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  • Bottled in England

    (2,222 listeners)

    roskilde 2011, drum and bass, dubstep, nothing but hope and passion

  • Bus Driver

    (2,701 listeners)

    rap, fast rap

  • David Lemaitre

    (13,500 listeners)

    singer-songwriter, indie, german, bolivian

    A voice that is reminiscent of José González and Beirut. An introspection you might know of Elliot Smith and Nick Drake, and the influence of psychedelic bands from the seventies. You might think David Lemaitre has heard it all in his youth.

  • Get Well Soon

    (138,301 listeners)

    indie, singer-songwriter, german, alternative

    In the white noise of a time where pop music is endlessly booming out of millions of speakers Rest Now, Weary Head! is the first album of the band of Konstantin Gropper. Here, he invites us to lean back for a while and close our eyes. Wounds are being bandaged, scars counted.

  • Kraantje Pappie

    (22,147 listeners)

    nederhop, hip-hop, groningen, dutch

    2012 has been the year wherein Kraantje Pappie in Holland as well as in Belgium had his breakthrough with his debut album “Crane”.

  • Oddisee

    (97,815 listeners)

    underground hip-hop, hip-hop, rap, hip hop

    The son of Sudanese and American parents, Amir Mohamed was born and raised in the United States capital city of Washington, D.C., spending hot summers in Khartoum learning Arabic and swimming in the Nile.

  • The Don't Touch My Croque-Monsieurs

    (1,811 listeners)

    punk, rock, pop, hip hop

    Geen band is zo echt als TDTMCM. Bandleden Abel, Kaj, Ben en Papalino spelen een Nederlandstalige mix van hip hop, pop en punk. Hun tweede album BESTE. STUURLUI. OOIT.

  • The Kik

    (9,062 listeners)

    rock, dutch, beat, indie rock

    The KiK are a contemporary sixties beat band from Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Risen from the ashes of The Madd in 2010 (both bands were formed and fronted by Dave von Raven), The KiK released their first 7-inch vinyl single in April 2011: My Eyes Are Still Dry (with Here's Hoping on its flipside).