• I'm going to see Crystal Castles.

    3 Oct 2012, 13:09 by loveyoulikealie

    And when I do, I will have fulfilled my reason for existence.

    So, Crystal Castles, my favourite artist (just look at my charts!) were going to come here in 2009. This was before I'd ever attended a concert (I saw Yeah Yeah Yeahs at the start of 2010) and I was super nervous about asking my parents if I could travel all the way to Sydney to see them... but then I didn't have to ask, because the shows they were doing were 18+. I was devastated, as I'd be about sixteen when the shows were going to happen.

    Then, I was thrilled to discover, they were coming back in support of Crystal Castles (II). I was totally going to go, but then my mother had surgery scheduled for around that date, effectively preventing me from leaving. The really sad part of it is that she didn't go ahead with the surgery, meaning I was stuck at home knowing I could have been seeing CC. I vowed I'd sell my soul to see them if they ever came back to Australia, knowing it might be my last chance -- although I'm touching…