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  • Accept

    (437,409 listeners)

    heavy metal, hard rock, metal, german

    Accept is a German heavy metal band from the town of Solingen, originally assembled in the early 1970s by Udo Dirkschneider. They played an important role in the development of speed metal and Teutonic thrash metal, being part of the German heavy/speed/power metal scene to emerge in the early to mid 80s along with bands such as Helloween, Running Wild, Grave Digger, Sinner, and Rage.

  • Amaranthe

    (87,260 listeners)

    melodic death metal, power metal, modern metal, female fronted metal

    Amaranthe is a Swedish/Danish band, originated from Gothenburg, Sweden, formed in 2008 that fuses melodic metal with pop melodies.

  • Anneke van Giersbergen

    (33,046 listeners)

    female vocalists, acoustic, atmospheric, alternative rock

    Anneke van Giersbergen (born March 8, 1973) was the singer in the Dutch band The Gathering from 1995 to 2007 when she announced her departure, summer 2007. She has since formed Agua de Annique with whom she released new songs in the fall of 2007.

  • Atrocity

    (70,841 listeners)

    death metal, gothic metal, melodic death metal, metal

    There is more than one artist with this name: 1) A German Death/industrial/gothic metal band formed in Ludwigsburg. 2) A Death Metal/Grindcore band from Torrington, Connecticut.

  • Audrey Horne

    (16,156 listeners)

    hard rock, rock, alternative rock, alternative metal

    Audrey Horne is a hard rock/post-grunge band from Bergen, Norway. The band was formed in 2002, taking its name from Sherilyn Fenn's character in the cult TV series Twin Peaks.

  • Avantasia

    (316,073 listeners)

    power metal, symphonic metal, metal opera, metal

    Avantasia, from Germany, is the side-project of Edguy singer Tobias Sammet, founded in 1999. Two concept albums were released (The Metal Opera, The Metal Opera Pt. II), their structures similar to that of an opera.

  • Brainstorm

    (204,376 listeners)

    rock, power metal, latvian, heavy metal

    There is more than one artist with this name: 1. A power metal band from Germany 2. A rock band from Latvia 3. An experimental pop band from Oregon, United States 4. A funk band from Michigan, United States 5. A jazz rock band from Germany 6. An alias of electronic musician Moby

  • Certain Death

    (156 listeners)

    hardcore, metalcore, bands i have seen live, seen live


  • Daniel Krob

    (53 listeners)

    power metal, heavy metal, metal, instrumental

    Daniel Krob (* 12. července 1966) je český hudebník a skladatel, bývalý kytarista skupin Arakain a Kreyson. Působil také v kapelách Ferat, Zeus, Kryptor, Pink Alternative.

  • Dark Gamballe

    (3,668 listeners)

    czech, metal, industrial, nu metal

    This band started exactly in 1990.At first there were 5 musicians,who decided to name themselves simply "Dark" and they played Thrash/Death metal.

  • Debustrol

    (1,797 listeners)

    thrash metal, czech, czech metal, thrash

    Czech thrash metal band formed in 1986, Mladá Boleslav, Czech Republic. Annoyed by music presented by czech medias these days (there were deep communist totalitarianism) formed guitarist and lead singer Kolinss with drummer Melmus and bass guitarist Charvos a band, whose music was hard to define.

  • Desmod

    (11,450 listeners)

    slovak, rock, pop rock, slovak rock

    Desmod is hard rock / pop rock band from Nitra, Slovakia with mixed music style history. The existence of the band is dated from 1996. Then few boys with metal *feelings* created a music group with the name Caiman. Later they found Desmod more appealing. (Derived from Desmodus rotundus - Common Vampire Bat.)

  • Devin Townsend Project

    (92,163 listeners)

    progressive metal, progressive rock, experimental, ambient

    Devin Townsend Project began where Ziltoid the Omniscient left off, with Devin Townsend at the helm.

  • DragonForce

    (624,213 listeners)

    power metal, speed metal, metal, extreme power metal

    DragonForce is a Power Metal band that was formed in 1999, from the remnants of black metal band Demoniac under the name of DragonHeart.

  • Dymytry

    (789 listeners)

    nu metal, metal, czech, psycore

    Dymytry jsou česko-ruská metalová kapela označující sama sebe za průkopníky a vlajkonoše moderního hudebního stylu „psy-core“. Nekompromisní kytarová smršť doplněná sugestivním zpěvem stejně jako predátorské masky z dílny Národního divadla, ve kterých Dymytry vystupují, to vše dělá z této party nevšední podívanou na stagích po celé České republice.

  • Egotrip

    (1,207 listeners)

    80s, brazilian, under 2000 listeners, 80s rock

    There are at least 2 bands with the name egotrip: 1 - Egotrip was founded in the beginning of year 2004 by professional musicians. The band writes original music only.

  • Elvenking

    (138,753 listeners)

    folk metal, power metal, folk power metal, metal

    Elvenking is a folk metal band formed in Sacile, Italy in October 1997 by guitarists Aydan and Jarpen. In March 1998, singer Damnagoras joined the band, but it wasn't until the following September that the group found a definite stability with the arrival of Zender on the drums.

  • Emergency Gate

    (9,002 listeners)

    melodic death metal, metalcore, german, modern melodic death metal

    In 2005 the name Emergency Gate was heard for the first time. Not long after that the young band, with high musical potential, produced their first professional album "Nightly Ray" together with Spike Streefkerk (Mellissa Etheridge, Def Leppard, Phil Collins etc.

  • Fleret

    (5,624 listeners)

    folk, czech, folk rock, czech folk

    FLERET, the Czech folk rock band,have been touring for almost 20 years with their broad repertoaire all over the Czech Republic at least ten times a month.

  • Gate Crasher

    (310 listeners)

    grunge, lol, czech, under 2000 listeners

    Gate Crasher has built up a strong position during its years on the Czech music scene. Gate Crasher regularly takes part on largest summer festivals with the most prominent Czech performers and foreign rock stars (Aerosmith, Ozzy Osbourne, Korn, Iron Maiden...).

  • Grave Digger

    (185,343 listeners)

    heavy metal, power metal, speed metal, metal

    Grave Digger is a German heavy metal band formed by Chris Boltendahl (vocals), Peter Masson (guitar), Willi Lackmann (bass guitar) and Albert Eckardt (drums) in 1980 in Gladbeck, a small town in Germany.

  • Harlej

    (7,588 listeners)

    czech, rock, czech rock, hard rock

    The group Harlej was formed around 1995. Their musical genre is crazy-rock. The founders Vladimír Šafránek and Antonín Rauer are the authors of many rhythmical melodies which are put together with lyrics by Tomáš Miřacký to give the band their originality.

  • Leaves' Eyes

    (299,562 listeners)

    gothic metal, symphonic metal, female fronted metal, metal

    Leaves’ Eyes is a symphonic metal band with folk metal elements from Stavanger, Norway and Ludwigsburg, Germany. The band assembled in 2003, shortly before singer Liv Kristine was fired from Theatre of Tragedy.

  • Leningrad Cowboys

    (52,373 listeners)

    rock, finnish, alternative, funny

    The Leningrad Cowboys are a Finnish rock and roll band, famous for its humorous songs and concerts featuring the Soviet Red Army Choir.

  • Lingua Mortis Orchestra

    (3,299 listeners)

    symphonic metal, power metal, heavy metal, orchestral metal

  • Lordi

    (398,587 listeners)

    hard rock, heavy metal, finnish, metal

    Lordi is a hard rock / heavy metal band from Finland, formed in 1996 by 'Mr. Lordi' of Rovaniemi, Finland. They're known for their monster costumes and lyrical themes.

  • Masterplan

    (119,629 listeners)

    power metal, heavy metal, metal, melodic metal

    Masterplan is the name of at least two bands. In order of appearance, they are: (1) In the 1970s, a soul combo called Masterplan recorded "Clinton Park" and other tunes on the De-Lite label. (2) More recently, Masterplan, a German Power Metal band, was founded by Uli Kusch and Roland Grapow after leaving Helloween.

  • Moonspell

    (303,649 listeners)

    gothic metal, doom metal, black metal, dark metal

    Moonspell is a Portuguese Gothic Metal band with elements of Black Metal. Moonspell was formed in 1989 as Morbid God. After renaming themselves Moonspell in 1992, they released their first EP Under the Moonspell in 1994, a year before of the release of their first album Wolfheart. The band quickly gained status and became one of the most recognizable metal bands from Portugal.

  • Neonfly

    (1,671 listeners)

    power metal, melodic metal, british, speed metal

    Neonfly are a young machine-tooled British metal collective. They bring an awesome array of tunes to the table and have been stunning concert audiences everywhere. They are a breath of fresh air to a jaded metal scene. Neonfly are the UK’s answer to the European melodic metal scene and more, a band tailored for a new generation of head-bangers all across the world and beyond.

  • Nil

    (14,859 listeners)

    progressive rock, j-rock, rock, japanese

    Nil is a name that has been used multiple times. (1) is a Japanese rock band. (2) is rock band from the Czech Republic. (3) is a French progressive rock band. (4) is a french electronic artsit. (5) is a Turkish singer, full name Nil Karaibrahimgil. (6) is a German indiepop band (7) is a Finnish black metal band

  • Powerwolf

    (73,717 listeners)

    power metal, heavy metal, german, metal

    Powerwolf is a German power metal/heavy metal band, formed by the brothers Charles and Matthew Greywolf, the band spent a lot of time doing nothing until they met up with a Romanian vocalist called Attila Dorn. Attila Dorn came from a classical background, when he met up with the Greywolf brothers he expressed an interest in metal and followed them back to Germany which is when Powerwolf took off.

  • Primal Fear

    (187,443 listeners)

    power metal, heavy metal, metal, speed metal

    Primal Fear is a German power metal/heavy metal band formed in 1997 by Ralf Scheepers (Vocals/Ex-Gamma Ray, ex-Tyran' Pace), Mat Sinner ( Bass and Vocals/SINNER), Stefan Leibing and Tom Naumann (Guitars). Their style is a heavy power metal sound with the Halford-esque vocals of Ralf Scheepers that give a feeling of Judas Priest's Painkiller era.

  • Prong

    (129,840 listeners)

    thrash metal, industrial metal, metal, crossover

    Prong is a metal band from New York City, New York, US, formed in 1986. Prong had two independent releases, Primitive Origins and Force Fed. The albums attracted the attention of Epic Records, which signed the trio in 1989. The group disbanded in 1997 after the Rude Awakening tour, but re-formed in 2003. A pioneer of the urban scene, Prong is fronted by Tommy Victor.

  • Rage

    (182,150 listeners)

    heavy metal, power metal, speed metal, metal

    Rage is the name of several music acts: 1- Rage is a German heavy metal band, currently consisting of Peter "Peavy" Wagner (Bass, Vocals), Victor Smolski (Guitar, Keyboards) and André Hilgers (Drums). The band started in 1984 under the name Avenger. After an album and EP, the band changed their name to Rage, releasing their debut album Reign of Fear.

  • SanctuaryUp-and-coming artist (from the Last.fm Hype Chart)

    (37,076 listeners)

    power metal, thrash metal, heavy metal, progressive metal

    There are at least eight artists with the name Sanctuary: 1) Sanctuary is a heavy metal band founded in Seattle, Washington in 1985 consisting of Warrel Dane (vocals), Lenny Rutledge (guitar), Sean Blosl (guitar), Jim Sheppard (bass), and Dave Budbill (drums).

  • Seven

    (36,569 listeners)

    progressive metal, math metal, dubstep, experimental

    There are 21 artists with this name 1. An Australian emcee from the Gold Coast 2. An American progressive metal band 3. A Czech art rock band 4. A French death metal band 5. An Australian hard rock band 6. A Dutch rock group

  • Silent Stream of Godless Elegy

    (13,422 listeners)

    doom metal, folk metal, czech, folk doom metal

    Silent Stream Of Godless Elegy is a band from Czech Republic. Their music is a unique combination of traditional Moravian (kind of Slavonic) folk music and doom metal. Their lyrics, based on original Moravian songs, are usually full of melancholy and sadness.

  • The 69 Eyes

    (302,183 listeners)

    gothic rock, finnish, gothic metal, gothic

    The 69 Eyes originate from Helsinki, Finland. They became a band in the early 1990's and are nowadays labelled as "Gothic Rock" though their early releases were more of a glam/hard rock style. 1989 - 1999

  • TrollfesT

    (51,372 listeners)

    folk metal, troll metal, viking metal, norwegian

    With a line up that includes musicians from bands as varied as URGEHAL, PANTHEON I, UNTIME, MELCH, HALLUCINATIONS, POWERSWORD and SARKOM, TROLLFEST’s members bring with them not only a wealth of experience and the skill to make use of instruments like the accordion, the banjo and the saxophone, but also a sense of diversity that allows the band to create a sound that is distinctly its own.

  • Waltari

    (30,847 listeners)

    crossover, metal, alternative, finnish

    Waltari is a musical group from Finland. Waltari is known for its diversity and combination of music styles, frequently combining punk, pop, heavy metal, rock, electronic, funk, progressive rock and rap. It is this diversity, as well as singer/bassist and band co-founder Kärtsy Hatakka's extremely distinctive voice, that gives Waltari its unique sound.

  • Warhawk

    (472 listeners)

    thrash metal, under 2000 listeners, electronic, chiptune

    1. Warhawk is an American thrash metal band based in York, Pennsylvania. 2. Warhawk composes Chiptunes for Keygens and Mod files. More of the quieter, less chirpy chiptunes. 3. Warhawk is czech heavy metal band

  • Xandria

    (271,678 listeners)

    gothic metal, symphonic metal, female fronted metal, metal

    Xandria is a German symphonic metal band that formed in Bielefeld, Germany, in 1994. According to the band, Xandria unifies modern rock with mystic soundscapes into a soundtrack of a different, really characteristic world. 1994 - 1997

  • Yngwie Malmsteen

    (359,014 listeners)

    guitar virtuoso, heavy metal, power metal, metal

    Yngwie Johann Malmsteen (born Lars Johan Yngve Lannerbäck, June 30, 1963) is a virtuoso guitarist / neo-classical metal artist from Sweden who achieved widespread acclaim in the 1980s for his technical proficiency and fusion of classical music elements with heavy rock guitar.

  • Аркона

    (21,457 listeners)

    pagan metal, folk metal, russian, slavonic pagan metal

    Аркона (Arkona) is a Slavic folk metal band from Dolgoprudnyy, Russia, founded in 2002. In 2003 the band recorded their first demo at CDM-RECORDS studio: Rus'.