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  • Chef 'Special

    (3 listeners)

  • Drive Like Maria

    (14,341 listeners)

    stoner rock, rock, dutch, belgian

    Drive Like Maria is a Belgian/Dutch Rock trio, formed in 2005. Their début album is named after the Dallas town of Elmwood, where John Congleton (The Paper Chase) did the mixing. Drive Like Maria’s rock songs have been described as "influenced by Led Zeppelin, early ZZ Top, Neil Young and Queens Of The Stone Age", among others.

  • Erick E

    (86,217 listeners)

    house, dance, electronic, club

    Erick E (Erick Eerdhuizen) is a dutch DJ. Erick E started his career as a hiphop DJ in club Prinsenhof in the dutch city Zaandam. In 1989 Erick E became Dutch Champion Mix/Scratch. He started spinning house not long after that. In 1995 he became the resident DJ in the Roxy, a famous club in Amsterdam.

  • Jaap Ligthart

    (413 listeners)

    techno, progressive, minimal

    Jaap Ligthart began spinning records when he was 18 years old after a couple of friends asked him to play records because he always informed of what the best new records were.

  • Jay Are

    (346 listeners)

    jazz hop, hip-hop, alternative rap, all

    J Rawls & John Robinson present their group JAY ARE, an ode to not only Jazz Music, but the culture that inspired progressive social/political movements as well as a vast array of cultural exploration, in their release “The 1960’s Jazz Revolution Again…” dropping on August 28th, 2009 on Polar/Groove Attack.

  • Julien Jordan

    (3 listeners)

  • Lucien Foort

    (8,598 listeners)

    electro, progressive house, club, electronic

    Lucien Foort DJ / producer / artist Being born within a musical melting pot and learning his abc´s alongside taking music lessons, didn't give him an opportunity to escape his natural born talent. Rotterdam based dj and producer Lucien Foort studied saxophone and orchestra for eight years.

  • MC Bizzey

    (0 listeners)

  • MC C-Baz

    (0 listeners)

  • Michael Mendoza

    (872 listeners)

    delivio, genairo, nvilla, mikemendoza

    Wisdom comes with ages. Success takes time.. at least for the majority of us. Within the dazzling DJ scene this can happen in an instant. That’s why it’s no surprise, that Michael Mendoza’s talent is well acknowledged in the past few years. The former law student has grown out into the big promise of the Dutch DJ guild. He traded his study books for turntables… And not without success.

  • Miss Montreal

    (36,987 listeners)

    dutch, female vocalists, rock, pop

    Miss Montreal is a band from Enschede, the Netherlands formed in 2008. Sanne Hans, the lead singer's voice goes to great lengths like their talent for composing stands out. Untamed now, sheer possibilities arise with the right amount of information. Reaching standards acquired by Nina Hagen or Elizabeth Fraser, she is surely someone to keep an ear out for.

  • Rats On Rafts

    (6,305 listeners)

    post-punk, dutch, popronde 2011, new wave

    Rats On Rafts are a 4 piece from Rotterdam, Netherlands. Their sound has often been described as a mixture of Post-Punk & modern Lo-fi.

  • Real El Canario

    (6,752 listeners)

    dance, electro, rap, electronic

    DJ Real el Canario was born the 27th of May, 1974, in Tenerife. Real name Ezequil V Real. Often seen as the godfather of the 'urban eclectic' music style. Ezequil began his career in Tenerife, in 1991, where he quickly accumulated local fame.

  • STEENkoud

    (35 listeners)

  • The Deaf

    (5,395 listeners)

    garage rock, punk, dutch, live gezien

    There are multiple artists with this name: 1) Three people from The Hague decided in August 2007 to start making beatmusic with influences from garage, punk & rock 'n roll.

  • Uncontrollable Urgh

    (14 listeners)

    hardcore, punkrock