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  • Best Coast

    (504,140 listeners)

    lo-fi, indie, female vocalists, garage pop

    Best Coast is a surf pop band that formed in Los Angeles, California in 2009. The band comprises Bethany Cosentino (vocals, guitar) and Bobb Bruno (lead guitar).

  • Cloud Nothings

    (252,644 listeners)

    lo-fi, indie rock, indie, noise pop

    Cloud Nothings is an indie rock band from Cleveland, Ohio. Dylan Baldi started Cloud Nothings as a way to amuse himself between classes at Case Western Reserve University in 2009. The first batch of Cloud Nothings songs, including the blogosphere favorite "Hey Cool Kid" (available on the 2010 compilation "Turning On"), was recorded on a computer in the basement of Baldi's home in Westlake, OH.

  • Craft Spells

    (184,588 listeners)

    dream pop, indie pop, indie, lo-fi

    After a dormant period following the release of the Gallery EP in 2012, Craft Spells’ Justin Vallesteros is back with the gorgeously ambitious Nausea. It’s Craft Spells’ second proper full length LP, and first since 2010′s critically acclaimed Idle Labor.

  • Eternal Summers

    (83,958 listeners)

    lo-fi, noise pop, garage, female vocalists

    Eternal Summers hail from the Magic Twig Community of Roanoke, VA, a tight knit collective of musicians whose bands share instruments as well as personnel.

  • Frankie Rose

    (141,051 listeners)

    dream pop, indie, lo-fi, alternative

    As a founding member, songwriter, instrumentalist and vocalist in Vivian Girls and drummer and occasional vocalist in Crystal Stilts, Frankie Rose has been an integral part of two of the most highly acclaimed and influential groups to come out of Brooklyn's still-vital music scene in the past several years.

  • Grizzly Bear

    (1,161,920 listeners)

    indie, experimental, folk, lo-fi

    Grizzly Bear is a rock band from Brooklyn, New York. Their music uses melody and ambience in conjunction with hazy-eyed choruses, whistles, piano, banjo, and several woodwind instruments.

  • Julia Holter

    (131,105 listeners)

    experimental, ambient, electronic, lo-fi

    Julia Shammas Holter (born December 18, 1984) is an American experimental artist, singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist based in Los Angeles. A CalArts graduate, she released her first studio album, Tragedy, in 2011.

  • Krill

    (3,661 listeners)

    indie rock, lo-fi, math rock, noise rock

    There are at least two known bands named Krill: 1. A trio of dudes based in Somerville, MA. Totally DIY, in March '012 they released their full-length self-produced, -recorded, -etc. full-length debut ALAM NO HRIS. http://wheretheresakrilltheresaway.bandcamp.com/

  • Port St. Willow

    (21,069 listeners)

    ambient, indie, portland, lo-fi

    Port St. Willow is the music project of Nick Principe, originally formed in Portland, OR in 2009. His first album, "Even // Wasteland," was self-released in Fall 2010.

  • Purling Hiss

    (12,798 listeners)

    psychedelic, lo-fi, garage, garage rock

    psychedelic philly freaks on permanent records whose music can be described in two words: purling hiss.

  • Seapony

    (94,436 listeners)

    indie pop, dream pop, lo-fi, twee

    Seattle Washington's Seapony, comprised of Jen Weidl (Vocals, Guitar), Danny Rowland (guitar) & Ian Brewer (Bass).

  • Tennis

    (321,240 listeners)

    indie pop, lo-fi, indie, chillwave

    There are at least three artists sharing this name. 1. Tennis is Patrick Riley and Alaina Moore, a husband/wife duo. The idea for the project began one day a couple of years ago when Alaina made fun of Patrick for playing tennis in college. A year later the two fled their hometown Denver to spend eight months sailing and exploring the North Atlantic coast.

  • The Growlers

    (69,187 listeners)

    surf rock, psychedelic, lo-fi, psychedelic surf

    Take 5 southern california guys, mix in some surf, stone, and psychedelic, throw them in a haunted mansion in west hochiminster and with a little luck, you might get a band like The Growlers.

  • Unknown Mortal Orchestra

    (224,354 listeners)

    lo-fi, psychedelic, indie rock, indie

    Unknown Mortal Orchestra first dropped into the world in late 2010 as a bandcamp account carrying a single called ‘Ffunny Ffrends’.

  • Willis Earl Beal

    (46,220 listeners)

    blues, soul, lo-fi, singer-songwriter

    Willis Earl Beal is a Chicago born artist and musician. His music is mostly blues, R&B, gospel and folk influenced. Beal participated in auditions for Simon Cowell's 'The X Factor' television show, but dropped out of the "boot-camp" stage of the competition.

  • Woods

    (232,091 listeners)

    folk, lo-fi, freak folk, psychedelic

    Woods is a psych folk rock band based out of Brooklyn, New York which formed in 2005. Members include Jeremy Earl, Jarvis Taveniere, Kevin Morby, and G. Lucas Crane.