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  • Austra

    (246,424 listeners)

    electronic, female vocalists, experimental, canadian

    Named for the Latvian goddess of light, Austra are an electronic band from Toronto, ON, Canada comprising Katie Stelmanis (principal songwriter), Maya Postepski, and Dorian Wolf. They débuted with the single "The Beat and the Pulse" (November 2010, One Big Silence), and their latest release is "Olympia" (June 2013, Domino) .

  • C2C

    (223,738 listeners)

    turntablism, hip-hop, french, electronic

    C2C was born in 1998 from the meeting of 4 French Dj's: Greem, Atom, Pfel and 20Syl. Members of an emerging movement called scratch music (or turntablism), this crew keeps working on finding original sounds and knows how to benefit from its technical control to put forward some musical quality which makes its identity.

  • Clock Opera

    (74,746 listeners)

    indie, electronic, ambient, indie rock

    Clock Opera are a British indie rock band based in London, UK. Formed in 2009 by singer, guitarist and sampler Guy Connelly, the quartet also comprises Andy West on bass and guitar, Che Albrighton on drums, and Dan Armstrong on keyboards and vocals. Their singles include "Belongings" and "Once and for All," and their debut album "Ways to Forget" was released on 23 April 2012.

  • Dead Cat Bounce

    (2,168 listeners)

    jazz, usa, avant-garde, sax

    There is more than one artist/group with this name. 1. Dead Cat Bounce is a comedy group made up of Mick Cullinan, Demian Fox, Shane O’Brien and James Walmsley. We started as a sketch act, but now perform as a full band, mixing songs with character comedy, genre spoofs and over the top rock posturing.

  • Django Django

    (285,325 listeners)

    psychedelic, indie, experimental, british

    Django Django consists of vocalist and guitarist Vinny Neff, drummer Dave Maclean (a brother of Beta Band's keyboard player John Maclean), Jimmy Dixon on bass and Tommy Grace on keyboards. They met at Edinburgh College of Art but formed in Dalston, London in 2008.

  • Elektro Guzzi

    (6,141 listeners)

    minimal, experimental, techno, electronic

    Elektro Guzzi from Vienna, members Bernhard Breuer, Bernhard Hammer, Jakob Schneidewind Live performances of electronic music have gone a long way since the seminal decision of a few men from Düsseldorf to leave their Krautrock beginnings behind and to become machines.

  • Francis International Airport

    (16,449 listeners)

    indie, austrian, indie rock, indietronica

    Francis International Airport are Austria’s experts in sophisticated pop music with an alternative attitude.

  • Love a

    (4,082 listeners)

    punk rock, punk, indie, german

  • Monophona

    (2,818 listeners)

    trip-hop, luxembourgian artist, eurosonic 2013, downtempo

    Monophona are Claudine (vocals, guitars, keys), Jorsch (percussion) and Chook (programming). With two completely different backgrounds in music, Claudine and Chook may have been an unlikely duo to collaborate at first glance.

  • Natas Loves You

    (2,175 listeners)

    psychedelic, indie, pop, new wave

    Originaires du Luxembourg, les 5 membres de Natas Loves You, dessinent les contours d'une pop stellaire et ambitieuse. Leurs mélodies aux couleurs lumineuses se glissent dans des rythmiques frénétiques ou contemplatives. 1er album réalisé par Chris Zane (Passion Pit, Holy Ghost !) à paraître en 2014 (3e bureau - wagram music).

  • Oscar and the Wolf

    (14,368 listeners)

    belgian, indie folk, indie, folk

    Oscar And The Wolf is a young Belgian band signed to PIAS Recordings. Their music sounds like a combination of dark melancholic pop with danceable rhythms, according to singer Max Colombie. In june 2012 their new EP ‘Summer Skin’, that contains the single 'Orange Sky' and was recorded in a church, was released. The year before they already put out their debut ‘Imagine Mountains’.

  • Rolo TomassiUp-and-coming artist (from the Last.fm Hype Chart)

    (52,063 listeners)

    experimental, mathcore, grindcore, noisecore

    Rolo Tomassi are an experimental extreme punk band from Sheffield, England. Their name is taken from the fictional character Rollo Tomasi in the film LA Confidential. The band formed in 2005 and set their local scene alight by playing a synth driven technical mix of styles and genres difficult to define in a single word.

  • Say Yes Dog

    (2,978 listeners)

    indie, electronic, experimental, synth

    A band from Luxembourg. They will perform at Glimps Gent 13-14 December 2013.

  • Seed to Tree

    (92 listeners)

    folk, luxembourg, acoustic, indie

    Seed to Tree from Luxembourg have had their sound, especially live, compared to an array of acts: Fleet Foxes, Of Monsters and Men, Damien Rice, and even Mumford and Sons. Certainly their music evokes a similar folk-pop-rock passion with mesmerising and sweeping melodies, combined with solid vocal arrangements.

  • Synthesis

    (6,890 listeners)

    balkan, ethno, macedonian, folk

    There are at least 3 bands known under this name: The first one was formed in 1976 in France, by Claude Delcloo, who gathered 23 (yes, twentytree!) famous studio musicians of the time (Didier Lockwood, Marc Chantereau, François Jeanneau, André Ceccarelli, Ivan Jullien among them) creating this way the first dreamteam à la française.

  • The xx

    (1,513,373 listeners)

    indie, electronic, british, post-punk

    The xx are a Mercury Prize-winning trio formed in 2005 in London, United Kingdom and signed to Young Turks. The band members are Romy Madley Croft (vocals, lead guitar), Oliver Sim (vocals, bass guitar), and Jamie Smith, known as Jamie xx (beats, MPC sampler). Second guitarist and keyboardist Baria Qureshi was dropped from the band mid-tour in 2009. The reasons behind her ousting remain unclear.

  • Thomas Azier

    (39,787 listeners)

    electropop, synthpop, electronic, funk

    Thomas Azier is a Dutch singer who currently lives in Berlin. He describes his music as "pop music that explodes in your face." His music is made up of slow electronic pop with synthesizers and shrill vocals.

  • WellBad

    (88 listeners)