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  • Bones

    (40,146 listeners)

    cloud rap, hip-hop, sesh, death metal

    There are multiple artists named "Bones" 1) Bones, a 21-year old rapper (born January 11, 1994) hailing from the Los Angeles area. Real name: Elmo Kennedy O'Connor. He is known for his catchphrase "sesh". 2) Bones is a death metal band from Antwerp, Belgium. Demo tape released in January 2013. 'Awaiting Rebirth' EP released December 2014 on Blood Harvest and Pulverised Records.

  • Caught a Ghost

    (29,348 listeners)

    soul, electronic, hip-hop, indie

    Caught A Ghost is a project from Los Angeles, California, USAsongwriter and producer Jesse Nolan. Featuring kindergarten classmate Sephen Edelstein on drums and vocals from Chanteuse Mvox (marushka mujic).

  • Das Racist

    (174,933 listeners)

    hip-hop, rap, art rap, new york

    Das Racist was a hip hop group, formed in 2008 and based in Brooklyn, New York, comprised of Queens-born Himanshu Suri and San Francisco-born Victor Vazquez.

  • De La Soul

    (778,369 listeners)

    hip-hop, hip hop, rap, alternative rap

    De La Soul is a massively influential hip hop group, hailing from Amityville, New York, United States. They are best known for their eclectic sampling and quirky, surreal lyrics, and their contributions to the evolution of the jazz hop subgenre. They are the best known of the early alternative hip-hop acts.

  • Far East Movement

    (867,835 listeners)

    hip-hop, electronic, electro hop, rap

    The Far East Movement (also known as FM), hailing from the clubs and streets of Los Angeles, California, United States, are one of the freshest crews representing the next generation of artists and “fly music.

  • Hurricane

    (21,044 listeners)

    hard rock, hair metal, glam metal, 80s

    There are 4 artists that are called Hurricane. 1) a hair metal band formed in the mid-80's featuring Robert Sarzo (guitar), Tony Cavazo (bass), Kelly Hansen (vocals), and Jay Schellen (drums).

  • Mickey Avalon

    (166,523 listeners)

    hip-hop, glam rap, rap, hip hop

    Mickey Avalon (real name Yeshe Perl) is a rap artist from Hollywood, California. His debut self-titled solo album was released Nov. 7, 2006 on Interscope/Shoot to Kill Records in association with MySpace Records. Avalon blends dark, lewd, and crizzled lyrical hooks with hip-hop beats.

  • RZA

    (411,536 listeners)

    hip-hop, rap, wu-tang, hip hop

    Robert Fitzgerald Diggs, better known by his stage name RZA (pronounced /ˈrɪzə/; born July 5, 1969), is an American Grammy winning music producer, author, rapper, and occasional actor, director, and screenwriter. A prominent figure in hip hop music, he is the de facto leader of the Wu-Tang Clan.