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  • Mister and Mississippi

    (19,705 listeners)

    indie folk, alternative, indie rock, dream pop

    Members Maxime Barlag, Samgar Jacobs, Danny van Tiggele, Tom Broshuis Place of birth Utrecht, The Netherlands Biografie

  • April

    (16,147 listeners)

    hardcore, hardcore punk, straight edge, polish

    There is more than one artist with this name: 1) April is a Polish hardcore band from Zambrow. 2) April is a Finnish, Helsinki-based metal band founded in 2004.

  • Sue the Night

    (2,950 listeners)

    indie, pop, electronic, netherlands

  • Angela Moyra

    (2,898 listeners)

    all, pop, folk, netherlands

  • Sandy Dane

    (2,603 listeners)

    female vocalists, acoustic, singer-songwriter, rock

    Sandy Dane is a singer/songwriter from the Netherlands. For unknown talent MySpace can be a good way to start a musical career. Also for Sandy Dane.

  • Dirty Bastards

    (2,122 listeners)

    punk, dutch, punk rock, under 2000 listeners

    GODDAMN ROCK ‘N ROLL That’s what these 3 crazy guys from the south are all about. A Dirty Bastards show is about raw energy and three chord rockers with catchy choruses that grab you by the balls. Because after all: “It ain’t a party ‘till the beer and crowd start flying”. No Political statements, No Religion, No whining, No ballads, just Beer, Tits and Goddamn Rock ‘n Roll.

  • Major Tom

    (2,005 listeners)

    russian, indie rock, indie, under 2000 listeners

    There are multiple bands with this name: 1) Major Tom is a Dutch alternative rock band formed in september 2010. They are influenced by bands such as Radiohead, dEUS and Coldplay. The bandmembers are students at the Rock Acadamy in Tilburg. In 2012 they won the band competition Nu of Nooit (Now or Never) and because of that they will be the opening act of Pinkpop 2012.

  • Daniel Versteegh

    (1,345 listeners)

    acoustic, singer-songwriter, dreampop, under 2000 listeners

  • Kids With Guns

    (963 listeners)

    pop, electropop, electronic, synthpop

    Like in the early days in the Wild West, cowboys would make their opponent dance with a shower of bullets. Kids With Guns aren’t lethal, but will put you in the line of fire.

  • Nouveau Vélo

    (452 listeners)

    all, dutch, indie, alternative

    Nouveau Vélo plays healing pop. They hail from the town of Helmond, The Netherlands. They released three EPs thusfar -- Courgette (2010), the Moestuin EP (2011) and Daze (2013) -- as well as one full-length, the self-titled Nouveau Vélo of (2014).

  • Kleinindustrie

    (197 listeners)

    dutch, seen live

    Kleinindustrie, opgericht in 2008 te Amsterdam en Utrecht. Drie deelgenoten die hun muziek schrijven en uitvoeren op drie instrumenten: zang, gitaar en drum. Op gelijke wijze geïnspireerd door verliezen en verdringen bieden ze een strak en dwingend geluid dat doet denken aan verloren jaren en meisjes met het karakter van Olga Stapels. Soms kan er worden gedanst, maar even vaak ook niet.

  • Downbeat Maestros

    (15 listeners)

    seen live

    "Gimme a Downbeat, Maestro.." Named after Ronnie Dawsons' first words of the alltime rockabilly hit 'Action Packed'. And hell yeah, down they go! Filled with the big bass, Fender twang, flattop gitbox and drums... they put their rockin' beat as down as they can!


    (1 listener)