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  • 2ndOrder

    (0 listeners)

  • Abby Go Go

    (326 listeners)

    shoegaze, garage, brit pop, indie

    It’s not quite appropriate to pigeonhole Abby Go Go as a shoegaze band and the garage rock shoe doesn’t quite fit either.

  • Baby Baby

    (6,049 listeners)

    afro-punk, indie, gay disco, eurobeat

    There comes a time in every bands life when they must ask their selves “what are we doing?” Yeah we know life gets rough but, it’s the music that makes you want to forget about that sorry stuff. What are we doing? We are playing music!! Music that makes us dance, makes us sing, makes us want to keep playing songs for you with every entangled organ we own.

  • Cardova

    (112 listeners)

  • Cusses

    (498 listeners)

    indie rock, rock, alternative rock

    CUSSES is a three-piece weirdo rock band consisting of a conjoint, raw, forceful drummer, named Brian Lackey, an insane vocal box named Angel Bond, and a gargantuan wave of guitar known as Bryan Harder. With a new lease on the vast world of music, the three set out to put a burn, rather than a mark in an endless music community.

  • Darling Norman

    (18 listeners)

  • Fishhawk

    (1,013 listeners)

    under 2000 listeners, electronic, dance, atlanta

    Fishhawk is an Atlanta based band. Their dance flavored electro beats, mixed with the soul of the 70’s and the decadence of 80’s “synthpop”, evolved into what is now known as the signature Fishhawk sound. Fishhawk formed during the summer of 2006 with producer and multi instrumentalist Andy Slagle and lead vocalist and wordsmith Nick Nickerson.

  • From Exile

    (2,015 listeners)

    melodic death metal, progressive metal, death metal, metal

    FREE mp3/FLAC Nine Inch Nails cover ep available here: http://www.fromexile.com/nin Monolith is available in digital formats here: http://fromexile.bandcamp.com and CDs are available here: http://fromexile.com/festore/

  • Hail the Titans

    (319 listeners)

    instrumental, post-rock, experimental, psychedelic indie

  • Heavy Florist

    (1 listener)

  • Hip To Death

    (20 listeners)

  • Imagination Head

    (104 listeners)

    under 2000 listeners, indie, seen live

    Imagination Head is based in Atlanta GA. They just finished recording their album titled "ON/OFF" (released January 2010). ON/OFF is a sonic meditation on our world, and its future. In one song, TV has been proven to cause cancer. In another, "clones plant plastic flowers in the evening" before standing in line to get their medications from vending machines.

  • Jungol

    (766 listeners)

    under 2000 listeners, battles, janes addiction, jeff buckley

    Jungol, comprised of two brothers and one long-time friend, has created a sound that is a clear standout in the realm of experimental rock. Sometimes moody and ethereal, sometimes loud and complex, Jungol’s music stretches across a landscape of emotions, while simultaneously focusing on well-crafted songs that feature engaging vocals.

  • lacuna m.

    (0 listeners)

  • Layman's Envy

    (0 listeners)

  • Mice in Cars

    (55 listeners)

    experimental, post hardcore

  • Nerd kween

    (0 listeners)

  • Nerd Parade

    (128 listeners)

    rock, atlanta, under 2000 listeners, indie

    Nerd Parade is a five-member band from Atlanta, GA Randy Garcia and Rich Wilson met in a Florida middle-school cafeteria in 1991. Soon after, the duo began to learn how to make music together. Typical practice sessions involved poor quality cassette recordings, liberal amounts of instrument swapping, guitar smashing and foul language befitting a pair of teenagers in the epoch of grunge.

  • New Terminus

    (330 listeners)

    rock, atlanta, science, records

    New Terminus is a local Atlanta indie rock act that reaches out and touches it's audience with a unique brand of high powered, guitar driven rock. They establish a strong emotional presence, with influences ranging from Foo Fighters, Supergrass, Pixies and Weezer, to Elvis Costello, XTC, and The Police.

  • Nigredo

    (320 listeners)

    dark ambient, ambient, ritual ambient, medieval

    1). Nigredo was a ritual ambient project from Lisboa, Portugal, formed by Paolo Maldoror and Lucrecia Bosch.

  • Nnxt

    (214 listeners)

    under 2000 listeners

    *** Download the debut EP "Shut Your Trapper Keeper" for FREE or pay-what-you-want from: http:bitl.y/nnxtsytk *** Biography

  • Novakord

    (48 listeners)

  • Order of the Owl

    (348 listeners)

    sludge, metal, doom, stoner

    With a backstory as epic as their name, Order of the Owl brings some of Atlanta’s most die-hard musicians together in one growling beast of a band. Fronted by Zoroaster’s Brent Anderson, the sound is decidedly metal, but drummer Corey Pallon’s classic rock influence and guitarist Casey Yarbrough’s driving progressive chords give new life to the usual detuned fare Atlanta’s grown so famous for.

  • Pillage and Plunder

    (17 listeners)

    Pillage & Plunder is a band from Atlanta, GA.

  • Pink Pompeii

    (42 listeners)

  • Powerkompany

    (223 listeners)

    Powerkompany's sound is forward-thinking, nostalgic, electric. Davon’s voice cascades like a waterfall one minute and the next punctures eardrums as if Cupid’s arrow to an unsuspecting heart. It is Dolly Parton’s frail warble filtered through Warhol’s Factory, the sound of tiny incandescent angels trapped like butterflies in a moonshine mason jar.


    (17 listeners)

  • R_Garcia

    (2,155 listeners)

    idm, electronic, glitch, techno

    "R.Garcia", "R_Garcia", and "Randy Garcia" are all the same artist and man. R_Garcia (Randy Garcia), born April 20th, 1977 in Miami, FL, is a modern electronic composer, producer and multi-instrumental performer. Currently based in Atlanta, GA, Garcia heads the seminal Nophi Recordings, as well as the annual Nophest Summer Music Festival.

  • Sexual side effects

    (1 listener)

  • Sharaab

    (1,340 listeners)

    asian underground, under 2000 listeners, chillout, electronic

    Heralded as one of the pioneers of the Asian Massive movement, Sharaab, an Atlanta-based producer, composer and DJ, has been pushing the boundaries of electronic music for well over a decade. Sharaab seamlessly integrates vintage synthesizers and electronics, dark-edged industrial beats, lush ambient chords, and Eastern instrumentation to create a signature sound.

  • Signs of Iris

    (18 listeners)

  • Slowpoke Rodriguez

    (30 listeners)

    stoner metal, stoner rock, metal, southern metal

    Slowpoke Rodriguez is a southern/stoner/doom metal band formed in Pensacola, Florida, USA in April of 2011.

  • Special Olympiad

    (0 listeners)

  • Stereo Monster

    (14 listeners)

  • Story Of A Life

    (6 listeners)

  • Strange Planet

    (459 listeners)

  • Sue G. Wilkinson

    (18 listeners)

  • Swank Sinatra

    (58 listeners)

    post punk, rock, groovy, rock and roll

    Swank Sinatra is a D.I.Y. Rock n' Roll band that formed in Atlanta in September of 2004. Our goals are to melt faces and take names, and to fight various wildlife in various arenas (especially bears and crocodiles.) We also are currently working on a way to end world hunger by developing a tree that can grow cheeseburgers. So far, we have only been able to melt faces.

  • The Ascent Of Everest

    (60,609 listeners)

    post-rock, instrumental, ambient, experimental

    The Ascent of Everest formed in the spring of 2005 in the shadows of Music City USA (Nashville, Tennessee).

  • The FountNHead

    (118 listeners)

    female vocal, rapcore, raprock

    Alternative hip-hop? Ratchet Rock? Ghetto Punk? We don't care what you call us. As long as you don't call us asking for money. ;) Spread the word and lets keep liberation music alive. -The FountNHead Band Members: Jewels l Rapper

  • The Issues

    (283 listeners)

  • The Romans

    (1,178 listeners)

    belgian, belgium, under 2000 listeners, garage rock

    There are two bands called "The Romans": (1) The Romans were one of Los Angeles' first super-groups with members of the budding art/punk scene sweeping Southern California in the early 80's. With members from Human Hands, Monitor, BPeople, The Deadbeats, 45 Grave, Consumers, Tikis, the LAFMS and Green On Red, The Romans added a unique voice to the "LA Punk" movement.

  • The Sneaky Hand

    (1 listener)

  • Toy Devils

    (10 listeners)

    Toy Devils is a four piece rock powerhouse hailing from Atlanta Ga. The band combines the angst of 90's grunge with the attitude of punk and the experimental spirit of bands like the Eels, The Butthole Surfers, The Pixies and Sonic Youth. Themes of violence, sexuality, self exploration and a dark sense of humor permeate the bands work.

  • Vincent the Dog

    (1 listener)

  • We Roll Like Madmen

    (87 listeners)


    South Carolina's We Roll Like Madmen have distilled from hip-hop and dance sounds a jolting concoction of lush beat-driven soundscapes and thoughtful lyricism. The emotive and often mystifying vocal performance is uplifted by an intoxicating meld of controllerism and live instrumentation.