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  • Andreas Bergmann

    (1,336 listeners)

    techno, minimal, tech house, klopfgeist

    Biography Have you ever heard the tail of the friendly bald DJ that lives up in the North of Holland?...then you must have heard about Andreas Bergmann.

  • Aril Brikha

    (57,546 listeners)

    techno, detroit techno, minimal, deep techno

    Aril Brikha (born in 1976 in Tehran, Iran) is a producer currently residing in Stockholm, Sweden, who initially discovered electronic music by listening to the likes of Depeche Mode, Front 242 and Jean Michel Jarre before discovering the more futuristic sounds of artists like Detroit's Robert Hood and Underground Resistance.

  • Audio Adam

    (1,438 listeners)

    the netherlands, dutch, friesland, pop

    Audio Adam Tjerk Koekkoek - Zang/Piano Jasper Dijkstra - Gitaar/Zang Ronald Maas - Basgitaar/Zang Robert-Jan Zigterman - Drums Audio Adam Ze zitten vol melodie, ze hebben een stevige ritmische fundering en gitaarriffs die messcherp zijn.

  • Blue June

    (31 listeners)

  • Bodem

    (4 listeners)

  • Boomshakalak

    (123 listeners)

    chillout, lounge, electronic, electronica

  • Braincasket

    (482 listeners)

    death metal, metal, brutal death metal, under 2000 listeners

    BRAINCASKET Since 2007, Braincasket is an energetic brutal deathmetalband from the Netherlands. July 2011, Braincasket released a new 3-track demo called 'Methods Of Persuasion'.

  • Cleavers

    (483 listeners)

    bandcamp, hardcore, uk, punk rock

    CLEAVERS: A Scottish garage punk band formed in early 2011 by members of Urgent Blood, Genetic Mutation and Atomgevitter through small town boredom.

  • Cornered

    (2,298 listeners)

    hardcore, hardcore punk, dutch, netherlands

    There are 2 bands named cornered 1)Hardcore Punk from the Netherlands, formed in 2009. Demo 2009 on War Inside Records Out now: Demo 7" on Crucial Attack Records and Split 7" with Cold Snap (UK) on Worship Records.

  • Damian Keane

    (38 listeners)

  • Delta Funktionen

    (10,288 listeners)

    dub techno, techno, deep techno, deep house

    Delta Funktionen is Niels Luinenburg's main musical project which has the focus on the deeper side of life. No fashion, no trends, just taking it back to where it came from and pushing it into new directions, still with much respect for the past. Releases saw daylight on Ann Aimee (Delsin's little sister) and Field Records.

  • DeWolff

    (25,019 listeners)

    psychedelic rock, rock, hard rock, dutch

    DeWolff are a psychedelic rock band from The Netherlands’ deep south, formed in 2007 by brothers Pablo and Luka van de Poel and Robin Piso.

  • Downbeat Maestros

    (15 listeners)

    seen live

    "Gimme a Downbeat, Maestro.." Named after Ronnie Dawsons' first words of the alltime rockabilly hit 'Action Packed'. And hell yeah, down they go! Filled with the big bass, Fender twang, flattop gitbox and drums... they put their rockin' beat as down as they can!

  • Drive Like Maria

    (14,376 listeners)

    stoner rock, rock, dutch, belgian

    Drive Like Maria is a Belgian/Dutch Rock trio, formed in 2005. Their début album is named after the Dallas town of Elmwood, where John Congleton (The Paper Chase) did the mixing. Drive Like Maria’s rock songs have been described as "influenced by Led Zeppelin, early ZZ Top, Neil Young and Queens Of The Stone Age", among others.

  • Het Vaticaan

    (2 listeners)

  • Houwitser

    (5,570 listeners)

    brutal death metal, death metal, grindcore, dutch

    HOUWITSER plays Death Metal in the classic sense, bottom heavy, blasting but with a slight groove, complete with lyrics of gore and murder. They are a Dutch band that was formed in 1997 by members of SINISTER; Aad, Mike, Michel and Theo from JUDGEMENT DAY. In that same year HOUWITSER recorded a promo with 6 songs and in June 1998, HOUWITSER signed to a Dutch record label: Displeased Records

  • Johnnygoody

    (248 listeners)

    under 2000 listeners, singer-songwriter, dutch, all

    Johnnygoody is Luutzen Dijkstra, blessed with a great talent for writing melancholic songs. This indie singer-songwriter began making music at a young age and decided to exchange his philosophy studies in The Netherlands for an uncertain future in Berlin a few years ago.

  • Karma to Burn

    (97,652 listeners)

    stoner rock, instrumental, stoner, stoner metal

    Karma to Burn is an American instrumental stoner rock band. The band was formed in 1994, in Hicksville, West Virginia (actually Morgantown, West Virginia, though this was a running joke also reflected in bios of the band on other Web sites).

  • Moss

    (65,012 listeners)

    doom metal, drone, sludge, drone doom

    There are at least ten artists which use the name Moss: 1. An indie rock band from The Netherlands 2. An occult doom metal band from the United Kingdom 3. A rock band from China 4. An electronic musician 5. A progressive trance producer 6. An IDM musician

  • Mundo Park

    (113 listeners)

    indie, indie rock, dutch, under 2000 listeners

  • Nelson Can

    (3,611 listeners)

    experimental pop, jazz, danish, danish artist

    Nelson Can is a Scandinavian all female-band, based in Copenhagen. The band operates with several dogmas and a very noticeable one is that the band use no guitars.

  • Nom de Plume

    (134 listeners)

    subtly sublime, seen live

    Nom De Plume are a hip hop/ pop/ electro trio formed in London, England, in 2006 and consists of Magnolia Slimm (MC), Olos (MC) and Lord Carvadeya (MC/ Producer).

  • Nuno dos Santos

    (2,033 listeners)

    techno, netherlands, nu-bluz funky grooves in the e-lounge, electronic-lounge

    DJ Nuno Dos Santos was born in 1976 in Lissabon, Portugal, but grew up in The Netherlands. Besides being a DJ, Nuno is a graphic designer. He is the founder of Kollektiv, a concept and design agency.

  • Passengers

    (168,995 listeners)

    ambient, electronic, experimental, alternative

    There are a few bands with the name, including the following: 1) Passengers are the band made up, in 1995, of Brian Eno and U2 members Bono, The Edge, Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen, jr. They did not record under the name U2 because Brian Eno was the primary composer while Bono, The Edge, Clayton and Mullen were, as they used to say, Passengers of his ship.

  • Polaroid Fiction

    (679 listeners)

    rock, indie rock, seenlive, live gezien

  • The Black Atlantic

    (85,224 listeners)

    indie, acoustic, dutch, folk

    The Black Atlantic is a band from the Netherlands formed around singer and songwriter Geert van der Velde. Debut album Reverence for Fallen Trees was released in August, 2009. Follow-up EP Darkling, I Listen was released in January, 2012. The Enshrine EP, featuring 3 new solo acoustic performances, was released in November, 2013.

  • The Cool Quest

    (514 listeners)

    all, jazz, funk, hiphop

  • wakeful

    (70 listeners)

    under 2000 listeners, death metal, progressive death metal, seen live

    Progressive Death metalband from Leeuwarden, Holland. Influenced by artists like In Flames & Slayer.

  • William Seen's Transport Music

    (532 listeners)

    dutch, rock, indie, pop

    Once, somewhere around 2004, there was a man, who thought it was time to show the world around him his songs. His name is Egbert van der Werff. He had written a bunch and entered a songwriter-contest in the local pub. He won. Then he went through to a bigger city to play and he won again.

  • Willie Darktrousers

    (30 listeners)

    seen live

  • Yellow House 21

    (5 listeners)

    folk pop, dutch artist, eurosonic 2013, seen live

  • Zero

    (27,946 listeners)

    rock, indian rock, post-punk, 80s

    There are at least 11 artists with this name 1. A jam band from the United States 2. A shoegazing musician from France 3. A rock band from Germany 4. A rock band from India 5. A rock band from Brazil 6. A rock band from Romania 7. A rock band from Portugal