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  • 0th

    (183 listeners)

    fuckno, bastardokratia, wanna meet that vocalist, forrest funk

    0th is a collective of four female artists, Jacqueline Gordon, Amanda Warner, Canner Mefe, and Caryl Kientz. Founded in 2006, the artists live in the United States and collaborate across the globe. 0th utilize homemade electronic/analog musical instruments, sculpture, robotics, live statue, teleconference, performance, and art experiments.

  • Area C

    (2,494 listeners)

    ambient, experimental, drone, psychedelic

    If it’s true that all of our earthly radio communications are even now rippling their way across the galaxies in ever-expanding circles, the music of AREA C lets us imagine these sonic ripples at the extreme limit of their journey out, in the moment where their original substance and meaning begins to fray, break, and fold back in on itself under the strain of a glowingly resonant outbound force.

  • Christian Marclay

    (7,896 listeners)

    experimental, avant-garde, turntablism, noise

    Christian Marclay is a DJ, VJ, visual artist, audio artist and turntablist. He is the first non-hip-hop artist (after John Cage) to make an art form out of the turntable, treating the instrument as a means to rip songs apart, not bridge them together.

  • Gregg Kowalsky

    (6,814 listeners)

    ambient, drone, experimental, kranky

    Gregg Kowalsky resides in Oakland, California where he completed a Master of Fine Arts degree in Electronic Music and Recording Media at Mills College.

  • J.D. Emmanuel

    (1,960 listeners)

    ambient, new age, electronic, experimental

    The music of James Daniel Emmanuel, known as J.D. Emmanuel. Influenced by the organ works of Terry Riley and the kosmische school of Krautrock, and rendered with a uniquely personal warmth, Emmanuel's work stands out as something singular in the world of early bedroom electronics.

  • Jessica Rylan

    (1,934 listeners)

    noise, experimental, electronic, minimalism

    Jessica Rylan is a sound artist and electronic musician who lives and performs in the Boston, United States area, where she grew up.

  • Kevin Drumm

    (14,757 listeners)

    noise, drone, experimental, avant-garde

    Kevin Drumm is an experimental musician based in Chicago, Illinois, United States. Emerging from the city's improvised music scene, in the 1990s he became one the world's pre-eminent prepared guitar players. Years active from 1991. Drumm's work expanded to include electroacoustic compositions and live electronic music made with laptop computers and analog modular synthesizers.

  • Shelley Hirsch

    (3,353 listeners)

    tzadik, spoken word, free improvisation, experimental vocalist

    Vocalist Shelley Hirsch composes, improvises, and stages musical works in venues all over North America and Europe. She was born in East New York, Brooklyn, in 1952, and lived there until the age of 17.

  • Yoshi Wada and Tashi Wada

    (0 listeners)

  • Zachary Watkins

    (6 listeners)

    avant-garde, musique concrete, tape music, noise