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  • Albin Gromer

    (14,453 listeners)

    swedish, deep house, mys, all

    Albin Oskar Ulemark Gromer, born 13 July 1990 in Malmö, is a Swedish musician, songwriter and producer.

  • Icona Pop

    (625,452 listeners)

    electronic, electropop, swedish, synthpop

    Icona Pop are a Swedish duo who were formed in 2009, with electro house, punk and indie pop music influences.

  • Nause

    (126,344 listeners)

    house, dance, electronic, swedish

    For every Swedish hopeful to emerge amid the age of global hysteria towards Electronic music, few can boast of the heights attained by fast rising duo Nause.

  • John De Sohn

    (100,420 listeners)

    trance, house, electronic, dance

    Being an avid music fan at an early age Swedish Björn Johnsson aka John de Sohn started his DJ career in his teens. Today he has over ten years experience and can count the free weekends he has had during the last decade on one hand. His deejay show delivery always focuses on the audience - a big show with Big room house - teeming with energy.

  • Albin Myers

    (56,461 listeners)

    house, electro, progressive house, dutch

    Being brought up in a family with music as the first and foremost love, it’s easy to understand the will and driving force behind Albin Myers’ music. In a short period of time since teaming up with Sweden’s Giant label Joia Records, Albin has been given the great possibility of remixing some of the biggest artist and project in today’s Dance Music scene.

  • Panetoz

    (50,722 listeners)

    swedish, hip-hop, melodifestivalen, sweden

  • Panda da Panda

    (20,056 listeners)

    swedish, electronic, pop, electropop

    Thibo Girardon, better known by the stage name Panda da Panda, born 7 April 1988, is a Swedish artist and songwriter.

  • Mohammed Ali

    (13,131 listeners)

    hip-hop, swedish, rap, swedish hip-hop

    The Swedish duo Moms and Alias Ruggig, previously known as UKN (Underklassen).

  • Alexis Weak

    (12,391 listeners)

    swedish, rap, hip-hop, electronic

    Growing up with house and techno music, Alexis Weak has never been a part of the Swedish hiphop scene. And that is a fact that we are all very proud of.

  • Mash Up International

    (11,052 listeners)

    dance, electronica, world music, tropicalia

  • Aleks

    (9,401 listeners)

    belarussian, hip hop, demoscene, swedish

  • Adam Kanyama

    (5,506 listeners)

    swedish, rap, hip-hop, hip hop

    Stockholm, Sweden (2012 - present) Adam Kanyama, born in 1995, is a rapper and songwriter who grew up in Norsborg, Stockholm, Sweden and has been rapping since he was 11 years old. His mother's swedish and his father's tanzanian. Adam is also included in a group called "The Basicz" with Jordan Peltier and Chris Kipa.

  • Professor P & Dj Akilles

    (3,505 listeners)

    swedish, hip hop, funky, hip-hop

    Professor P and DJ Akilles are a critically acclaimed duo from Sweden that is all about the foundation of hip hop; beats, rap and scratch. They’ve been supporting act to such hip-hop legends as De La Soul, D.I.T.C., and Talib Kweli, and has received attention worldwide with their 2007 album Patience, their subsequent mixtapes and the vinyl release Maintain EP of 2010.

  • Oliver Ingrosso

    (2,717 listeners)


    You can easily say that the DJ-talent runs in the family. At 20 years of age he has already released his first EP, iTrack, together with Tim Berg (Avicii) and Otto Knows on Roger Sanchez label, Stealth Records, back in june 2010. The music breathes euphoria, epic symphonies and pumping club beats. The EP has been supported by names like Tiesto, Sebastian Ingrosso and Armin Van Buuren.

  • Ametist

    (13 listeners)

    alternative rock

  • Dj Basto

    (12 listeners)