Past event
Saturday 22 December 2007

Sydney Showground

1 Showground Rd
Sydney Olympic Park, Sydney 2127
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Tel: (02) 9704 1111

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  • onebigv

    This made my life

    8 Jan 2012 Reply
  • ninjaskillskill

    This was the best thing in my life.

    12 Jul 2010 Reply
  • robferre

    best thing ever

    19 Dec 2008 Reply
  • roon1sicunt

    Huu-uuu-uu-maa-an ... Rooo-bot

    24 Dec 2007 Reply
  • pascaleledumbo

    Wheee!!! It was AWESOME!! Got front row with pushovers and s**ts...But it was totally WORTHED!! I cried when they played!!! Btw..They didn't even checked for ID....

    24 Dec 2007 Reply
  • dirty_moses

    great concert!!! amazing.....(: and ooooooh my 17 year old friend got in yeahhhh good old crapppy id checks!

    23 Dec 2007 Reply
  • xcitindesigns

    A REAL review has just been posted up.

    23 Dec 2007 Reply
  • xyg


    23 Dec 2007 Reply
  • DiscGoIsUm

    Some vids are up on my blog:

    23 Dec 2007 Reply
  • DiscGoIsUm

    Or they even could have done what u2 did and give the first in the barrier stamps and one it hit the limit no one else could get in. Thats just some notes / replies to previous comments, it in no way had any detrimental effect on my day. The concert was fucking epic! Will be one for the history books...

    23 Dec 2007 Reply
  • DiscGoIsUm

    The worst I've had was at BDO 06. It was the same set up but involved a lot more unwanted pushing from side to side, meaning one minute you were at the front the next you were metres from the line itself. They should have taken a leaf from BDO's book because they changed the design this year and it worked so much better.

    23 Dec 2007 Reply
  • DiscGoIsUm

    After hearing that description you would think it would be the fastest line ever. It wasn't. Bar lines were average for an event of this size, maybe even shorter than usual. Same with the food, although come on!, they had two people in each 'canteen' should have had four at the least! The line to get into the D barrier wasn't too bad.

    23 Dec 2007 Reply
  • DiscGoIsUm

    Concert was amazing! It beat the hell out of Melbourne, but I guess that just depends on the view! Organising was very lax. The line to get in took forever! Yet it definitely wasn't for security reasons. I passed no sniffer dogs or 'weapon wands' or what ever they are called, they only 'asked' people what was in their bags and didn't actually check.

    23 Dec 2007 Reply
  • CrayolaS7

    It was seriously the sickest show ever. When they first started with Robot Rock I was just stunned. My legs hurt like hell today but it was worth it. I really didn't mind waiting to get in, but yeh the food/drink lines and prices sucked, but you have to expect it when there are that many people. I thought they handled it well.

    23 Dec 2007 Reply
  • MozzaC

    So you would of prefer for tens of thousands of people to miss out because you weren't willing to wait for a band, nor spend a day without alcohol. Maybe YOU should of stayed home. I admit it was poorly organised at the start, but it was well worth it.

    23 Dec 2007 Reply
  • PeterB87

    The 50 minute wait to get in isn't even what I was pissed off about. Half an hour lines to buy drinks and constantly changing rules about where you could enter and exit the dance area in front of the stage were a joke! The whole experience would have been a whole lot better if they had of just played to a smaller crowd and got rid of all the filler bands. Forget turning it into a mini fesitval!

    23 Dec 2007 Reply
  • max_hardcore

    yeah the entry wasnt very sorted well at all, oh well was worth the wait

    23 Dec 2007 Reply
  • PeterB87

    Most amazing performance ever but the most poorly organised event I've ever been to!

    22 Dec 2007 Reply
  • max_hardcore

    the best show ive ever witnessed,

    22 Dec 2007 Reply
  • Huggz1


    22 Dec 2007 Reply
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