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  • Aesthetic Perfection

    (65,046 listeners)

    ebm, dark electro, industrial, electronic

    Electro / Alternative Daniel Graves: All music, vocals and lyrics. Tim Van Horn: Live Drums Elliot Berlin: Live Keyboards (EU) It is not a comment on society. It is not a forum for philosophy. It is not your new voice.

  • And One

    (214,218 listeners)

    synthpop, ebm, electronic, industrial

    German synthpop outfit And One formed in Berlin in 1989. DJs/producers Steve Naghavi and Chris Ruiz first met the previous year in a local dance club, bonding over their mutual affection for early ebm acts like Front 242 and Nitzer Ebb and borrowing their subsequent dual synthesizer and beatbox aesthetic from Depeche Mode.

  • Covenant

    (226,975 listeners)

    ebm, futurepop, synthpop, industrial

    There is more than one known artist who once went under the name Covenant: 1. Swedish electronic act Covenant was started by a group of friends in Helsingborg in western Sweden. Eskil Simonsson, Joakim Montelius, and Clas Nachmanson inspired by bands like Kraftwerk, The Human League, and by EBM pioneers Front 242 and Nitzer Ebb.

  • Deine Lakaien

    (132,839 listeners)

    darkwave, gothic, electronic, german

    Deine Lakaien is a German Darkwave group comprising vocalist Alexander Veljanov and the classically trained composer, pianist and drummer Ernst Horn.

  • Diary of Dreams

    (117,175 listeners)

    darkwave, gothic, industrial, electronic

    Diary of Dreams is a darkwave project from Düsseldorf, Germany. The lead singer and founding member Adrian Hates has produced most of the albums by himself or with minimal help from others. He rarely uses a full band, except when he is on tour.

  • Faderhead

    (51,083 listeners)

    ebm, futurepop, electronic, synthpop

    Faderhead is a German electronic music producer from Hamburg, Germany. He is influenced by many genres, including but not limited to, pop, rock, techno, house, and trance.

  • Funker Vogt

    (128,944 listeners)

    ebm, industrial, electronic, german

    When "Funker Vogt" was founded in 1995 by Gerrit Thomas and Jens Kästel, nobody could foresee that, within just one year, it would grow into one of the leading electro-acts of today. Originally, it had been envisaged as just one more of Gerrit Thomas's many musical projects; however, the project took the world by storm and grew to become his main act.

  • Noisuf-X

    (62,430 listeners)

    industrial, ebm, powernoise, dark electro

    The project's definition is simple and clear: An apocalyptic and fearful view of the world is what NOISUF-X, the side-project of X-FUSION, is dealing with. It describes a cold and hopeless atmosphere musically with harsh distorted beats, experimental sounds and pushing sequences. The recurrent soundstructures and its simple monotony build a catchy opposite to X-FUSION.

  • Rabia Sorda

    (23,121 listeners)

    dark electro, ebm, industrial, electro-industrial

    Rabia Sorda is Erk Aicrag's solo project. The lyricist and singer of the Mexican hard elektro duo Hocico, started working on this project in 2003, listening to the internal voices that compelled him to create his own sonic world. To create, he sees himself from a different perspective and he reinvents aspects of himself to bring this new entity to life.

  • Roterfeld

    (590 listeners)

    gothic rock, love metal, gothrock, live

  • Saltatio Mortis

    (99,197 listeners)

    folk metal, medieval, mittelalter, german

    Saltatio Mortis is a German folk metal band formed in 2000. Their motto is "Those who dance don't die", which represents their music style.

  • Umbra Et Imago

    (80,008 listeners)

    darkwave, gothic, gothic metal, gothic rock

    Umbra et imago is a gothic Dark Wave rock act formed in 1991. It was the first German band to combine a live S&M show with their onstage act.