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  • Babylon Circus

    (122,450 listeners)

    ska, reggae, french, world music

    Babylon Circus is a ten piece ska and reggae group founded in 1995 in Lyon, France. Since forming, they have released four full - length albums and one EP. They have played over 1000 shows throughout Europe, and have toured as far as Syria and Australia.

  • Fishbone Inc

    (0 listeners)

  • Flying Orkestar

    (124 listeners)

    seen live

    C'est en 2008 que Flying Orkestar quitte sa Boukravie natale pour gagner les terres de l'Ouest, poussé par un irrésistible besoin d'ailleurs et une furieuse envie de propager une musique balkanique et festive.

  • GentilsHommes de Fortune

    (1 listener)

  • Gueules d’Aminche

    (4 listeners)

  • Heymoonshaker

    (5,234 listeners)

    beatbox blues, singer-songwriter, blues, beatbox

    “A well balanced mix of smiles, verbal sparring and an impressive performance convey deep emotions. Dazzling!” Rolling Stone Fr

  • Karpatt

    (15,987 listeners)

    chanson francaise, french, jazz manouche, folk

    From Paris, this french band play on the emotion, the cheerfulness and the thoughtlessness. Their sound is strongly influenced by jazz manouche and acoustic reggae.

  • Kate

    (6,065 listeners)

    psychedelic, progressive rock, alternative, eurodance

    There are (at least) four artists by the name of Kate: 1) Full line-up of the group is Hratch Garabedian (lead vocals), Chris Gilbey (lead guitar), Robert Gold (organ), Alfred Turnstall (bass guitar) and Barrie Edwards (drums).

  • La Casa Bancale

    (175 listeners)

    french, bancale, nostra, c-c-catchy

  • La Tchav’Project

    (0 listeners)

  • Let’s Work To Farm

    (0 listeners)