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  • Brodka

    (182,134 listeners)

    polish, pop, female vocalists, soul

    SHORT BIO Monika Brodka, the sprite‐like vocalist BRODKA, launched onto the Polish music scene with a bang as the winner of Polish Pop Idol in 2004 at the young age of 16. Now, eight years and three award‐winning albums later, BRODKA has strayed away from her pop‐music start and is developing in a more mature, alternative electro‐pop artist.

  • Chaka Khan

    (442,292 listeners)

    soul, funk, female vocalists, 80s

    Chaka Khan (born Yvette Marie Stevens; 23 March 1953 - Chicago, Illinois, USA), frequently known as the "Queen of Funk", is a 10-time Grammy Award winning American singer-songwriter who gained fame in the 1970s as the frontwoman and focal point of the funk band Rufus.

  • Kayah

    (60,003 listeners)

    polish, female vocalists, pop, polskie

    Kayah is a pseudonym of Katarzyna Rooijens (b. Katarzyna Szczot, 5 Nov 1967, in Białystok, Poland), a successful female Polish singer-songwriter. She has released several albums & won numerous awards. At the start of her career, Kayah sang in choirs and with many bands (such as Tilt and Atrakcyjny Kazimierz). She made her solo debut with the song Daughter in 1988 at the Sopot Festival.

  • Mika Urbaniak

    (13,631 listeners)

    female vocalists, polish, chillout, acid jazz

    Mika Urbaniak – vocalist, born in 1980 in New York. Daughter of Urszula Dudziak and Michal Urbaniak, both jazz artists.

  • NDR Bigband

    (547 listeners)

    jazz, seen live

  • Quincy Jones

    (385,535 listeners)

    jazz, soul, funk, bossa nova

    Quincy Delight Jones Jr. (born March 14, 1933) is an American music impresario, musical arranger, record producer, and film composer.

  • R.U.T.A.

    (3,905 listeners)

    folk, punk, folk punk, polish

    R.U.T.A. project was an initiative of Maciek Szajkowski - leader of Warsaw Village Band and it is based on archaic lyrics from peasant songs of revolt against the exploitative feudal system. The top Polish committed rock vocalists were invited to this project: Paweł "Guma" Gumola (Moskwa), Robert "Robal" Matera (Dezerter), Nika (Post Regiment) oraz Hubert "Spięty" Dobaczewski (Lao Che).

  • Richard Bona

    (96,608 listeners)

    jazz, african, bass, world

    Born in 1967 in the village of Minta in East Cameroon, Bona grew up in a home filled with music. He began to perform in public at the age of five, singing in the village church with his mother and four sisters.

  • Stanisław Soyka

    (40,582 listeners)

    jazz, polish, poetry, singer-songwriter

    Soyka is a Polish jazz and pop singer, pianist and composer. He was born as Stanisław Sojka on April 26, 1959 in Żory, Poland, a small town in the Upper Silesia.

  • Tomasz Stańko

    (49,355 listeners)

    jazz, trumpet, polish jazz, free jazz

    Tomasz Stańko (b. 1942) is a Polish jazz trumpeter and composer. Stańko was born in Rzeszów, Poland, on 11th July 1942. He formed the quartet Jazz Darings in 1962 with Adam Makowicz (later replaced by Janusz Muniak); this was one of the first European groups to be influenced by Ornette Coleman.

  • Urszula Dudziak

    (9,707 listeners)

    jazz, polish jazz, female vocalists, polish

    Born on October 22, 1943, Straconka, Poland. Although Dudziak studied piano formally for some years, she began to sing in the late 50s after hearing records by Ella Fitzgerald.