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  • PartibrejkersUp-and-coming artist (from the Last.fm Hype Chart)

    (14,656 listeners)

    rock, garage rock, serbian rock, punk rock

    Partibrejkers is a garage punk band from Belgrade, Serbia. Sometimes cited as the founders of YU garage rock. It is difficult to categorize them as their influences are diverse, such as the The Stooges, MC5, early Rolling Stones or New York Dolls - all spiced up with a healthy dose of blues, rhythm and blues and rock and roll.

  • Rambo Amadeus

    (12,575 listeners)

    alternative rock, jazz, rock, alternative

    Rambo Amadeus (born June 14, 1963 in Kotor, Montenegro) is a pseudonym for the Montenegrin Belgrade-based (hometown Herceg-Novi) rock singer-songwriter Antonije Pušić, popular all over the ex-Yugoslavia. A self-titled "musician, poet and media manipulator" continues to be one of the most interesting phenomena on music scene(s) of the former Yugoslavia.

  • TBF

    (10,827 listeners)

    hip-hop, croatian, croatian hip-hop, najbolji rap u ciloj hrvatskoj

    There are at least two bands named TBF: 1) TBF (The Beat Fleet) is a Croatian hip/hop band from Split,Croatia. The band was founded in 1990. Members of the band are: Mladen Badovinac (vocal, samples), Luka Barbić (vocals, keyboards, samples), Aleksandar Antić (vocals, lyrics, samples, harmonica), Ognjen Pavlović (bass guitar), Nikša Mandalinić, (electric guitar), Janko Novoselić (drums).

  • zoster

    (4,982 listeners)

    reggae, bosnian, chillout, rock

    There are 3 bands with the name Zoster: 1. Zoster (Bosnia and Herzegovina) The band Zoster was formed in the autumn of 2000 on the initiative of Mario Knezović and Dragan Planinić to say something. A year later, they were joined by the drummer Goran Rebac and singer Marijana Pejić, and four of them make the backbone of the band.