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  • Against Me!

    (514,613 listeners)

    punk, folk punk, punk rock, rock

    Against Me! is a punk rock band originally from Naples, Florida, and later relocated to Gainesville, Florida. They are known for their heavily folk-influenced sound and energetic live shows (Spin named them one of the 25 greatest live bands in 2006). Their first full-length album, released on No Idea Records in 2002, was the highly-acclaimed Reinventing Axl Rose.

  • And And And

    (2,396 listeners)

    indie, indie rock, portland, superdreammusic

    Born in Portland, OR in the year 2009, And And And is a 6 piece band of thieves and gypsys that play rock music that could possibly be compared to The Kinks and Pavement thrown into a blender and left for several days in the sun.

  • Au

    (68,723 listeners)

    experimental, avant-garde, freak folk, ambient

    There are 3 bands by the name of Au: 1) AU (pronounced "Ay-you") is the work of multi-instrumentalist Luke Wyland.

  • Beirut

    (1,214,300 listeners)

    folk, indie, indie folk, singer-songwriter

    Beirut is an American indie-rock and world music band which was originally the solo musical project of Zach Condon (born Zachary Francis Condon in Santa Fe, New Mexico) and later expanded into a band. The band's first performances were in New York, in May 2006, to support the release of their debut album, Gulag Orkestar.

  • Black Mountain

    (221,191 listeners)

    psychedelic rock, psychedelic, indie rock, rock

    Black Mountain is a rock band from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The band is composed of Stephen McBean, Amber Webber, Matt Camirand, Jeremy Schmidt and Joshua Wells.

  • Blouse

    (121,402 listeners)

    dream pop, shoegaze, indie, indie pop

    Evolution is a tricky word when discussing current trends in music, especially when it comes to sophomore albums.

  • Chairlift

    (475,967 listeners)

    electronic, indie, indie pop, female vocalists

    Chairlift is an electro-pop band which formed in 2005 in Boulder, Colorado, United States. The band consists of Caroline Polachek (vocals, keyboards) and Patrick Wimberly (bass, drums). The third founding member, Aaron Pfenning (guitar, synths, vocals), left the band in 2010.

  • Cheap Girls

    (28,011 listeners)

    indie rock, power pop, alternative rock, alternative

    Cheap Girls are an American alternative rock band from Lansing, Michigan that formed in the spring of 2007. The members are Adam Aymor (guitar), Ben Graham (drums), and Ian Graham (vocals and bass guitar). The band spent the better part of their first year in Ben's basement working out the songs that would become their first full length LP, "Find Me A Drink Home"

  • Craft Spells

    (189,216 listeners)

    dream pop, indie pop, indie, lo-fi

    After a dormant period following the release of the Gallery EP in 2012, Craft Spells’ Justin Vallesteros is back with the gorgeously ambitious Nausea. It’s Craft Spells’ second proper full length LP, and first since 2010′s critically acclaimed Idle Labor.

  • Crystal Antlers

    (57,170 listeners)

    experimental, psychedelic, noise rock, progressive rock

    Crystal Antlers formed in January 2006 in Long Beach, California. Creating their own blend of psychedelic, punk, & soul, the band quickly became local favorites among a broad range of rock fans. They released several limited 7" singles, an EP, then their debut album "Tentacles" was released on Touch and Go in April 2009.

  • Dante Vs. Zombies

    (352 listeners)

    rock, indie, electronic, alternative

  • DIIV

    (201,627 listeners)

    shoegaze, dream pop, lo-fi, psychedelic

    DIIV (previously known as Dive) is the ongoing project of Zachary Cole Smith, who has already made a name for himself in the New York music scene playing for bands such as Beach Fossils, Darwin Deez and Soft Black.

  • Dinosaur Jr.

    (708,507 listeners)

    alternative, indie rock, grunge, indie

    Dinosaur Jr. is a rock band which formed in 1983 in Amherst, Massachusetts. The band was formed by J Mascis (guitar and vocals) and his high school classmate Lou Barlow (bass guitar), following the break-up of their hardcore punk band Deep Wound. Shortly afterwards, Murph (Emmett Patrick Murphy, drums) joined them.

  • Fort LeanUp-and-coming artist (from the Last.fm Hype Chart)

    (19,369 listeners)

    rock, alternative, indie rock, indie

    At Fort Lean, which is a place you can go, the weather is perfect all the time. Hot but not too sticky, and you can sleep in the park comfortably without getting hassled by the cops. Fort Lean is about getting too drunk at your own picnic. Fort Lean is about leaving the city.

  • Gardens & Villa

    (102,343 listeners)

    indie, shoegaze, glo-fi, electronic

    Gardens & Villa are an indie rock band from Santa Barbara, CA. They formed following the collapse of a noisier post-punk band and a hitch-hiking journey up the west coast.

  • Grandparents

    (922 listeners)

    psychedelic rock, shoegaze, stoner rock, indie

    This is what happens when Brian Wilson, Anton Newcombe, and Kevin Shields take off their clothes and have sex in a cacophony of sound. The product of their love is the Grandparents, rolling along a tape track of bends, twisting tones, and sweet-sweet harmonies drenching the listener in the warm syrupy tones of their minds.

  • Hazel

    (10,756 listeners)

    grunge, portland, alternative rock, post-punk

    There are multiple artists called Hazel: 1) HAZEL was a post-punk band from Portland OR featuring Jody Bleyle (drums, vocals), Peter Krebs (guitar, vocals), Brady Smith (bass), and Fred Nemo (dancer). They released several singles/eps on various independent labels and 2 albums on Sub Pop from the early to mid '90s before breaking up.

  • Hey Marseilles

    (79,779 listeners)

    folk, indie, acoustic, seattle

    Hey Marseilles is a musical group from Seattle, WA, that formed in the summer of 2006 after Nick and Philip forced Matt Bishop to write a song to an accordion riff and play it live for a work party downtown. The current lineup consists of seven members performing on guitars, cello, viola, accordion, piano, bass, glockenspiel, ukulele, mandolin, drums, and a plethora of rhythmic accessories.

  • Holcombe Waller

    (4,907 listeners)

    singer-songwriter, folk, indie, duyster

    Holcombe Waller is an American composer, singer and performance artist. He lives in Portland, Oregon, and has performed across the United States and Europe, both solo and with his ensemble, The Healers.

  • Hot Snakes

    (87,485 listeners)

    post-hardcore, post-punk, punk, indie

    Hot Snakes is an American post-hardcore band led by Rick Froberg and John Reis, formed in 1999 in San Diego, United States. Reis and Froberg had previously performed together in Pitchfork and Drive Like Jehu, after which Reis had found international success with Rocket from the Crypt. Hot Snakes disbanded in 2005 but reunited in 2011.

  • J Mascis

    (100,973 listeners)

    indie rock, singer-songwriter, indie, alternative rock

    J Mascis (b. 1965) is an American musician and songwriter, probably best-known as the singer, guitarist, and songwriter for Dinosaur Jr., though he has also occasionally worked as a producer and film composer.

  • Joe Pug

    (92,642 listeners)

    folk, americana, singer-songwriter, alt-country

    Joe Pug (born Joe Pugliese) is an American singer-songwriter from Chicago. He has released two EPs, Nation of Heat and In the Meantime, the latter of which has been made available for free on his website. He has toured extensively since 2008 and has opened for alt-country pioneer Steve Earle, singer-songwriter Josh Ritter and folk rocker M.

  • Kishi Bashi

    (149,723 listeners)

    indie, folk, pop, indie pop

    Kishi Bashi is the pseudonym of singer, multi-instrumentalist, and songwriter K Ishibashi (born November 4, 1975).

  • Lake

    (54,256 listeners)

    indie pop, rock, classic rock, indie

    There are at least five artists with this name: 1. LAKE (K Records NW Indie Pop/Rock) 2. Lake, aka "Lakey The Kid" (NYC Hip Hop/Rap) 3. Lake (70's Rock from Germany) 4. lake (japanese experimental/alternative band)

  • Lemolo

    (9,485 listeners)

    dream pop, folk, indie, female vocalists

    Lemolo is a dream-pop duo comprised of Poulsbo natives Meagan Grandall and Kendra Cox. The girls became instant friends as kayaking instructors on the waters off of Lemolo Shore Drive, where they learned of their shared love for music and adventure.

  • LP

    (81,389 listeners)

    electronic, synthpop, indie, rock

    There are three artists named LP. 1. New York City-based indie rocker, "L.P." (born Laura Pergolizzi), whose artist page can be seen at http://www.last.fm/music/L.P . and www.lprock.com . 2. Synthpop band from Kaliningrad, Russia. 3. Electronic artist hailing from Phoenix, Arizona.

  • Mac DeMarco

    (233,749 listeners)

    lo-fi, indie, post-punk, experimental

    Mac DeMarco, formerly Makeout Videotape, is the antithesis to your stereotypical singer-songwriter. Disregarding the seriously somber moments, he replaces them with whimsical and youthful spontaneity, whilst retaining endearing and subtle commentaries. Promptly after leaving his Edmonton garage for Vancouver he embarked on a grand voyage of enlightenment and alcoholic debauchery.

  • Menomena

    (414,099 listeners)

    experimental, indie, indie rock, post-rock

    Menomena are an experimental rock band from Portland, Oregon, made up of Danny Seim on percussion; and Justin Harris on bass, guitar, and saxophone. Both members of the band share singing duties and swap instruments frequently while recording.

  • Milo Greene

    (136,169 listeners)

    indie, folk, indie folk, acoustic

    A folk-pop ensemble from Los Angeles, California, the five-member Milo Greene are largely centered around vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Marlana Sheetz, although the bandmembers share lead and background vocals and often switch instruments from song to song.

  • Naytronix

    (2,369 listeners)

    electronic, indie, electro, seen live

    Naytronix is an evil dance band cloned from the stem cells of multi-instrumentalist/producer Nate Brenner. His songwriting style is deeply rooted in the traditions of the future, which few alive today know anything about.

  • Nite Jewel

    (109,140 listeners)

    electronic, indie, lo-fi, avant-garde

    Nite Jewel is the performing moniker of Ramona Gonzalez. She is a composer, songwriter, and multimedia artist from Los Angeles, California, where she has exhibited a number of video and sound installation pieces. A recent sound installation entitled “The Question Concerning Technology” has been transcribed to traditional notation by Human Ear Music founder, Jason Grier.

  • Old 97's

    (173,962 listeners)

    alt-country, indie, rock, americana

    Old 97's are an alt-country band originally based in Dallas, Texas, USA. The group formed in 1993 and took their name from a song popularized by Johnny Cash, "Wreck of the Old '97".

  • Passion Pit

    (1,483,006 listeners)

    electronic, indie, indie pop, pop

    Passion Pit is an electronic band from Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States, formed in 2007. The band consists of Michael Angelakos (lead vocals, keyboards), Ian Hultquist (keyboards, guitar), Xander Singh (synthesizer, samples), Jeff Apruzzese (bass, synth bass), and Nate Donmoyer (drums).

  • Pure Bathing Culture

    (34,579 listeners)

    dream pop, indie pop, indie, female vocalists

    Pure Bathing Culture are indie pop duo Daniel Hindman and Sarah Versprille of Portland, Oregon formed in 2011. The duo were formerly in the band Vetiver. They released the first track, "Ivory Coast", through a split 7" via Dig A Pony, which also was included on their first titled 4 track 12", "Pure Bathing Culture" (Father/Daughter Records‎ 2012).

  • Quasi

    (86,522 listeners)

    indie, indie rock, indie pop, rock

    Quasi is an indie rock band formed in Portland, Oregon in 1993, consisting of the ex-husband and wife team of Sam Coomes (vocals, guitar, roxichord, various keyboards) and Janet Weiss (vocals and drums). In 2007, bassist Joanna Bolme, of Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks, who had toured with Quasi in 2006, became an official member of the band; she left the band in 2011.

  • Radiation City

    (35,460 listeners)

    indie, indie pop, experimental, dreampop

    Fresh from the burgeoning Portland label, Apes Tapes, Cameron Spies and Lizzy Ellison have cooked up yet another darling sound to tear you away from your TV dinner. The calmed echoes of amplifier tubes and secret gramophones, the soothing, sonic smile of a warbling Wurlitzer, and precisely sparse heart-throbbing drums bounce from the analogue souls of our newest musical Ozzy & Harriet.

  • Sebadoh

    (282,423 listeners)

    lo-fi, indie rock, indie, alternative

    Sebadoh is an indie-rock band originally formed in 1986 in Westfield, Massachusetts, by Dinosaur Jr. bass player Lou Barlow and Eric Gaffney. The band began as a side project, but when Barlow was kicked out of Dinosaur Jr in 1989, Sebadoh became his full-time concern.

  • Silversun Pickups

    (744,412 listeners)

    indie rock, indie, alternative, shoegaze

    Silversun Pickups is a Grammy-nominated American indie rock band which formed in Los Angeles, California, United States in 2005.

  • Sloan

    (132,940 listeners)

    canadian, rock, power pop, indie

    Sloan is an alternative rock band which formed in 1991 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada and currently based in Toronto, Ontario.

  • Starfucker

    (457,250 listeners)

    electronic, indie pop, indie, portland

    1. Starfucker (also known as STRFKR) Founded by Josh Hodges (2007) in Portland, OR. Band now includes: Keil Corcoran, Shawn Glassford, Patrick Morris. They have released 3 LP's: "Starfucker", "Reptilians" and "Miracle Mile"

  • Tanlines

    (191,604 listeners)

    electronic, chillwave, indietronica, electro

    Tanlines are an electronic and indie rock duo from Brooklyn, NY composed of percussionist Jesse Cohen and guitarist/vocalist Eric Emm. Their influence is drawn from various genres including pop, indie, dance, and world music. Tanlines' debut album Mixed Emotions was released on March 20, 2012 and reached #2 on the Billboard Heatseekers album chart.

  • Tender Forever

    (80,175 listeners)

    female vocalists, indie, indie pop, electronic

    Melanie Valera (born in 1977 in South West France) is an autodidact performing artist and a indie pop music maker residing in Portland, Oregon, USA.

  • The Dimes

    (12,688 listeners)

    indie rock, indie, pdx, pacific northwest

    At first taste, The Dimes may remind you of an old piece of peppermint candy you found in the pocket of a sweater that’s been hiding in the back of your closet. Initially you hesitate, but then you take a bite and suddenly your mouth is exploding with a cool, fresh, minty flavor that makes you feel like you just brushed your teeth.

  • The Helio Sequence

    (215,171 listeners)

    indie rock, indie, electronic, alternative

    The Helio Sequence is an indie electronic/shoegaze band signed to indie label Sub Pop. The band was formed in 1999 in Beaverton, Oregon and consists of Brandon Summers on guitar and vocals and Benjamin Weikel, who has also played for Modest Mouse, on keyboards and drums. To date, they have released two albums on Sub Pop, two on Portland-based label Cavity Search and a self-released EP.

  • The Hives

    (1,378,162 listeners)

    rock, garage rock, indie, swedish

    The Hives are a garage rock band from Fagersta, Sweden that emerged in the US and the UK in the early 2000s, but existed for nearly a decade before that, playing punk rock. The Hives are: "Howlin" Pelle Almqvist (vocals)

  • The Hundred in the Hands

    (122,817 listeners)

    electronic, electropop, female vocalists, indie

    The Hundred in the Hands (often abbreviated as THITH) is an electropop duo, formed in 2008 in Brooklyn, New York, USA. The band members are Eleanore Everdell (vocals, synthesizers) and Jason Friedman (guitars, programming).

  • The Minus 5

    (90,729 listeners)

    alt-country, indie, alternative, indie rock

    Formed in 1993, Scott McCaughey designed The Minus 5 as a pop collective, with each record the group put out featuring a new lineup. Throughout these releases, he worked the most frequently with R.E.M.'s Peter Buck, who was featured on the group's eponymous debut EP, which was only released through They Might Be Giants' mail-order record club, Hello CD of the Month Club in 1994.

  • The Pains of Being Pure At Heart

    (470,100 listeners)

    shoegaze, indie pop, dream pop, indie

    The Pains of Being Pure at Heart is an indie pop band which formed in 2007 in New York City, New York, USA.

  • The Tallest Man on Earth

    (792,710 listeners)

    folk, singer-songwriter, acoustic, swedish

    Behind the name The Tallest Man On Earth is Kristian Matsson (born April 30th, 1983 in Dalarna, Sweden).

  • These United States

    (44,558 listeners)

    indie, folk, folk pop, daytrotter

    These United States is an American rock band from Brooklyn, New York, and Carrboro, North Carolina,[1] made up of songwriter and bandleader Jesse Elliott, pedal steel and electric guitarist J. Tom Hnatow, guitarist and keyboardist Justin Craig, bassist and vocalist Anna Morsett, and drummer and percussionist Aaron Latos.