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  • B.A. Johnston

    (2,025 listeners)

    canadian, indie, under 2000 listeners, canada

    B.A. Johnston is a highly spirited musician hailing from Hamilton, Ontario. His songs are unabashedly honest, uniquely quirky and cover controversial topics such as: deep frying, pirates, poutine, video games and love.

  • Born Ruffians

    (292,929 listeners)

    indie rock, canadian, indie, alternative

    Comprised of members Luke Lalonde (guitar, vocals), Mitch Derosier (bass), Steve Hamelin (drums) and Andy Lloyd (keyboard/guitar), Born Ruffians are an indie pop/rock band hailing from the small town of Midland, Ontario.

  • C.A. Smith

    (10 listeners)

  • Change Of Heart

    (1,296 listeners)

    hard rock, aor, melodic rock, canadian

    Change of Heart was a Canadian alternative rock band. The band was formed in 1982 in Toronto, Ontario, and achieved moderate domestic success in the mid-1990s during the grunge/alternative rock scene of that decade. Videos for the singles "Little Kingdoms" and "Grifter's Plow", from their 1997 album Steelteeth, received substantial airplay on MuchMusic's alternative showcase program The Wedge.

  • Chore

    (1,042 listeners)

    post-hardcore, emo, alternative rock, post hardcore

    There are at least 3 Chores that we know of, the first is Canadian, another's an experimental instrumental project presented as a soundtrack for a movie, another is a band that featured Fred Thomas before he was in Lovesick.

  • Dawn and Marra

    (858 listeners)

    Emerging from the small town of Dundas, Ontario, indie folk group Dawn and Marra rose to win the 2010 Hamilton Music Awards Rising Star competition. Soon afterwards they released their first album and had a busy summer festival season.

  • Dearly Beloved

    (2,982 listeners)

    toronto, canadian, rock, indie

    DEARLY BELOVED: ON THE SUBJECT OF A HAPPY ACCIDENT CALLED HAWK VS. PIGEON Hawk vs. Pigeon, Dearly Beloved’s smashing new record, wasn’t actually meant to be a record.

  • Eamon McGrath

    (2,125 listeners)

    canada, canadian, rock, folk

    Eamon McGrath never sleeps. He writes, tours, records, repeats: regardless of whether his usual band can join him or not. In Edmonton he plays with The Wild Dogs and The Whiskey Dogs behind him, but on the road sometimes showing up in a city means meeting the band that night.

  • Elk

    (2,170 listeners)

    black metal, atmospheric black metal, pagan black metal, electronic

    There are, at least, eight artists known as Elk. 1) A thrash metal band, from Norrtälje, Sweden. They formed winter 2003 & members include: Dan Helsing (guitar, vocals), Robert Wedin (guitar), Johan Lundèn (bass) & Linus Nilsson (drums, percussion). Site: http://mySpace.com/madElk

  • Final Fantasy

    (356,796 listeners)

    indie, canadian, singer-songwriter, violin

    (1) The previous stage name of Canadian singer and violinist Owen Pallett from Toronto, Ontario. (2) German Trance project of Ralph Fritsch & Detlef Hastik, active throughout the 90s which ended with the double A-side release: "You're My Angel / The Moon Is Shining" in 2003. "You're My Angel" was later covered by the UK duo Styles & Breeze.

  • Great Lake Swimmers

    (518,635 listeners)

    folk, indie, canadian, singer-songwriter

    Great Lake Swimmers is a Canadian indie folk band which formed in 2003 in Wainfleet, Ontario, Canada. The band began with Tony Dekker (vocals, guitar, harmonica), Erik Arneson (banjo, guitar, harmonium), Bret Higgens (bass), Julie Fader (keyboards, vocals) and Greg Millson (drums). Julie Fader subsequently left, and Miranda Mulholland, on violin and backing vocals, joined.

  • Hollerado

    (28,754 listeners)

    canadian, indie rock, indie, alternative rock

    Hollerado is an indie rock band which formed in Manotick, Ontario, Canada in 2007. The band consists of Menno Versteeg (vocals, guitar), Nixon Boyd (guitar), Dean Baxter (bass) and Jake Boyd (drums). They self-released their debut album "Record in a Bag" in 2009 as a free download on their website. The album was re-issued by Arts & Crafts in 2010.

  • Julie Fader

    (2,538 listeners)

    canadian, acoustic, singer-songwriter, folk

    While not on tour or exhibiting as a visual artist, Julie Fader used the downtime to record her own songs, enlisting the help of some of her talented friends.

  • K'naan

    (439,758 listeners)

    hip-hop, african, rap, canadian

    K'naan (Keinaan, meaning traveller in Somali, born 1978) is a Somali-Canadian poet and hip-hop artist.

  • Kestrels

    (2,783 listeners)

    indie rock, halifax, canadian, indie

    Try to imagine all your favorite sounds. Imagine melody, harmony, summer shore lines and the drones from the engines that got you there.

  • Mystery Machine

    (3,422 listeners)

    canadian, alternative, rock, power pop

    1, Mystery Machine is a geelong based psychedelic rock band. Started originally by Josh Cornwall and Evan Jones, with Cameron Urquhart soon joining on bass. For over a year the original trio worked on covers of such bands as The Beatles and Cream while also trying to create their own unique and original sound.

  • New Hands

    (1,676 listeners)

    rock, indie, electro, canada

    All five of us met in our high school years with the exception of Gordy and Evan, who long before then met as brothers. Early on in high school, Ben, Pat and Spence met through a friend and their mutual love of music spurred a band.

  • Owen Pallett

    (148,107 listeners)

    singer-songwriter, chamber pop, indie, canadian

    Owen Pallett (born Michael James Owen Pallett-Plowright, on September 7, 1979) is a violinist and singer from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and winner of the inaugural Polaris Music Prize. On December 18th, 2009, Pallett announced that he would be retiring his old artist name, Final Fantasy, and would be henceforth releasing his material under his own name.

  • Rah Rah

    (30,017 listeners)

    canadian, indie, canada, saskatchewan

    Rah Rah loves to build songs and stories. Hailing from the Regina, Saskatchewan, they have been known to consume excessive amounts of sugar. Going Steady, their first full-length album, was released in 2008 on Young Soul Records and has received generous support from Canadian college and CBC radio.

  • Rococode

    (6,390 listeners)

    indie, indie rock, vancouver, all

    Rococode is an ever evolving indie rock band from Vancouver, BC. They “May appear to be a spunky indie-collective, but beneath the rag-tag exuberance is a feral demolition squad plowing down tired indie archetypes and proudly building own identity.” (iTunes Canada)

  • Said the Whale

    (105,286 listeners)

    canadian, indie, indie rock, indie pop

    Said the Whale is a Canadian band formed in 2007 as a collaboration between songwriters Ben Worcester and Tyler Bancroft.

  • SIANspheric

    (5,866 listeners)

    shoegaze, space rock, dream pop, post-rock

    Sianspheric (styled as SIANspheric, and previously as SIANspheric4) is a shoegaze/dream pop-oriented rock band originally from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

  • Simply Saucer

    (7,486 listeners)

    proto-punk, canadian, psychedelic rock, psychedelic

    Simply Saucer was a Canadian rock band, active in the 1970s. Based in Hamilton, Ontario, the band consisted of guitarist and vocalist Edgar Breau, keyboardist John LaPlante (billed by the stage name Ping Romany), bass guitarist Kevin Christoff and drummer Neil DeMarchant.

  • Terra Lightfoot

    (650 listeners)

    canadian, folk, indie, singer-songwriter

    Terra Lightfoot is a folk/indie rock artist from Waterdown, Canada. In addition to her work as a solo artist, Lightfoot is part of the country band The Dinner Belles, featuring members of Monster Truck, Spirits/The Marble Index and Richard Laviolette's Hollow Hooves. She also plays guitar and provides backup vocals for Julie Fader's solo project.

  • The Danks

    (6,059 listeners)

    canadian, indie pop, post-strokes, indie

    In two-thousand-and-six, a perpetually leathered Brohan Moore and a visibly weathered Alec O’Hanley birthed the Danks in a small Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island apartment.

  • The Gertrudes

    (3,424 listeners)

    canadian, indie, all, checkout

    The Gertrudes sound like a ol' time saloon party in deep space... experimental noise beds with down home folk passengers, frolicking through original material, played by a veritable orchestra of instruments. nerdgrass? maybe...

  • Tonya Kennedy

    (70 listeners)

    Tonya Kennedy is a proud Newfoundland Gal ~ living in Barrie, Ontario. Over the past couple of years Tonya has quietly been establishing her place in the Canadian Country Music scene by charting with 3 singles released to radio & also being the opening act for: Aaron Lines, Beverley Mahood, Jason Blaine, Tara Oram, Sean Hogan, Jamie Warren and Willie Mack (Nashville Showcase).

  • Wax Mannequin

    (2,692 listeners)

    canadian, indie, too cool for normal tags, rock

    Do you know the painting that you see on some greeting cards where all of the animals are sitting together, stoic and proud in the forest, and there in the background, rising in the sky, it's the earth? You have to ask “why aren't the animals trying to fight and eat each other? They are fucking enemies!” and “why is the earth rising into the sky? If the earth is in the sky…

  • Whitehorse

    (13,887 listeners)

    sludge, doom metal, drone, drone doom

    There are two artists with this name 1. A Canadian folk duo 2. An Australian sludge band 1. Whitehorse is a folk group from Hamilton, Ontario

  • Young Rival

    (14,892 listeners)

    indie, canadian, indie rock, garage rock

    Young Rival is an Indie Rock band out of Hamilton, Canada. The band includes Aron D'Alesio on vox and lead guitar, Noah Fralick on drums, and John Smith playing the bass. They have toured with Tokyo Police Club and Born Ruffians. They used to go under the name The Ride Theory, with two albums under that name.

  • Zeus

    (94,220 listeners)

    rap, hip-hop, polish, polski hip hop

    There is more than one artist with this name: 1) Zeus - (Kamil Rutkowski, born December 18, 1983) - Polish rapper and music producer from Łódź. Active since 1998, he started in groups BHZ and Liryczna Kravmaga. Zeus has collaborated with other artists, including Aro, Dior, Dusza, Fatum, Kaczy, Koncept, O.