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  • 65 Mines Street

    (348 listeners)

    ska, 2-tone, surf, 2 tone

    This band from France has members from Two Tone Club, The Rebel Assholes and Taste in Vibes. They play ska and reggae music, with a hint of surf and punk. Their debut album was released in September 2010.

  • Elisa Do Brasil

    (4,478 listeners)

    drum and bass, french, dnb, techno

    Coming from Brazil, Elisa is a French drum’n’bass DJ you can't miss. In 1999, she draw attention during the Astropolis Festival. Shortly after, Elisa becomes a Dj resident for the Massive parties at Rex Club in Paris. Massive parties are part of the best references in French drum'n'bass.

  • Hibou

    (11,864 listeners)

    shoegaze, indie, doomcore, darkcore

    Peter Michel is a 20 year old Seattleite who creates music under the alias Hibou. Michel toured North America and Europe as the drummer of Captured Tracks’ band Craft Spells. After a year of non-stop touring, the high school student felt his life with the band had ran its course, and that it was time to begin creating his own music.


    (1 listener)

  • Inside Project

    (150 listeners)

    french, hardcore, metalcore, vu en concert

    Hardcore/Metal band from Montbéliard-Mulhouse, France. visit http://www.myspace.com/insideproject

  • La Phaze

    (37,246 listeners)

    drum and bass, dub, french, electronic

    La Phaze is a drum n bass group formed in 1999 by Arnaud Fournier (also member of Hint) and Damny Baluteau. The trio from France, describe their music as "Pungle", or a mix between Punk and Jungle.The group also draws its energy from dub, downtempo, hip-hop, free & acid jazz, and reggae.

  • Liléa Narrative

    (6,110 listeners)

    abstract hip-hop, turntablism, trip-hop, hip-hop

    Lilea Narrative was first noticed at the 2006 edition of the Nordik Impakt Festival, then in 2007 at the Transmusicales Rennes Festival and was selected as new talent in the 2008 Printemps de Bourges Festival.

  • MC Trouble

    (484 listeners)

    hip-hop, female emcees, femc, rap

    LaTasha Sheron Rogers (July 30, 1970 - June 4, 1992) was a rap artist who went by the stage name MC Trouble. She was the first female rapper signed to Motown Records.

  • MiSSiLL

    (11,920 listeners)

    breakbeat, electro, french, hip-hop

    MiSSiLL is a pseudonym of Paris, France DJ / graphic designer / graffiti writer / producer Emilie Talieu. Her recording début was with the track Missill & PM feat Dynamite MC's "Forward" (2007, Discograph) and her latest is the album "Kawaii" (Feb 2011, Atmospheriques).

  • Monkey3

    (23,939 listeners)

    stoner rock, space rock, instrumental, psychedelic

    Monkey3 is on the edge of space-rock, stoner and progressive. Cosmic wall of sound, psychedelic vibes, instrumental music that invites you to travel through your mind. Trippy grooves for heavy riffs with spacey keyboards landscapes, all enhanced by hypnotic video projections. Fasten your seat belts, ready to take-off !

  • Punish Yourself

    (19,345 listeners)

    industrial, cyberpunk, industrial metal, french

    Punish Yourself are an ebm / industrial metal band from France, who incorporate: hammering beats, guitar riffs, loops / samples, ambient waves & techno. Current members include: Cyril Laurent, Pierre-Laurent Clément, Sandrine Caracci, Vincent Villalon & Xavier Guionie. Former members inlclude: Bud Silva, Olivier Menini, Stéphane Vanstaen & Thierry Latt.

  • The Elderberries

    (3,158 listeners)

    hard rock, rock, french, indie

    The Elderberries is a French hard rock band.


    (5,729 listeners)

    electro, punk, hardcore, crust