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  • :codes

    (491 listeners)

    minimal synth, darkwave, coldwave, minimal wave

  • Aniaetleprogrammeur

    (258 listeners)

    experimental, rock, electronic, french

    ANIAETLEPROGRAMMEUR is an electro machine rock band formed in Paris in 2005 by Aniajules ( machines/keyboards ) and Hanrigabriel ( guitars/vox/machines/synths ) ..

  • Animal Bodies

    (1,347 listeners)

    synth punk, minimal wave, dark wave, death disco

    Trance-like dark rhythms and high-energy beats swallow triangle synths and haunting Voicar. The wolf and deer are locked in an eternal battle for survival, which is not entirely obvious, as attention is drawn away from their rivalry and towards their amity/friendship/comradeship. The wolf eats to survive. The deer kills to defend. Neither is offended by the other's needs.

  • Anklepants

    (789 listeners)

    puppet, max msp, reecard farche, anklepants live

    From the Depths of the Australian bush comes This multi faceted shapeshifting convict Reecard Farché. (pronounced, Re-card Far-chey) WEBSITé: http://reecardfarche.com Anklepants is a perfect specimen. His eyes nose facé and mouth are perfect. Anklepants is a live electronic music machine, live vocals and input from many custom controllers and sensors tailored within his suit.

  • Bestial Mouths

    (2,321 listeners)

    post-punk, deathrock, no wave, tribal

    Pooling together a group of influences as diverse as its members, Bestial Mouths present a raw, synth-driven energy propelled by singer Lynette Cerezo's powerful vocals.

  • Black Rain

    (9,129 listeners)

    dark ambient, industrial, hard rock, glam metal

    For French glam/hard-rock band, see Blackrain. There are at least eight bands with the name Black Rain:

  • BlackBlackGold

    (150 listeners)

    industrial, noise, dubstep, post-industrial

  • bloodygrave & die lust!

    (710 listeners)

    minimal synth, minimal electronic, synthpunk, freshwave

  • Branes

    (804 listeners)

    all, minimal synth, post-punk, goth

    BRANES is a self-described hyper-pop, maximal synth duo from Los Angeles, CA. Originally forming as a performance art based project in late 2010, BRANES have relentlessly toured with a live show that is aggressive and conceptual. Ivy’s love for early goth music and Susan Subtract's background in mutant punk (see Terraform, Manufakt, etc.

  • Butterclock

    (7,666 listeners)

    witch house, electronic, female vocalists, french

    laura clock is a songwriter singer and producer . The style is hard to define, between r&b and low fi pop . It’s atmospheric and very French, though according to Facebook she is a «gathering of creatures from Nevada».


    (8 listeners)

  • Corps Noir

    (52 listeners)

  • Crim3s

    (27,416 listeners)

    witch house, electronic, shoegaze, newbreed

    sadie + rou //// Fuck London. crim3s.co.uk | crim3s.bandcamp.com | crim3s.tumblr.com

  • Dandi Wind

    (47,488 listeners)

    electropunk, electronic, experimental, avant-garde

    Dandi Wind was started in 2003 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada by Dandilion Wind Opaine (vocals) and Szam Findlay (music) following Dandilion’s 3 year collaboration with Szam as a sculptor and animator accompanying his instrumental music. They were joined in 2006 by Evan Pierce (drums).

  • Deathface

    (3,281 listeners)

    dubstep, industrial, deathstep, breakbeat

    www.deathface.net About CRY FOR BLACK DAWN EP out July 8 on Lil Death Records Biography A native of Southside Chicago, Deathface rose to infamy as Johnny Love, via his early 2000's minimal/french touch parties at the Jerkstore, which ended in both multiple arrests + press from the likes of Timeout Chicago, URB + XLR8R.

  • Die Perlen

    (7,160 listeners)

    electroclash, synthpop, electro, electronic

    "die perlen" were founded in spring 2000. The early songs were arranged with the old Atari that is still used on stage today.

  • Duflan Duflan

    (94 listeners)

    disco doom, made in belgium, apocalyptic pop, josie duflan et les ponettes sauvages

    ¡ Duflan Duflan ! is a belgian band formed in 2008 & now composed of Samantha C, Tzii, & Hu. ¡ Duflan Duflan ! aims at propagating virtous properties of satanic disco doom, accelarated new wave & (un)world music. They produced and released a CD album (Pazuzu) & a 12' split with Le Prince Harry (¡ Danser armé ! / Human Safari).

  • Dystopian Society

    (1,018 listeners)

    deathrock, post-punk, gothic rock, goth punk

    Trapped in a hole craving for the light blood running cold the crawling hand of night TOO PUNK FOR GOTHS - TOO GOTH FOR PUNKS

  • Flesh United

    (34 listeners)

    †FLESH UNITED† Is a creature made by Hawk Haven and Unhuman. Unhuman gave the body,Hawk Haven gave the blood.Together they gave breath and now we have a birth.

  • Gemeine Gesteine

    (466 listeners)

    minimal wave, minimal electronic, minimal synth, coldwave

    Like a whittled-down robot bone, Gemeine Gesteine explores the future-past of ritual music and the rips in the space-time fabric of radio waves. Composed of three-fifths of Wooden Veil, this trio carries the torch of anti-matter down into the dark diamond caves of sound.

  • Gertrud Stein

    (1,186 listeners)

    minimal synth, new wave, minimal electronic, retro-minimal

    Crazy minimal electro-synth melodies in a pure German style. Gertrud started it in her bedroom with the cover of Tanze Samba mit mir, after the unearthing of her old post-punk tapes following a particularly cheesy disco night.

  • In Trance 95

    (5,273 listeners)

    minimal wave, synthpop, new wave, greek

    In Trance 95 was an electronic duo from Athens, Greece. Both Alex Machairas and Nik Veliotis were experimenting with analog synthesizers from 1985 and after an accidental meet at 1988 they formed what would stay in history as the only purely electronic band that came from Greece in the 80s.

  • Jemek Jemowit

    (628 listeners)

    minimal synth, electronic, electroclash, new wave

    Jemek Jemowit (born Ziemowit Nowak in 1986) is a Polish musician, living in Berlin since 1989 . In 2004, he released his first solo album, Space Voyage, including the song "Ode to Fashion".


    (3 listeners)

    Jose Macabra was born in Toledo, Spain. With a background in psychology, he studied Digital Media and Sound Arts and Design at LCC, in London.

  • Kas Product

    (21,803 listeners)

    coldwave, post-punk, new wave, electronic

    Formed in 1980, KaS Product were Spatsz from France (electronics), who left his job in a psychiatric hospital to work on synthesizers and rhythm machines, and Mona Soyoc from the USA (guitar, piano, vocals), who sung in a jazz band before she met Spatsz.

  • Katzkab

    (413 listeners)

    cabaret, electronic, french, german

    KatzKab is a new incarnation of Katzenjammer Kabarett.

  • knothole

    (94 listeners)

    noise, dance, electro punk

  • Lene Lovich

    (76,622 listeners)

    new wave, post-punk, female vocalists, 80s

    Lili-Marlene Premilovich, better known as Lene Lovich (March 30, 1949) is an American singer of Serbian and British parentage.

  • Low Sea

    (9,311 listeners)

    shoegaze, dream pop, psychedelic, indie

    NEW ALBUM 'REMOTE VIEWING' AVAILABLE 02/2013 Low Sea are a duo (Billie - Vox, Synth), (Bobby D - Synth, Guitar, Vox, Noise) founded in Ireland in 2008.

  • Mani Deum

    (1,959 listeners)

    neofolk, dark folk, apocalyptic folk, experimental

    Started back in late 2005 in Corfu island, Greece... Slowly they took their form as a folk noir/experimental/neocabaret project, something that they call "infected folk 'n' roll" and in late 2006 they release their first d.i.y cd single.

  • Minny Pops

    (11,636 listeners)

    post-punk, experimental, factory records, electro

    The creative anchor to Minny Pops was Wally van Middendorp, a key figure in Amsterdam's underground Ultra art movement, and founder of the Plurex label in early 1978. His first single, as Tits, coupled "We're Glad Elvis Is Dead" with "Daddy Is My Pusher" (PLUREX 001), and was a fairly typical new wave record, though darkly humorous.

  • Mistah Manic

    (0 listeners)

  • Mr. Manic

    (261 listeners)

    funk, electro, electronic, dance

    Mr. Manic is the culmination of massive amounts of self-manipulation, self-pity, and self-loathing, with a sprinkle of experimental (but mostly recreational) hallucinogenic brown nosing.

  • N.U. Unruh

    (559 listeners)

    experimental, ambient, german, avantgarde

    In 1980 N.U. Unruh was a co-founder of the famous German band Einstürzende Neubauten, together with his school friend Blixa Bargeld. For over 25 years, both are the long-time band members. N.U. Unruh usually plays on self-constructed percussion and drum instruments.

  • Petra Flurr + Modernista

    (148 listeners)

    synth punk, synthpunk

  • Pictureplane

    (86,592 listeners)

    electronic, witch house, lo-fi, electropop

    Pictureplane is the stage name of electronic musician Travis Egedy. He first appeared in the music scene of Denver, Colorado, making a name for himself at the warehouse where he also lives, Rhinoceropolis. His 2009 album, Dark Rift, attracted attention when it was well received by Pitchfork Media and other critics.

  • Reliq

    (1,194 listeners)

    electronic, japanese, idm, experimental

    There are atleast two known artists operating under the alias, sorted here by popularity: 1. Reliq is the latest pseudonym of the Japanese electronic artist Serph. He released the album Minority Report on the Japanese independant Noble Label in 2011.

  • Sad Lovers and Giants

    (59,381 listeners)

    post-punk, new wave, 80s, goth

    Sad Lovers & Giants are a rock band from Watford, England who formed in 1981. Their sound blends post-punk, folk and psychedelia and has seen them described as 'a pastoral Pink Floyd'.


    (2,407 listeners)

    minimal synth, minimal electronic, greek, minimal

    booking europe : madaboutmusic@live.be strictly analogue narrations about love and the loss of it, death and the fear of it, sexuality and the repression of it, addictions, psychological weaknesses or strengths, all our own personal ghosts, which distinguish humans from other species.

  • Stereo Total

    (248,138 listeners)

    electronic, french, indie, pop

    Stereo Total are a German/French indie/electro duo that formed in Berlin during 1993. The group consists of Françoise Cactus (from France, drums and vocals) and Brezel Göring (guitar, synthesizer, sampler). The band's 1999 single "I Love You, Ono" (a cover of "I Love You, Oh No!" by Plastics) was famously used in an American commercial for Dell Computers in 2009.

  • Tanzkommando Untergang

    (285 listeners)

    deathrock, post-punk, gothic rock, punk

  • The Mob

    (17,461 listeners)

    anarcho-punk, punk, post-punk, hardcore

    There are more than one band named The Mob. 1. Anarcho-punk late '70s 2. New York Hardcore early '80s 3. Rock 2005 4. Northern soul R& B mid "60s

  • UK Decay

    (13,122 listeners)

    post-punk, deathrock, gothic rock, gothic

    After a brief stint as The Resistors, the Luton based UK Decay was formed in the winter of 1978. Nearly everyone was named Steve, so they all took on other monikers (Abbo = Steve Abbot). From there they became a well known outfit that has played with many of the original London punk bands, and even having made it to the US thanks to Jello Biafra after the sacking of their bassist in 1980.

  • Young Hunting

    (8,589 listeners)

    indie, dream pop, indie pop, experimental

    Los Angeles, California quintet Young Hunting's debut full-length album "Hazel" begins with gentle, lush dream pop and ends with stark, desolate gothic folk. The record, inspired mostly by failed affairs, a divorce, and life in the shadow of LA's show-business culture, took the band two years to produce.

  • †13th Moon†

    (3,408 listeners)

    deathrock, horror punk, japanese, goth

    Vocals: nAohiro12xu Skullhand Vampirestein Synth: DJane eyescreaM Guitar: sIck-o-9 Guitar/Effects: Amuck-A Bass: yoU-Taro Drums: MC "Boneless" Hammer