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  • Anne Savage

    (4,993 listeners)

    hard house, electronic, dance, electronica

    Anne Savage is a leading UK hard dance DJ, playing styles including hard house, hard trance and techno. Savage is an established and popular DJ in the UK hard dance scene and plays mainly in England, but also plays around the world, such as in Ibiza. Savage has released mix albums under Telstar, Tidy Trax and Ministry Of Sound.

  • Danny Byrd

    (162,934 listeners)

    drum and bass, liquid funk, hospital records, dnb

    Hailing from Bath in the South West of England, Danny Byrd has been involved in the Drum & Bass music scene since the late 1990s.

  • DJ Gemma Furbank

    (0 listeners)

    vestax europe pro artist, vestax, label, global

    Gemma Furbank is a hot Techno & House music rising star! As a DJ, she is well-known for bringing truly sublime tracks together with flawless precision. Gemma's highly energetic ,vibrant persona bursting with enthusiasm and passion, enables her to connect with every crowd she play’s for …

  • DJ Hazard

    (90,014 listeners)

    drum and bass, jungle, dnb, drum n bass

    Music has always played a huge part in Hazard's life; his formative years were spent listening to reggae, hip-hop and soul in particular.

  • Mampi Swift

    (36,155 listeners)

    drum and bass, dnb, drum n bass, jungle

    The prolific "Mampi Swift" aka Phil Anim, formerly known as Swift. The addition of "Mampi" to his name not being coincidental.......the term meaning "big, strong and quick" depicts everything about him from his pure pyhsique to his amazing "double-dropping" djing skills.

  • ms dynamite

    (23,689 listeners)

    hip-hop, funky, british, rap

  • Ocean Colour Scene

    (478,210 listeners)

    britpop, indie, rock, british

    Ocean Colour Scene is an alternative rock band which formed in Birmingham, England in 1990. Currently, the band consists of Simon Fowler (vocals, keyboards, guitar), Steve Cradock (guitar, organ), Andy Bennett (guitar), Tony Boylan (guitar), Dan Sealey (bass) and Oscar Harrison (drums). Founding bassist Damon Minchella left the band amicably in 2003.

  • The Sunshine Underground

    (235,071 listeners)

    indie, indie rock, british, alternative

    The Sunshine Underground are an English, Leeds based Indie Rock band. The Sunshine Underground play a variety of punk, funk and indie. This can be seen on their debut single, Put You In Your Place, released by City Rockers on July 18th 2005.

  • The Wombats

    (931,528 listeners)

    indie, british, indie rock, britpop

    There are two artists that share this name: 1) The Wombats are a three-piece indie band which formed in 2003 in Liverpool, England.

  • Utah Saints

    (158,907 listeners)

    electronic, dance, techno, rave

    Utah Saints are a British dance band from Leeds in West Yorkshire. The music is produced by Jez Willis and Tim Garbutt, who are joined on-stage by other musicians whenever the band plays live.