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  • Allan Pray

    (24 listeners)

    easy listening, indie

    Allan Pray is a 28 year old composer, song writer, and multi-instrumentalist from Cincinnati, OH. He writes primarily for acoustic instruments including cello, violin, voice, piano and guitar and he plays these instruments himself as he records the music in his home studio. The music is subsequently arranged for and performed live by a 7-10 piece classical ensemble.

  • Ami Saraiya & The Outcome

    (277 listeners)

    blank and the blanks, folk

  • Andrew Bird

    (1,052,690 listeners)

    indie, singer-songwriter, folk, indie pop

    Andrew Bird (born July 11, 1973) is an American musician. He was born in Lake Bluff, Illinois and resides in the Chicago area. Bird is a singer, a violinist and, since 2004, a guitarist. He is also an accomplished whistler.

  • Army Navy

    (58,678 listeners)

    indie, rock, alternative, recommended

    Army Navy was born in the bedroom of Justin Kennedy, who in his early days played with Ben Gibbard (Death Cab for Cutie) in the Seattle band Pinwheel.

  • Automagik

    (291 listeners)

    indie, pop, experimental, pop rock

    Upon one listen, Automagik sends you on a magikal journey through time and space. This goofy, energetic, shmow pow of music is just what you need to get a-goin'. So pop open a can of caffeinated drink, and open your ears to beautiful hyperactivity. Automagik is now your favorite band. Surrender to the yumminess.

  • Bad Veins

    (23,895 listeners)

    indie rock, indie, cincinnati, rock

    Bad Veins is an indie rock duo from Cincinnati, Ohio, composed of Benjamin Davis and Jake Bonta. The band, originally featuring Davis and former member Sebastien Schultz, released their debut self-titled album on Dangerbird Records. Davis primarily writes the music, plays guitar and keyboard, and sings, while also recording backtracking music on a reel-to-reel tape player, nicknamed Irene.

  • Bella Clava

    (159 listeners)

    rock, classic rock, indie, slinky

    Caitlin hates Steve but Steve really hates Caitlin but Caitlin especially hates Steve. Originally from Thunder Bay, Ontario.

  • Belle Histoire

    (3,503 listeners)

    indie pop, alternative, indie, cincinnati

    Belle Histoire is an indie-pop alternative band from Cincinnati, OH and consists of: * Jane Smith (lead vocals/keys) * Austin Livingood (guitar/vocals) * Mitch Winsett (bass/vocals) * Wes Comer (drums) The band has shared the stage with such bands as Cold War Kids, Parachute, Death Cab for Cutie, Neon Trees, Passion Pit, Ted Leo and The Pharmacists, and many other popular acts.

  • Ben Dumm and the Deviants

    (86 listeners)


    Ben Dumm is formerly from the Pennsylvania band The Marauders . http://www.bendumm.com

  • Ben Lapps

    (1,089 listeners)

    instrumental, experimental, nuggets, 000

    Acoustic fingerstyle guitarist, Ben Lapps, 18, is currently a senior at Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy and has been performing professionally for 4 years.

  • Best Coast

    (489,868 listeners)

    lo-fi, indie, female vocalists, garage pop

    Best Coast is a surf pop band that formed in Los Angeles, California in 2009. The band comprises Bethany Cosentino (vocals, guitar) and Bobb Bruno (lead guitar).

  • Bethesda

    (4,095 listeners)

    soundtrack, ost, video game music, christian praise and worship

    Bethesda's 2012 was a busy year with performances at Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival, The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame & Museum's Summer in the City Series with Sharon Van Etten, RedGorilla Music Festival at SXSW, MidPoint Music Festival, Burning River Fest, and more.

  • Billy Two Shoes

    (37 listeners)

    Billy Two Shoes music encompasses many things: Hill people and moonshine, bluegrass, triscuits and cheese, the low rumble of the barges moving up the river, slaw dogs at the DQ in Hinton, fog sitting in the valley, selflessness…

  • Black Owls

    (300 listeners)

    hard rock, 70s revival, mpmf11, seen live

  • Black Taxi

    (10,666 listeners)

    under 2000 listeners, jazz, blues, lounge

    BLACK TAXI is one of NYC's most prominent live acts, smashing an anything-goes punk ethos together with pop sensibilities, unparalleled energy, and brilliant songwriting.

  • Bonesetters

    (379 listeners)

    under 2000 listeners, rock, surf, folk

    Bonesetters is a rock/folk band from Indianapolis, Indiana comprised of four members (Cody Davis on drums; Ryan Rader on bass; Sam Shafer on lead guitar/trumpet/keys; and Dan Snodgrass on rhythm guitar/vocals).

  • Brian Olive

    (5,164 listeners)

    psychedelic, garage psych, all, alive naturalsound records

    Brian Olive’s name first came into the public eye as a founding guitarist/singer of The Greenhornes, and later as a member of the Soledad Brothers, for whom he provided saxophone and sundries under the pseudonym of Oliver Henry.

  • Briar Rabbit

    (340 listeners)

    folk, chicago, indie, pop

    Grounded in a firm belief that pop music and intellectual lyrics are not mutually exclusive, Briar Rabbit coined the phrase “thought-pop” to describe his sound. “A lot of times feels like an idea that someone didn’t believe you were capable of chewing and mushed it to baby food. For me, the chewing is essential.”

  • Buffalo Clover

    (418 listeners)

    checkout, country rock, roots rock, pop soul

    True roots music is a dying art. Buffalo Clover intertwines the lasting elements of folk, blues, motown, early rock and roll and gypsy music.


    (6 listeners)

  • CarouselUp-and-coming artist (from the Last.fm Hype Chart)

    (50,826 listeners)

    electronic, indie, electro, indie pop

    There are multiple artists with the name Carousel: 1) Carousel - An electro-pop duo based in Brooklyn, NY. The two Berklee College of Music graduates created a unique sound that combines the drive of electro with the melodic sensibilities of pop.

  • Chain and the Gang

    (14,467 listeners)

    garage rock, soul, 70s revival, political

    Chain and the Gang is a rock and roll band from Washington, D.C. led by Ian Svenonius and Katie Alice Greer. Svenonius is notable as the singer and mouthpiece of various Washington, D.C.-based music groups including The Nation of Ulysses, Make Up, Cupid Car Club and Weird War.

  • Cheyenne Marie Mize

    (32,469 listeners)

    indie, acoustic, folk, female vocals

    It’s a challenge not to fall in love with Cheyenne Marie Mize. Whimsical, haunting, dreamlike folk that’s dynamic and eschews the traditional folk formulae, her debut, Before Lately, is an amalgamation of contradictions – rugged and gentle, innocent and forlorn, spacious and intimate, desolate and uplifting.

  • Christopher Paul Stelling

    (1,961 listeners)

    singer-songwriter, like, folk, indie

    Christopher Paul Stelling is a Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter whose music is of the folk persuasion. He currently has a number of songs that you can download for free on his website.

  • Cloud Nothings

    (237,937 listeners)

    lo-fi, indie rock, indie, noise pop

    Cloud Nothings is an indie rock band from Cleveland, Ohio. Dylan Baldi started Cloud Nothings as a way to amuse himself between classes at Case Western Reserve University in 2009. The first batch of Cloud Nothings songs, including the blogosphere favorite "Hey Cool Kid" (available on the 2010 compilation "Turning On"), was recorded on a computer in the basement of Baldi's home in Westlake, OH.

  • Cold Showers

    (14,316 listeners)

    post-punk, indie, rock, all

    Facebook Twitter Cold Showers, a band formed in Los Angeles, CA in 2010, fuses the brash power of the shoegazers with the smoky compulsions of the no-wavers—Cold Showers would fit comfortably within the dusty catalog of Factory Records, if only for an industrial subtlety in terms of electronics and acoustics.

  • Craft Spells

    (173,191 listeners)

    dream pop, indie pop, indie, lo-fi

    After a dormant period following the release of the Gallery EP in 2012, Craft Spells’ Justin Vallesteros is back with the gorgeously ambitious Nausea. It’s Craft Spells’ second proper full length LP, and first since 2010′s critically acclaimed Idle Labor.

  • Culture Queer

    (296 listeners)

    under 2000 listeners, ohio, baby by culture queer, mpmf11

    Culture Queer is an international electro-pop band that resides in Cincinnata ,Ohio USA. Cincinnata is a grim and humid spot ,middle america . WE ARE NOT GAY UNLESS YOU MEAN HAPPY GO LUCKY. Combining pop melodies, effected live video mixing, and cool-ass samples, we break out of the wet cardboard box of live rock music.

  • Darlene

    (318 listeners)

    under 2000 listeners, belgian music, darlene zscheck

    darlene zscheck

  • Dawn Hiatt

    (2 listeners)

  • Dead Fame

    (159 listeners)

    new wave, indie, alternative, synthpop

    US indie rock band Dead Fame take many of their cues from post-punk bands such as Wire, Gang of Four, Bauhaus, and New Order, with influences from music produced during the New Wave movement of the late 1970s and early 1980s.

  • Denney and The Jets

    (2,255 listeners)

    under 2000 listeners, chris denney, limited fanfare records, jeff the brotherhood

    Denney and The Jets play an unbridled brand of hip-shakin' Rock & Roll with heavy Soul and Country influences. The Nashville, TN-based band is steeped in its hometown’s institution of Country Music as much as it is a part of the new wave of young Nashville Rock bands with an enlightened view (and sound) of the future.

  • Dinosaur Feathers

    (46,294 listeners)

    indie pop, indie, experimental, folk

    Dinosaur Feathers is a trio from Brooklyn who create "‘50s/early-‘60s-inspired pop music." Greg and Derek sang a capella together at Carleton College in Minnesota.

  • Dinosaur Jr.

    (691,771 listeners)

    alternative, indie rock, grunge, indie

    Dinosaur Jr. is a rock band which formed in 1983 in Amherst, Massachusetts. The band was formed by J Mascis (guitar and vocals) and his high school classmate Lou Barlow (bass guitar), following the break-up of their hardcore punk band Deep Wound. Shortly afterwards, Murph (Emmett Patrick Murphy, drums) joined them.

  • Dirty Bourbon River Show

    (736 listeners)

    bandcamp, under 2000 listeners

    The Dirty Bourbon River Show is a gypsy folk circus rock band from New Orleans. Drawing from a rich diversity of musical backgrounds – with 4 musicians playing a revolving set of instruments and a ringmaster – the Dirty Bourbon River Show has been catching America’s eye with its wild, wayward music.

  • Dirty Projectors

    (420,166 listeners)

    experimental, indie, freak folk, folk

    Dirty Projectors are an experimental pop group led by singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Dave Longstreth which formed in 2002 in Brooklyn, New York, United States. The current lineup of Dirty Projectors is Dave Longstreth (vocals, multiple instruments), Amber Coffman (vocals, guitar), Nat Baldwin (bass), Mike Johnson (drums), Olga Bell (vocals, keyboard) and Haley Dekle (vocals).

  • Doctor Bombay

    (173 listeners)


  • Dressy Bessy

    (98,310 listeners)

    indie pop, indie, female vocalists, twee

    Dressy Bessy is an indie rock band from Denver, Colorado, associated with the Elephant Six Collective. Guitarist John Hill also plays with the Apples in Stereo.

  • Dutch Pink

    (231 listeners)

  • Eclipse Movement

    (52 listeners)

    jazz, hip-hop, fusion, jazz fusion

    Eclipse Movement is a Cincinnati-based Hip-Hop, Jazz-Fusion, Jam Band, formed in 2005 by Max Gise, Brian Batchelor-Glader, Aaron Jacob, and Phillip Tipton at the College Conservatory of Music in the University of Cincinnati. They released their debut self-titled album in 2007, featuring the locally-played single Mambo Hop.

  • Enemy Planes

    (251 listeners)

  • Eternal Summers

    (81,545 listeners)

    lo-fi, noise pop, garage, female vocalists

    Eternal Summers hail from the Magic Twig Community of Roanoke, VA, a tight knit collective of musicians whose bands share instruments as well as personnel.

  • F. Stokes

    (804 listeners)

    underground hip-hop, hip-hop, chicago, midwest

    F.Stokes is a internationally touring rapper/poet/spoken wordsmith who has performed in premiere venues throughout the world. F.

  • Fairmount Girls

    (361 listeners)

    under 2000 listeners, rock, ohio, cincinnati

    The Fairmount Girls are a pop-punk/indie rock group from Cincinnati. They are made up of keyboardist/singer Melissa Fairmount, guitarist/trumpeter/noise maker Randy Cheek, bassist/singer Beth Cheek, guitarist/singer Pat Hennessy, and drummer/singer Dana Hamblen.

  • Filament

    (870 listeners)

    experimental, free improvisation, wishlist, onkyo

    There is more than one artist with this name: 1. An onkyo experimental band from Japan 2. An American electronica/indie rock band from Detroit, Michigan.

  • For Algernon

    (164 listeners)

    under 2000 listeners, indie pop, folk, acoustic

  • Fort Wilson Riot

    (2,853 listeners)

    indie, under 2000 listeners, minnesota, garage rock

    Their debut record Idigaragua was an indie-rock opera performed with a full cast of actors and dancers that was written up nationally by Variety Magazine. While working on their follow-up record, Fort Wilson Riot amicably pared down to the duo of Amy & Jacob, joined, and toured with the band Ice Palace opening for Cloud Cult on there Fall Tour of 2009.

  • Frankie Rose

    (136,363 listeners)

    dream pop, indie, lo-fi, alternative

    As a founding member, songwriter, instrumentalist and vocalist in Vivian Girls and drummer and occasional vocalist in Crystal Stilts, Frankie Rose has been an integral part of two of the most highly acclaimed and influential groups to come out of Brooklyn's still-vital music scene in the past several years.

  • Freekbot

    (7 listeners)

  • Freelance Whales

    (380,611 listeners)

    indie, folk, indie pop, acoustic

    Freelance Whales is an indie rock band hailing from Queens, New York, formed in 2008 and consisting of frontman Judah Dadone (lead vocals, banjo, acoustic and electric guitar, synthesizer, bass), and bandmates Nicole Mourelatos a.k.a.