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  • Breakdown of Sanity

    (30,562 listeners)

    metalcore, deathcore, hardcore, moshcore

    Breakdown of Sanity is a metalcore band formed in Spring 2007 in Bern, Switzerland. Breakdown of Sanity is founded in 2007, metalcore band from Bern , who has not signed a record deal.

  • Cause For Confusion

    (292 listeners)

    metal, under 2000 listeners, metalcore, beatdown

    BIO: Die Band begann früh amtliches Material zu erarbeiten und verschließt sich zügig unter der Obhut von Achim Kaiser für „Days Of Confusion“ in den vier Wänden der Sonic-Sound-Studios (u.a. Motorjesus, Redrum Inc., Pitfall). Die Titel „Lose“ und „Fallen Angel“ landen postwendend unter den ersten Plätzen der Internet-Plattform My Own Music.

  • Effacement of a Witch

    (65 listeners)

    beast war returns, oakland cowboys, ascending ilias, veil of maya

  • If destiny remains

    (183 listeners)

    metalcore, if destiny remains

    facebook | myspace | purevolume | mixpod youtube | vimeo | twitter | tumblr Formed In: 2006 Origins: Kevelaer, Germany Genre: Melodic Metalcore Record Label: Acuity.Music (a division of Let it Burn Records) Contact Info | Bookings info@ifdestinyremains.de

  • Lamera

    (382 listeners)

    groove metal, thrash metal, nu-metal, germany

    Lamera is a cosmopolitan modern death metal band with European & American members founded 2004 in Mannheim is going to release its first professional Album "Mechanically Separated" in 2012 via TRANSHUMANZ Records.

  • Motorjesus

    (9,077 listeners)

    hard rock, heavy metal, stoner rock, metal

    Motorjesus is a german heavy rock band from Mönchengladbach/NRW. They started 1992 as a German Hardcore/Metal band named "The Shitheadz". In 2005 they changed the band name into Motorjesus. The band in it's actual occupation consists of Guido Reuss (guitar), Andreas Peters (guitar) Mark Neschen (bass), Oliver Beck (drums) and Christoph Birx (vocals).

  • progress utopia

    (62 listeners)

    metalcore, progressive metalcore, progressive deathcore, mathcore

    facebook bandcamp Formed In: 2010 Hometown Location: Düsseldorf, Germany Genre: Progressive Metal / Djent / Mathcore / Groove Metal Band Lineup Patrick: Vocals Marius: Guitar Sascha: Guitar Rosalie: Bass Daniel: Drums

  • Spoiler

    (2,427 listeners)

    stoner rock, punk, swedish, punk rock

    There are at least three bands named Spoiler: 1) Dutch stoner rock band 2) Swedish pop band 3) An indie rock band from New York City

  • Thalasmus

    (0 listeners)

  • Unleash The Sky

    (727 listeners)

    metalcore, melodic metalcore, german, live gesehen

    >> Take off your black mask, and step into the light << : For some this is just a line of a song – to others it has a deeper meaning. For UNLEASH THE SKY those words mark their motto and demand to approach some things differently. While others are practicing their evil faces in the mirror, UNLEASH THE SKY enters the stage unmasked showing that the world is not just black and white.

  • Vampires on Tomato Juice

    (2,444 listeners)

    alternative metal, nu metal, system of a down, alternative

    Trevor Le Doux (Vocals, Creator) Ben Wolf (Vocals, Creator) Lucius McCoy (Guitars) Donovan Crane (Guitars) Lord Daryl Khedora (Drums, Background Vocals) M.Art.S. Lucrezia di Bathory (Bass, Background Vocals)