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  • Belhamels Soundsystem

    (0 listeners)

  • Charlie Jones Big Band

    (8 listeners)

    minimal, belgium, belgian, rock 'n roll

    Charlie Jones Big Band is het nieuwe Tweekoppige project met Joris De Bock & Jan Verstraeten. Het heeft een eenvoudige opstelling: Drum + Gitaar+ Zang.

  • Coevorduh

    (1,000 listeners)

    netherlands, vieze fur, aux raus, baby bosma

  • Kiss the Anus of a Black Cat

    (23,695 listeners)

    neofolk, apocalyptic folk, dark folk, folk

    Kiss the Anus of a Black Cat is a band from Gent, Belgium, founded by Stef Heeren. The name comes from a medieval witchcraft ritual.

  • Lefties Soul Connection

    (63,487 listeners)

    funk, jazz, instrumental, raw funk

    For more than ten years Lefties Soul Connection is one of Europe's most well-known garage funk & soul band. Based in Amsterdam (the Netherlands), they played all over Europe and released 3 albums: Hutspot (2006, Excelsior/MPM), Skimming the Skum (2007, Excelsior/MPM) and One Punch Pete (2011 Top Notch/Universal). They also released several - now collectable - vinyl singles.

  • N-Vitral

    (3,882 listeners)

    industrial hardcore, hardcore, industrial, hard techno

    A distinctive feeling of diversity and underground vitality, N-Vitral (Stefan Busker) is a name closely linked to The Third Movement. Ever since his first release Stefan Busker has been developing his sound to the next degree. His earlier releases contain a unique and hypnotizing sound, while his recent EPs (‘Klusterfuk’, ‘Bonck’) have pushed the energy bar beyond limits.

  • Seymour Bits

    (16,605 listeners)

    funk, electro, electronic, funky

    Seymour Bits is one of the many aliases of producer Bas Bron. Seymour Bits is the artist name for the fictional character Seymour Jackson, a 23-year-old computer programmer who traded his job as business-analysis software programmer for the life of a musician.

  • Shaking Godspeed

    (4,565 listeners)

    dutch, hard rock, blues rock, under 2000 listeners

    Shaking Godspeed likes it when people move to their songs That's all, thank you, we’d love to see you at our livegigs where we can celebrate music, life and what not...

  • The Bodybags

    (240 listeners)

    psychobilly, dutch, male vocalist, under 2000 listeners

    The Bodybags, since 2006. Premium dutch psychobilly. We've shared the stage with Batmobile, Mad Sin, The Griswalds, The Creepshow, Demented Are GO, Tazmanian Devils, Astro Zombies and many more. Four guys ready to rock your roll.

  • The Computers

    (16,282 listeners)

    punk, hardcore, punk rock, rock

    A Five-piece blues / punk / hardcore band from Exeter, signed to Fierce Panda. So here's the deal - THE COMPUTERS consist of Alex (guitar / main vocals), Sonny (guitar / vocals), Nic (bass / vocals) and Aiden (drums), New guy (keyboards). They live in Exeter and they fuse garage rock'n'roll with 80's hardcore.

  • The Doots

    (126 listeners)

    under 2000 listeners, rock, indie, pop

    The instant summer vibes and appealing rocksound of The Doots blend beautifully with their energetic live show. A 5 piece indie-rock formation that will keep you dancing and singing along to their optimistic, yet charged songs about lost love, doubts and moving on.

  • The Kik

    (10,791 listeners)

    rock, dutch, beat, indie rock

    The KiK are a contemporary sixties beat band from Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Risen from the ashes of The Madd in 2010 (both bands were formed and fronted by Dave von Raven), The KiK released their first 7-inch vinyl single in April 2011: My Eyes Are Still Dry (with Here's Hoping on its flipside).

  • The Panacea

    (22,306 listeners)

    drum and bass, darkstep, breakcore, darkside

    Mathis Mootz, the teutonic mastermind and producer behind The Panacea from Wuerzburg, Germany, has developed and perfected his sinister drum and Bass mashup style over the years. The Panacea is the digital Napalm Death, fueled by wreck-step beats, he samples and generally throws together elements of hardcore techno, drum'n'bass, jungle and industrial into his unique explosive sound.

  • The Pikeys

    (58 listeners)

    popronde 2010, stonerrock, seen live

  • Youngsta

    (23,767 listeners)

    dubstep, all, london, electronic

    1.) Youngsta is a dubstep DJ based in London, UK. He has a weekly radio show on Rinse.fm each Monday 11pm-1am GMT. He known for his exceptional mixing skills and musical style which is a continuation of the original, deeper, darker sound of dubstep.