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  • Besserbitch

    (3,042 listeners)

    punk, punk rock, swedish, female vocalists

    Besserbitch are a swedish band who formed 2008 in Stockholm. They are well known for delivering fast, furious and emotional punk/rock with catchy melodies. The band consists of singer/guitarrist Elin Andrée, guitarist Sanna Fuchs, bassist Klara Persson and drummer Elsa Fogelström.

  • CB Murdoc

    (20 listeners)

  • Colossus

    (31,533 listeners)

    hardcore, beatdown, metalcore, deathcore

    There are at least 12 artists under this name: 1. Colossus is an Oakland-based hip-hop collective from California led by Charlie Tate. The group is signed to OM Records and has released one album, West Oaktown, as well as an album of remixes. 2. The Stoner/Heavy Metal band from Vicksburg, Mississippi, whom formed in 2003, and self-released a Demo. "Green Earth" is a song by this band.

  • Digression Assassins

    (946 listeners)

    mathcore, chaotic hardcore, hardcore, experimental

    Their music is raw, its complex and its energetic. A pure explosion of the sounds of metal, punk, hardcore and rock mixed through a blender on high speed. In a time of musical conformity, even in the underground scene, the Digression Assassins offer a true alternative!

  • Evergrey

    (177,332 listeners)

    progressive metal, power metal, metal, heavy metal

    Evergrey is a melodic metal band from Gothenburg, Sweden. The band was founded in 1996 and released its debut album The Dark Discovery in 1998.

  • Frantic Amber

    (2,839 listeners)

    melodic death metal, death metal, metal, thrash metal

    In 2008 guitarist Mary founded Frantic Amber with the idea to have a band that could deliver more attitude and brute force than what is normally seen in all-girls-band.

  • Man Machine Industry

    (184 listeners)

    Did you mean: Man.Machine.Industry

  • Man.Machine.Industry

    (475 listeners)

    industrial metal, industrial, metal, swedish

    2000: MMI is formed by J. "Berget" Bergman, ex Slapdash (Nuclear Blast rec/MNW rec) and Rosicrucian (Black Mark Rec), at first as a solo project 2001: debut CD released in 2001 named one of that years best

  • Ninnuam

    (1,546 listeners)

    death metal, black metal, black death metal, extreme metal

    The roots of Ninnuam stretch back to the late fall in 2001, where the original members formed a band called yXa.

  • System Annihilated

    (574 listeners)

    progressive metalcore, metalcore, swedish, progressive

    facebook | bandcamp Formed In: 2011 Origins: Umeå, Sweden Genre: Progressive Deathcore / Melodic Hardcore Record Label: Discouraged Records Contact Info/Bookings sannihilated@gmail.com Band Lineup Christoffer Jonsson >> Vocals

  • Undecimber

    (680 listeners)

    gothic metal, goth, goth rock, swedish

    www.realwicked.com Down pitched guitars and haunting lyrics; the fundamentals of the characteristic sound of Undecimber. The compelling combination of goth, electro and metal is the key to the music.