragga, french, hip-hop

    Raggasonic are a French ragga group comprised of Big Red (born Stéphane Joaquim), Daddy Mory (born Mory Samaké) and Frenchie (Francois Allegre).

  • Rules Of Peace

    (12 listeners)

  • Sporto Kantès

    (95,787 listeners)

    trip-hop, electronic, downtempo, french

    Nicolas Kantorowicz and Benjamin Sportes formed Sporto Kantès in the aftermath of the first wave of mid-'90s French house.

  • Steel Pulse

    (314,639 listeners)

    reggae, roots reggae, roots, dub

    Probably the UK's most highly-regarded roots reggae outfit, Steel Pulse originally formed at Handsworth Wood Boys School, Birmingham, and comprised David Hinds (lead vocals, guitar), Basil Gabbidon (lead guitar, vocals) and Ronnie McQueen (bass).

  • Zebra & Bagad Karaez

    (39 listeners)