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  • AfterhoursUp-and-coming artist (from the Last.fm Hype Chart)

    (86,203 listeners)

    italian, alternative rock, rock, indie

    1. Afterhours are one of the most popular Italian alternative rock bands. Founded by lead singer Manuel Agnelli, currently Afterhours' members are Manuel Agnelli, Giorgio Prette, Rodrigo D'Erasmo, Giorgio Ciccarelli and Roberto Dell'Era. 2. Afterhours aka Nicholas Crozier Malkin, an artist from Los Angeles (USA)

  • Antonello Venditti

    (99,037 listeners)

    italian, pop, cantautori, antonello venditti

    Antonello Venditti (born March 8, 1949) is an Italian singer-songwriter who became famous in 1970s for the social themes of his songs. Antonello Venditti was born in Rome, the son of a police commissary.

  • Emis Killa

    (3,096 listeners)

    italian, italy, rap, hip hop

    Emiliano Giambelli, best known as Emis Killa (Vimercate, Italy, November 14, 1989), is an italian rapper. Discography: Albums 2012 - L'erba cattiva Mixtapes 2009 - Keta Music 2010 - Champagne e spine 2011 - The Flow Clocker vol. 1

  • Emma

    (29,820 listeners)

    pop, italian, female vocalists, hardcore

    There are multiple artists with this name 1. An alternate tag for Emma Bunton 2. An emo/hardcore band, later known as GunsLikeGirls 3. A French folk rock band active in the late 1990's

  • Entics

    (2,171 listeners)

    italian, chill906, global fusion, chillosophy

  • Enzo Iacchetti

    (56 listeners)

  • Gianluca GrignaniUp-and-coming artist (from the Last.fm Hype Chart)

    (76,545 listeners)

    italian, pop, gianluca grignani, italian pop

    Gianluca Grignani (born 7 April 1972 in Milan, Italy) is an Italian singer-songwriter and guitarist. His musical career took off after meeting guitarist, and producer Massimo Luca. In 1995 Grignani managed a breakthrough with the album "Destinazione Paradiso" which sold two million copies within a year and for which he was awarded the Telegatto.

  • Mario Biondi

    (25,689 listeners)

    jazz, soul, funk, latin jazz

    Mario Biondi is an Italian singer. Born in Catania, son of a popular song singer, still young sings in various small choruses. Years after he follows Califano, Di Capri, Bongusto, Fiorello and others in their tours.

  • Nina Zilli

    (24,587 listeners)

    italian, soul, pop, female vocalists

    Maria Chiara Fraschetta (born 2 February 1980 in Piacenza), better known by her stage name Nina Zilli, is an Italian singer-songwriter. After releasing her debut single "50mila", she achieved commercial success with the album Sempre lontano, released after participating in the newcomers' section of the Sanremo Music Festival 2010.

  • Pino Daniele

    (63,858 listeners)

    blues, italian, folk, napoli

    Pino Daniele (March 19, 1955, Naples) is an Italian pop-blues singer, songwriter and musician. Daniele was born to a low class family, his father being a port worker. A self-taught guitarist, he began his career as a musician playing for other successful singers of 1970s.

  • Planet Funk

    (277,856 listeners)

    electronic, funk, dance, house

    Planet Funk is an Italian electronic dance musical ensemble. Members are Sergio Della Monica, Alex Neri, Domenico GG Canu, Marco Baroni, Alex Uhlmann and Alessandro Sommella (the Ghost extra member), in addition to a series of guest singers in collaboration, like Dan Black, Sally Doherty, Raiz and John Graham. Alex Uhlmann joined as the band's latest lead singer in November 2010.