Woodstock in Woodstock

Woodstock in Woodstock The Meana Pastures
Saturday 14 July 2012

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Past event
Saturday 14 July 2012

The Meana Pastures

Woodstock, GA
United States
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10 dollars all day to see the best bands from the Athens and Atlanta areas including Dead Confederate, Holy Mountain, Graham’s Number, and Above the Atlantic. One might pass off the local music festival Woodstock in Woodstock as some fun lovin’, music playin’, drug abusin’, hippie dancin’ annual gathering, but since its first year in 2008 it has become something to watch out for. Elias Meana and a few other talented, music-loving, and determined individuals started Woodstock in Woodstock when they wanted to get some friends together to showcase their musical creations. At first, a few teenagers and college students just wanted to have a little fun while playing their instruments. In the acres of the Meana farm a stage was built, and unintentionally a new music festival came about; the word started to spread. Over time, what started out as a few music-playin’ kids in a field turned into a day of raw, musical, talent from all over Georgia combined with various types of vendors, food, and a crowd of over 800 people. Woodstock in Woodstock continues to grow and develop each year. The audience gets bigger, the bands get better, the press gets louder, and the food gets more delicious. Join us for a day of relaxation, good vibes, and tunes that please the ears this year on July 14th. Come out, dance, drink, be exposed to all types of music, and be merry; Woodstock in Woodstock 2012 will be one for the ages. Help us keep moving forward and making history with your presence.
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