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  • Big Sandy Glimer

    (0 listeners)

  • Hawk vs. Dove

    (5 listeners)

    "Hawk Vs Dove is a Dallas down-tempo riff-party. Citing influences such as Harvey Milk, The Jesus Lizard, Melvins, and Boris, Hawk has a knack for gut-churning guitar licks that, slowed down and fuzzed out, will somehow make you punch your own balls repeatedly and enjoy it.

  • Kin of Ettins

    (119 listeners)

    doom metal, viking stoner doom

    Kin of Ettins is a doom metal band. Kin of Ettins first came into being in late 2004, when vocalist/guitarist Jotun, formerly of Texas doomites Midian, began writing & recording songs for a new project. Having been inspired by 1-piece bands such as Bathory, Falkenbach & Sisters of Mercy, Kin of Ettins was originally intended to be a single man project with emphasis purely on recorded material.

  • Mother Ship

    (94 listeners)

    hardcore, 90s, new school, dark hardcore

    Mother Ship were an early 90’s metallic hardcore crossover style Erie hardcore band featuring bassist Brian "Alfred" Oborski and guitarist Dave Quiggle who later on founded one of Erie’s most well known bands xDisciplex A.D. The 2 of them paired up with brothers Mike (drums) and Matt (vocals) Shreve and churned out a few cassette releases, “Obedience” being one of them.

  • Stone Machine Electric

    (23 listeners)

    Stone Machine Electric is a band from Texas (DFW area). This thing started in the summer of 2009, not to be confused with the summer of '69.That is a 40 year difference, anyway. One guy had asked this other guy if he was interested in starting up a band with him that went in a direction different from what he had done in previous bands.

  • The Velia Shrine

    (0 listeners)

  • Wo Fat

    (22,275 listeners)

    stoner rock, stoner, stoner metal, stoner doom

    Tearing through the speakers like a swamp monster summoned from some dark cosmic morass, Texas riffmasters Wo Fat unapologetically blast out a southern fried, blues-infused version of Psychedelic Doom, conjuring up visions of hoodoo shacks, prowling undead, hell hounds at the crossroads, Lovecraftian cultists and ghouls, and worlds beyond where the riff reigns almighty.