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  • Alex Weiss & Different Drum

    (0 listeners)

    Li-Lan Hsiang-Weiss - congas & percussion Lisa Lindsay - alto saxophone Brian Pearl - bass & percussion Alex Weiss - cornet, flute & congas Erich Lieth - keyboard, percussion Pavelid Castañeda - accordion, quatro & percussion Hector Cano - guitar, cana(flute), tambor & percussion

  • Andy Coats

    (12 listeners)

    Born and raised in North Carolina, Andy Coats has been involved in music since his early teens, when he sang and played in a hard rock band and later a progressive rock band.

  • Big Medicine

    (368 listeners)

    old-timey, seen live

    Big Medicine consistently serves up a powerful potpourri of deep-rooted old-time mountain music, early style bluegrass, original songs, and fresh arrangements. One of the most influential old-time bands in the American traditional music scene since 1999, Big Medicine has released three critically acclaimed albums and have performed for concerts, dances, festivals across the US and overseas.

  • Birds and Arrows

    (644 listeners)

    folk, indie, pop, seen live

    BIRDS and ARROWS create unique music that is “full of romance and energy”, “enchanting”, and “the kind you fall in love with”.

  • Brett Harris

    (497 listeners)

    pop, indie rock, singer songwriter, seen live

    Brett Harris is a pop musician from Durham, NC. Emerging on the scene with a collection of songs honed on a hand me down tape recorder, Brett began playing shows throughout the Southeast, winning over fans with engaging performances and an unforgettable voice.

  • Craicdown

    (9 listeners)

    Craicdown performs acoustic roots music with a high-energy, rock inspired flare. The band's repertoire draws from many sources, including the jigs and reels of the Celtic cultures, Brazilian choros, the swing musettes of Paris, American roots, and original compositions.

  • Craver, Watson Hicks & Newberry

    (0 listeners)

    Bill Hicks and Jim Watson, along with Tommy Thompson founded the Red Clay Ramblers in 1972. Mike Craver joined in 1973.

  • Curtis Eller's American Circus

    (5,279 listeners)

    alt-country, americana, banjo, folk

    Angry folk-country-punk-blues, whatever, banjo wielding showman Eller sings dark and ageless tunes.

  • Cutthroat Shamrock

    (1,617 listeners)

    folk punk, punk, celtic punk, beards

    Cutthroat Shamrock originates from the foot hills of East Tennessee. The band currently includes 6 members: Derek McRotten, Stewart McNealy, Johny Hyena, Suavo, Marcus, and Brad Banjovi. Their music is considered Appalachian punk rock.

  • Dark Water Rising

    (114 listeners)

    all, spotify

    Lead by Charly Lowry (American Idol contestant, Season 3) Dark Water Rising, originates from the home of its members in North Carolina, an area known for its rich Lumbee Indian culture.

  • Ellis

    (12,863 listeners)

    singer-songwriter, female vocalists, folk, indie

    There is more than one artist with this name: 1) Ellis was a UK rock band in the 1970s that made two albums and was named after the front man/singer Steve Ellis.

  • Eric Bannan

    (3 listeners)

    Eric Bannan is a storyteller, performing songwriter, back country adventure racer, husband, father and self confessed computer geek. His music is a potent brew of blues roots, amazing stories and wicked grooves! A seasoned performer for more than 30 years his shows are a celebration of life, love and loss.

  • George Higgs

    (216 listeners)

    blues, download, piedmont blues, under 2000 listeners

    George Higgs was born in 1930 in a farming community in Edgecombe County near Speed, North Carolina ("a slow town with a fast name" as he is fond of saying.

  • Grace Pettis

    (474 listeners)

    singer-songwriter, under 2000 listeners

    "Having recently witnessed Grace on stage and heard her perform material from her debut album as well as yet to be recorded compositions, I can attest that Grace weaves words and melodies into memorable songs with a regularity that you'd only expect from a seasoned troubadour."

  • James Olin Oden

    (43 listeners)

    James is singer/songwriter of Celtic music out of Raleigh, NC. "It's always been about what moves the heart. The songs I sing are compelling stories whose telling must be told over and over again. The stories range from dark acts that should not be forgotten to the silly revelries that we should never forsake.

  • John Condron

    (27 listeners)

  • Jon Shain

    (818 listeners)

    blues, spotify, under 2000 listeners, rock

    Jon Shain is a veteran singer-songwriter who's been turning heads for years with his words, his fiery acoustic guitar work, and his evolved musical style - combining improvised piedmont blues with bluegrass, swing, and ragtime. Shain's musical partners include FJ Ventre on upright bass and vocals, and John Currie on dobro and guitar, and Bill Newton on harmonica.

  • Katharine Whalen

    (15,184 listeners)

    jazz, swing, female vocalists, neo-swing

    RALEIGH, N.C. -- Katharine Whalen, former front-person in the roaring nineties swing band Squirrel Nut Zippers, is planning her return to music following a short hiatus with her first solo album in seven years, Dirty Little Secret. The album is slated to hit the streets June 6 on M.C. Records.

  • Kickin Grass

    (3,189 listeners)

    bluegrass, country, folk, spotify

    The Kickin Grass Band takes the stage, and suddenly you’re captivated by pure, strong voices telling true‐to‐life stories spiced with innovative bluegrass instrumentation. You fall in love with the rootsy, Americana style, and can’t wait for more. Fortunately, their third release, simply titled The Kickin Grass Band, displays all the chops, emotion and effusive energy of the band’s live show.

  • Kurt Fortmeyer

    (427 listeners)

    under 2000 listeners

    Kurt Fortmeyer Americana singer/songwriter (May 25, 1956 Edenton, North Carolina-) Kurt Fortmeyer was born in a barn and raised in a stable environment, or so he might tell an unwitting listener in one of his sillier moments.

  • Lightnin' Wells

    (332 listeners)

    blues, leadbelly and co, folk, acoustic blues

    Lightnin' Wells produced the first commercial recordings of the N.C. blues veterans Big Boy Henry, Algia Mae Hinton and George Higgs.

  • Mary Johnson Rockers

    (84 listeners)

    MARY JOHNSON ROCKERS is her name, not a band. But with the Spark behind her, she delivers “great, roving Americana with pipes to spare,” (The Pinhook, Durham, NC).

  • Mary Rocap

    (30 listeners)

    In the eleventh grade I received two gifts of great significance, one was a Yamaha guitar; the second was a Folk Life recording of Odetta. Having grown up with opera and church music, hearing the simplicity of a voice, a song, and an instrument was transforming. The response to this hearing was a desire to do likewise.

  • Mickey Harte

    (6,985 listeners)

    ireland, eurovision, pop, irish

    Mickey Joe Harte (born 1973) or now simply known as Mickey Harte is a professional singer-songwriter from Lifford, County Donegal, Ireland.

  • Nikki Meets the Hibachi

    (144 listeners)


  • Orquesta GarDel

    (6 listeners)

    Orquesta GarDel is a thirteen-member ensemble that unites North Carolina’s finest Latin music artists.

  • Peter Lamb and the Wolves

    (45 listeners)

    Peter Lamb & the Wolves is a North Carolina-based band formed by saxophonist Peter Lamb in 2007. The music features strange eclectic melodies and sounds from around the world, combined with a funky New Orleans groove.

  • Peter Siegel

    (203 listeners)

    folk, singer-songwriter, friend, frff

    Peter Siegel's music is a melting pot of radical Americana. With roots in the Hudson Valley of NY, Peter was raised on Phil Ochs, lefty Jewish politics, the post 60's environmental activism of the Hudson River Sloop Clearwater, Pete Seeger, the old time square dance scene, Warner Brothers cartoons, Jimi Hendrix and 70's and 80's pop.

  • Pierce Pettis

    (6,988 listeners)

    folk, acoustic, singer-songwriter, pop

    A former staff writer for PolyGram Publishing in Nashville, Pettis' musical career was started in 1979 when Joan Baez covered one of his songs, "Song at the End of the Movie", on her album Honest Lullaby. Following that release, Pettis became heavily involved in the "Fast Folk movement" in New York in the 1980s alongside artists such as Shawn Colvin and Suzanne Vega.

  • Rafael Green

    (4 listeners)

  • Rebekah Todd

    (280 listeners)

    acoustic, vocal, soulful

    Rebekah Todd is from Benson, North Carolina, home of Mule Days. She began writing and performing her material seriously in 2006 with Nolan Smock of Nolan Smock & The Charming Youngsters.

  • Rob McHale

    (8 listeners)


  • Robin & Linda Williams

    (4,684 listeners)

    country, acoustic, bluegrass, folk

    For more than three decades now, Robin & Linda Williams have made it their mission to perform the music that they love, "a robust blend of bluegrass, folk, old-time and acoustic country that combines wryly observant lyrics with a wide-ranging melodicism.

  • Russ Thompson

    (8 listeners)

    Born in Mississippi, Russ Thompson has been a “southern boy” most of his life. And for 18 of his 27 years, he has called Raleigh home. I like this album. Funny thing is, I don’t really like Dave Matthews (send hate mail to Dave Rose at Deep South), and I can certainly hear the Matthews influence here.

  • Skeedaddle

    (9 listeners)

    Skeedaddle is a North Carolina-based six-piece acoustic band that performs all manner of Americana roots music, including pre-war swing, jug band music, jump blues, Dixieland, rockabilly, old time, Hawaiian and hokum. It is music to help you snatch wigs, hit jugs, bang gongs, vipe, flip, vout and orootie.

  • Sno Cones

    (0 listeners)

    SnoCones is a folk and blues trio who play a mixture of originals and covers from off the beaten path.

  • The Ayr Mountaineers

    (10 listeners)

    The Ayr Mountaineers originated during the Fall 2010 Haw River Learning Celebration with Ella Bertram on vocals and guitar, Alan Best on accordion, and Jack Fleishman on banjo.

  • The Gibson Brothers

    (12,874 listeners)

    disco, 80s, bluegrass, country

    The upstate New York bluegrass group known as the Gibson Brothers is really two talented brothers and a father-and-son team who can deliver a close-knit harmony without a hitch.

  • The Gospel Jubilators

    (43 listeners)


    Durham's Gospel Jubilators are considered among North Carolina's elder statesmen of jubilee singing. Now approaching their fourth decade as a group, the Jubilators were featured in the North Carolina Symphony's “Blue Skies and Golden Sands” production at Meymandi Concert Hall in 2009, and at the opening ceremonies for the North Carolina Museum of Art's grand reopening of its East Building in 2010.

  • The Roys

    (4,301 listeners)

    bluegrass, melbourne, los rois, rock

    The Roys appeared out of nowhere a few years ago onto the Melbourne music scene that is both healthy and diverse, yet sometimes so over crowded that a band can go fairly unnoticed amongst the sheer volume of acts.

  • Tres Chicas

    (8,076 listeners)

    alt-country, folk, americana, female vocalists

    Tres Chicas are an alt-country group from Raleigh, North Carolina, USA. When Caitlin Cary (ex-Whiskeytown), Tonya Lamm (ex-Hazeldine) and Lynn Blakey [Glory Fountain] bring their voices together, they convey sweet heartache and the world-weary acceptance that comes to insightful gals on the tall side of thirty.