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  • Aafke Romeijn

    (1,058 listeners)

    singer-songwriter, all, photographed, female vocalists

    Aafke Romeijn was a singer in Mister Blue Sky for six years before she decided she had enough songs to make a solo project. She selfreleased her debut album Stella Must Die! in the autumn of 2011.

  • Angela Moyra

    (1,715 listeners)

    all, pop, netherlands, folk

  • April

    (15,631 listeners)

    hardcore, hardcore punk, straight edge, polish

    There is more than one artist with this name: 1) April is a Polish hardcore band from Zambrow. 2) April is a Finnish, Helsinki-based metal band founded in 2004.

  • Birdt

    (384 listeners)

    singer-songwriter, netherlands, folk, dutch

    bardt/bird=birdt www.birdt.nl Biography Birdt (est. 2008) is the songwriting efforts of Bardt van der Dennen, who after artschool starts making beautiful melancholic folk/singersong songs.

  • Bodypolitics

    (379 listeners)

    seen live

    GIUSEPPE VALENZA | vocals, guitars, fx THANOS FOTIADIS | bass, guitars, keys ART PINTO | drums WIMTIE PEKELHAAS | bass The band started during the summer of 2010 and it's based in Utrecht (The Netherlands). MELODIC | NOISE | ELECTRONIC BEATS | HYPNOTIC | PSYCHEDELIC | EXPERIMENTAL | EDGE | EMOTIONAL | MELANCHOLY

  • Cirque Valentin

    (267 listeners)

    all, seen live

  • Daniel Versteegh

    (1,280 listeners)

    acoustic, singer-songwriter, dreampop, under 2000 listeners

  • Dirty Bastards

    (2,044 listeners)

    punk, dutch, punk rock, under 2000 listeners

    GODDAMN ROCK ‘N ROLL That’s what these 3 crazy guys from the south are all about. A Dirty Bastards show is about raw energy and three chord rockers with catchy choruses that grab you by the balls. Because after all: “It ain’t a party ‘till the beer and crowd start flying”. No Political statements, No Religion, No whining, No ballads, just Beer, Tits and Goddamn Rock ‘n Roll.

  • Duncan Idaho

    (235 listeners)

    all, discovered at labtones, indie rock, virally yours

    Tomas, Ivo en de gebroeders Jan en Jip van Zoest repeteren al tijden in het kleine Lekkerkerk onder de rook van Rotterdam. Na 8 jaar lang rondgezworven te hebben in de punkrockscene wilde de band vers voer.

  • Dyzack

    (2,808 listeners)

    dutch, rock, blues, singer-songwriter

    There are those who claim that Erik Hofland, aka dyzack, has made a comeback. They are wrong. After impressive performances, both in Holland and abroad, 3 studio albums, raving reviews and awards, it was time for a change. From 2005 to 2011 he was composing music for theatre, amongst others for theatre company Vis á Vis.

  • John Coffey

    (4,811 listeners)

    hardcore, southern rock, melodic hardcore, dutch

    John Coffey was formed in 2005 in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Begin 2012 John Coffey tore down a small pub somewhere in Groningen during the Eurosonic

  • Kid Totem

    (112 listeners)

    all, under 2000 listeners

    Kid Totem is the conglomeration of acoustic kid Vincent de Bel (The Ticket That Exploded, Pop Zavs FFF) and electro-kid Rick van der Ree (ElectRick)... With the help of stray kid Danny van Dommelen they took a while recording their debut EP somewhere halfway 2011.

  • leeways

    (55 listeners)

    reggae, rock, ska, funk

    Leeways: Energieke reggae met diverse roots. Nederland heeft een traditie met energieke bands zoals Beef, Gotcha! en Urban Dance Squad. Inmiddels klopt de Arnhemse band Leeways aan de deur om het stokje over te nemen. Twee maten en ze hebben je bij de kloten: Leeways staat ieder optreden te trappelen om de overvloedig aanwezige energie over te brengen op het publiek.

  • Lucas Hamming

    (2,490 listeners)

    dutch, singer-songwiter, rock, singer-songwriter

    Lucas Hamming, born in 1993, is a young and talented singer/songwriter. Hamming’s songwriting skills match the quality of his voice clear, direct and full of emotion. The songs sound much more adult than one might expect knowing his age. Not surprising, since the young man spoons up helpings of Bob Dylan, Alex Turner (Arctic Monkeys) and Jeff Buckley.

  • mezlev

    (11 listeners)

  • OneManWolfPack

    (57 listeners)


  • Please!

    (188 listeners)

    dutch, funkadelic, amsterdam, funkadelic hiphop

    Band bio PLeaSe! ontstond uit een “muziekschoolduo” (Adam Bais en Max Schuiling) dat in het voorjaar van 2009 uitgroeide tot een volledige band. Het jaar daarop wonnen ze de Amsterdamse Kunstbendefinale en de video’s die daar het resultaat van waren leverden ze een druk zomerseizoen op en net voldoende gage voor de productie van hun debuut EP PLEASURE.

  • S as in assasins

    (2 listeners)

  • Sam A La Bamalot

    (1,498 listeners)

    all, electronic, hip-hop, ambient

    As a child, Sam Verstraten AKA Sam A La Bamalot, was fed with music by his parents. Started playing guitar at the age of 6, and is unstoppable ever since. He served a while as a bass player in PoepOogPiet and metalband Formula Fiction. But at the moment he's baking sounds in the middle of the woods.

  • Sandy Dane

    (1,894 listeners)

    female vocalists, acoustic, singer-songwriter, rock

    Sandy Dane is a singer/songwriter from the Netherlands. For unknown talent MySpace can be a good way to start a musical career. Also for Sandy Dane.

  • Sue the Night

    (181 listeners)

    seen live

  • The Applejacks

    (7,002 listeners)

    60s, pop, beat, rock

    There is more than one artist with this name: 1) The Applejacks was a UK pop group in the 1960s who had a number 7 hit in the British hit parade with "Tell me When" in 1964.

  • The Cool Quest

    (179 listeners)

    all, seen live

  • The Crowns

    (23,345 listeners)

    Free tracks can be downloaded at The Crowns website. Established in the heart of Amsterdam, The Crowns were built on the foundations of Dutch liberty and freedom. A shared passion for truly handcrafted music and a free environment strongly conductive to creativity led Valentine (vocals), Thomas (guitar) and Alex (keys) to craft the first royal rock prototype.

  • The Jacks

    (5,746 listeners)

    doo wop, psychedelic, all, 60s

    There are a lot of bands called The Jacks: 1. The Jacks (also known as the Cadets) were an American doo wop group from the 50/60s

  • THE RED17

    (244 listeners)


  • The Sugarettes

    (7,730 listeners)

    indie, all, dutch, netherlands

    The Sugarettes are an Indie Pop band from Eindhoven, The Netherlands formed in 2006. It was born out of the Lo-Fi duo Joep & Iskaa, who both sing and play guitar. Their musical collaboration is the raison d’être of The Sugarettes. Completing them are Marnix on drums (who has been working together with Iskaa for years in Foam) and Cox who plays the bass.

  • Vine-Yard

    (77 listeners)

    indie, rock, alternative, alternative rock

    They Pop and they Rock, It's Vine-Yard. Some artists don't want to be labeled. They bring up combinations of influences and strange references, that won't go well together. Vine-Yard is not that band. The four guys punk & rock with a pop orientation. Their songs are easily to sing along to, and its hard to stand still while watching them play.

  • Wannabeastar

    (330 listeners)


  • Willard Cody

    (0 listeners)