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  • 2x4

    (792 listeners)

    metalcore, hardcore, moshcore, beatdown

    1) Metalcore band from Durant, Oklahoma their debut EP Dead Days is out now 2) Hardcore band from Boston. Members of BKB, Savageheads, Scapegoat etc. Download their Demo: http://www.mediafire.com/?hg43pwsax1md5p5

  • A Tragedy At Hand

    (527 listeners)

    metalcore, post-hardcore, hardcore, screamo

    A Tragedy At Hand is a Metal/Hardcore band from Dallas Texas and was formed in March of 2008. Current Members: Nathan Rae- Vocals Michael Shaffer- Guitar Michael Gonzalez:-Drums DJ Reed- Bass Nicolai Linza- Guitar

  • Adestria

    (24,090 listeners)

    metalcore, post-hardcore, electronic, hardcore

    San Diego, California (2008 - Present) 'As an audio engineer, I demand high quality recordings and the right blend of musicians. Adestria has what it takes, and the album is worth every penny. There's not too many albums I can sit all the way through, but this is one of those albums that makes you want to listen to every song.

  • All Get Out

    (21,909 listeners)

    indie, indie rock, rock, folk

    Charleston, SC "Loud and personal,” is one of the ways that lead singer/guitarist Nathan Hussey describes All Get Out.

  • Big Chocolate

    (35,716 listeners)

    dubstep, electronic, hardstyle, house

    Cameron “Big Chocolate” Argon (born August 21, 1990 in Laguna Hills, CA) is an American DJ, producer, remixer, and death metal vocalist.

  • Blood on the Dance Floor

    (44,103 listeners)

    electronic, powerpop, screamo, electro

    Blood On The Dance Floor is an electronica group that formed in 2006, In Orlando Florida. The group's original line up is Dahvie Vanity & Jayy Von Monroe.

  • Brokencyde

    (226,994 listeners)

    crunkcore, screamo, electronic, experimental

    BrokeNCYDE is a group based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The band consists of four members, Se7en (Lyrics/Production), Mikl (Hype/Vocals), Phat J (Synths/Backup Vocals), and Antz (Hype/Live Production). BrokeNCYDE was discovered by and is currently managed by The Artery Foundation, a team that has discovered other popular bands such as Alesana, The Devil Wears Prada, and Carnifex.

  • Carousel Kings

    (13,408 listeners)

    pop punk, easycore, poppy hardcore, happy hardcore

    With undeniable pop hooks and a penchent for pizza, CAROUSEL KINGS debut, A Slice of Heaven, is as infectious of a of a neo-pop punk album as one is ever likely to find. The Lancaster, PA quintet have been turning heads for some time and have delivered a hook-laden album that aims to cement their place as a force to be reckoned with.

  • City LightsUp-and-coming artist (from the Last.fm Hype Chart)

    (18,426 listeners)

    pop punk, easycore, punk rock, hardcore

    There is more than one artist with this name: Columbus, Ohio based pop punk/easycore band CITY LIGHTS formed in early 2008, and since have established themselves as a band with instantly loveable songs and a live presence to be reckoned with.

  • Cold Blank

    (29,762 listeners)

    electro, fidget house, electro house, electronic

    From underground parties to international touring, Los Angeled based Cold Blank is recognized for paving an influential path with a ground-breaking sense for sound and trend setting abilities. Additionally, launching indie imprint Burn The Fire Records has also allowed the powerhouse producer to establish and develop many artists by debuting their music to the world.

  • Crown the Empire

    (78,793 listeners)

    post-hardcore, electronic, metalcore, trancecore

    Crown The Empire is a 6-piece post-hardcore/metalcore band from Dallas Texas. Starting in 2010, the band set out with a goal to separate themselves in a genre often cluttered with copy-cat bands. They combined their love for the hardcore genre with infectious, loud, and powerful choruses of generations before their own, and ultimately created a fresh new approach to heavier music.

  • Definite Choice

    (101 listeners)

    hardcore, belgrade hardcore, serbian hardcore, old schoolllllllllllllll

    Definite Choice was a hardcore punk band from Serbia. Members are : Aca Choice - Vocals , Velja - Rhythm guitar, Varga - Lead guitar, Goba - Drums, Vige - Bass.

  • Even Cameras Lie

    (660 listeners)

    post-hardcore, emocore, post hardcore, not screamo

    Even Cameras Lie started in early 2009 playing small shows in Plano and Dallas. As the year went by the lineup changed dramatically but little by little obtaining the permanent members.

  • Every Time I Die

    (323,092 listeners)

    hardcore, metalcore, southern rock, screamo

    Every Time I Die is a five-piece Metalcore band from Buffalo, New York, founded in the winter of 1998. Though popularly classified as hardcore, Every Time I Die's sound also contains strong elements of metalcore, southern rock and mathcore.

  • Feature Cuts

    (1,666 listeners)

    electronic, electro, dubstep, electro house

    Feature Cuts is a Houston based EDM producer who is relatively new to the scene. He originally based his production within the hip hop and rap music industry.

  • Fever Dreamer

    (882 listeners)

    rock, alternative rock, garage rock, indie

    With an eerie undertone, Fever Dreamer brings a new feel to the Rock genre. Though they give a slightly dark feel to their music, they drench every song with catchy rhythms and melodies which stand out most unique. The band instantly draws you in with their new pitch only to keep you hooked by the depth found in their lyrics.

  • Fit for a King

    (19,080 listeners)

    metalcore, post-hardcore, hardcore, christian

    Fit For A King is a five-piece Metalcore band from Tyler, Texas. they have two full length albums out 'Descendants' and 'Creation/Destruction'. They combine great screams mixed with ear pleasing cleans that really gets you hooked

  • For Today

    (110,240 listeners)

    metalcore, hardcore, christian, christian metalcore

    For Today is a Metalcore band from Sioux City, Iowa, United States currently signed to Razor & Tie. Known for their non-stop touring, high energy live performance, and unrelenting message, For Today will stop at nothing until the name of Christ is proclaimed to the entire world.

  • Forty Fathoms

    (4,226 listeners)

    metalcore, post-hardcore, hardcore, melodic metalcore

    Melodic hardcore/metalcore from Denver, Colarado. Members: Taylor MacNicholas-Vocals Evan Stieduhar-Bass Ryan Hall-Drums Kyle Kaliszewski-Guitar Jeff Minor-Guitar New album IN/FAMOUS out now!

  • Get Scared

    (81,906 listeners)

    post-hardcore, alternative rock, rock, horrorcore

    Get Scared consists of Nick Matthews, Johnny B, and Bradley Lloyd. From Layton, UT, the band came together in winter of 2008, writing, recording, engineering, and touring.

  • Glassjaw

    (286,498 listeners)

    post-hardcore, hardcore, screamo, rock

    Glassjaw is a highly influential post-hardcore band from Long Island, NY. They formed in the summer of 1993 after Palumbo and Beck met each other at camp. They recorded some demos before releasing the EP "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" in 1997, and recorded their first full length album "Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Silence" in 2000 on Roadrunner Records.

  • Heartist

    (9,242 listeners)

    post-hardcore, metalcore, rock, alternative rock

    The newest band signed to Roadrunner Records is Southern California's Heartist: vocalist Bryce Beckley, guitarists Tim Koch and Robbie Devito, drummer Matt Marquez and bassist Evan Ranallo.

  • Hindsight

    (1,452 listeners)

    melodic hardcore, australian, hardcore, punk

    There are 8 bands named Hindsight. 1) In September 2007, 3 friends from Bradford, UK who had previously been in past projects together decided to create something new, away from the constant stream of bands attempting the same things.. (Indie/Hardcore/Metal etc) therefore Hindsight was brought together...

  • Illustrated

    (205 listeners)


  • Kills and Thrills

    (2,081 listeners)

    post-hardcore, hardcore, experimental, ambient

    Loud, pissed, dirty-riffed post-hardcore/alternative rock from New York! Since their formation, Kills And Thrills have worked tirelessly to lay the groundwork on which their band would grow upon. Whether it be an audience of five or five hundred, you can expect the same relentless wave of energy Kills and Thrills delivers on stage.

  • letlive.

    (68,101 listeners)

    post-hardcore, experimental, hardcore, progressive hardcore

    letlive. is an American post-hardcore band formed in Los Angeles, California in 2002. The band consists of lead vocalist Jason Aalon Butler, guitarists Jean Francisco Nascimento and Jeff Sahyoun and bassist Ryan Jay Johnson.

  • Like Moths to Flames

    (62,876 listeners)

    metalcore, post-hardcore, hardcore, progressive metalcore

    Like Moths to Flames is a five piece metalcore band from Dayton, Ohio, United States, getting ready to make a big start in 2010.

  • Lions Lions

    (17,802 listeners)

    post-hardcore, alternative, hardcore, rock

    Lions Lions from Boston, MA are in line with some of the forerunners of the Boston scene. Some of their members previous works have been in Jonah Veil, Vanna, and Therefore I am. They've released 3 records thus far: Direction on Legacy Main (2008), From What We Believe (2009) on Panic Records and their newest EP, The Path We Take out now on Panic Records.

  • Lydia

    (208,308 listeners)

    indie, indie rock, ambient, female vocalists

    Lydia is a two-piece (formerly six) indie rock group from Gilbert, Arizona. Lydia started out in 2003 as a five piece band: Leighton Antelman (Lead Vocals and Guitar), Steve McGraw (Guitar), Maria Sais De Sicilia (Backup vocals and Keyboard), Dustin Forsgren (Bass), and Loren Brinton (Drums).

  • Make Me FamousUp-and-coming artist (from the Last.fm Hype Chart)

    (68,119 listeners)

    post-hardcore, electronic, metalcore, screamo

    Make Me Famous was a Ukrainian metalcore band formed in 2009 and was based in the city of Donetsk. They were founded by lead guitarist and co-vocalist Denis Shaforostov, who gained popularity through his YouTube channel "above92". He then recruited bassist Sergei Hohlov to create original music.

  • Messengers

    (6,021 listeners)

    hardcore, christian, 70s, synthpop

    There are at least 5 bands known as Messengers: An American thrash band, a 60s Motown band, a Christian goup, and a 70s German jazz rock band.

  • Mod Sun

    (10,328 listeners)

    hip-hop, hippy hop, hip hop, rap

    Check out: http://modsun.bandcamp.com http://modsunmusic.com MOVEMENT ON DREAMS. STAND UNDER NONE. "I think the suns comin' out", says 22 year old Derek Smith. He is positive his positivity will bring him something positive. "The two things I base my life around and continue to stay passionate about are music and "the secret".

  • Oh, Sleeper

    (136,948 listeners)

    metalcore, post-hardcore, christian, hardcore

    Oh, Sleeper is a metalcore band from Fort Worth, Texas signed to Solid State Records. Oh, Sleeper formed in April of 2006 after former members of short-lived rock band Terminal got together with former Between the Buried and Me guitarist Shane Blay. Eventually they found a vocalist in Micah Kinard and began practicing.

  • Polyphia

    (5,538 listeners)

    progressive metal, instrumental, math metal, djent

    Guitar - Tim Henson Guitar - Scott LePage Drums - Brandon Burkhalter Bass - Clay Gober Hailing from the quiet suburbs of Plano, Texas, progressive rock outfit, Polyphia, are anything but mild-mannered.

  • Power Strangers

    (426 listeners)

    suomisaundi, antiscarp, under 2000 listeners, psytrance

  • Power Trip

    (17,367 listeners)

    hardcore, crossover, thrash metal, thrash

    There is more than one artist with this name: 1) Formed in early 2008, POWER TRIP is a crossover band from Dallas, Texas in the vein of late 80's thrash, heavy metal and hardcore punk. For fans of Exodus, Vio-Lence, later Cro-Mags, and Prong. Lockin' Out Records.

  • Skyline Luxury

    (114 listeners)

    alternative, space rock, indie, alt. rock

    Post-Indie-Pop-Rock band from Denton, TX. Band Members: Tre Rollins- Guitar/Vocals Tyler Cooper- Drums Andrew Paulus- Bass /Backing Vocals

  • Sweet Talker

    (1,741 listeners)

    kevin fisher


  • Sworn In

    (9,693 listeners)

    hardcore, deathcore, metalcore, progressive deathcore

    There are two bands that have been named Sworn In: [1] Sworn In is an American metalcore band from Grays Lake, Illinois signed to Razor & Tie. Their debut album The Death Card was released in 2013. https://www.facebook.com/swornin [2] Sworn In were an English hardcore band based in Northampton.

  • The Acacia Strain

    (135,424 listeners)

    metalcore, deathcore, hardcore, death metal

    The Acacia Strain is a heavy band from Chicopee, Massachusetts, US that formed in 2001. The band have since undergone numerous changes in their lineup.

  • The Chariot

    (137,226 listeners)

    hardcore, metalcore, chaotic hardcore, mathcore

    The Chariot were an American mathcore band from Douglasville, Georgia. The last lineup consisted of drummer David Kennedy, vocalist and bandleader Josh Scogin, and guitarists Brandon Henderson and Stephen Harrison. The band experienced frequent lineup changes since its inception, with Scogin being the only original member.

  • The Hi-Yahs

    (1,815 listeners)

    electro, trap, big room house

    The Hi-Yahs A man that has traveled through space and time and descended from the heavens to make everyone dance.

  • The News Can Wait

    (10 listeners)

  • Thieves

    (3,030 listeners)

    hardcore, under 2000 listeners, pop punk, emo pop punk

    There are multiple artists with this name: 1) Thieves are an upcoming seven piece folk band from Tasmania, Australia. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Thieves/167472709946941

  • Thirtyseven

    (476 listeners)

    hardcore, indie, pop punk, christian hardcore

  • Through Arteries

    (6,749 listeners)

    post-hardcore, electronic, metalcore, electronica

    San Antonio's own Through Arteries is a sleeping giant about to be awoken. What started in a bedroom with Cory Brunnemann (Vocals/Synth/Production) and Zach Rutter (Guitars), has turned into an all out musical assault with added members Carl Rios (Bass), Marcello Garcci (Guitar) and Kayton Rickman (Drums).

  • Upon a Burning Body

    (44,013 listeners)

    deathcore, metalcore, hardcore, death metal

    Upon A Burning Body was started by accident "A Side project gone wrong." These San Antonio, Texas natives mix brutal breakdowns with catchy two steps and heavy blast beats.

  • Valise

    (1,683 listeners)

    indie, alternative rock, punk rock, under 2000 listeners

    Hailing from Dallas, Tex., Valise is four guys playing the kind of ambient indie rock made popular by bands like Circa Survive, Lydia, Lovedrug and Deas Vail.

  • Veil of Maya

    (116,932 listeners)

    deathcore, progressive deathcore, metalcore, progressive

    Veil of Maya is an American deathcore band, formed in Oak Park, Illinois by members Marc Okubo and Sam Applebaum in 2004.

  • Volumes

    (57,740 listeners)

    djent, progressive metal, math metal, groove metal

    Volumes is an American metalcore band from Los Angeles, California. The band formed in 2009 and have since released an EP entitled The Concept of Dreaming and two full-length albums: VIA and No Sleep.